Whirlaway Island


As a Valentine's Day gift to our readers, we're creating a story over at Southern Belle View. In lieu of today's blog, join us Belles as I wrap up this week's saga.

None of us planned the story in advance. Lisa Wingate started the tale, then the rest of us just built on whatever was sent our way. And since I was last, it was interesting. Especially when author Rachel Hauck, queen of romance and sweetness and light, threw in an ABUSIVE DUDE!!!  Thanks, Rach! (she says laughing)  So three hours and many starts and stops later, I finally had my story done. We'd love for you to check out the whole week's series. It was a lot of fun to write in a style that wasn't really me. It was a challenge I totally (and unexpectedly) enjoyed. Or maybe it just provided an excuse to not think about my edits and rewrites I need to do. Or the fact that I'm going to be in school til July. (Snow Day Ten is today!)

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Annie - February 11, 2011

You’ve had ten snow days?! That’s insane! {Then again, I live in MI and we don’t really understand what snow days are, so when my university closed last Wednesday because of the blizzard, it was a big deal.}

I just read through all of the installments Whirlaway at Southern Belle View and love it so far! I can’t wait to see how it continues!

Allie Smith - February 11, 2011

iv really enjoyed reading the Whirlaway thing.and that abusive guy really through me for a loop.but it made me wanna keep readin.
im headin over there right now to read ur conclusion…


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