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Happy mid-week!  Random message: To the girl who was at the conference this past weekend and asked for a copy of the letter from God I read, please email me (jen at jennybjones dot com) and I will get that to you.

The picture above is from the Beautiful Girls conference I went to this past weekend, and those are just the middle schoolers. Aren't they all cute? Super great group. If you squint, I'm the one in the center. I'm sure my eyes are closed. They always are.

The big awesome contest we were going to have this week has been postponed for a few weeks. Sorry to be a contest tease, but I have a feeling the time will fly by before I'll be throwing books at you again.

If you are a woman in ministry or interested in a speaking ministry, you should totally check out the SheSpeaks conference this summer in Charlotte, NC. I'll be speaking there on using story and humor in your presentations. There are all sorts of classes geared just for the speaking ministry. Very cool and specialized conference, and we'd love you to join us.

Awesome author Natalie Lloyd has totally, utterly blessed me by dedicating an entire blog to reviewing Save the Date. It's my very favorite review. (On another note, does anyone else dislike the word utterly? Reminds me of cow parts and dairy barns.)  You can read the wonderful  review HERE and get in her drawing for a copy of the book.

Blogging might be hit or miss in the next few weeks. Next time I get the bright idea to take a college class while teaching and writing, just smack me down. Not my most brilliant idea. We missed a ton of class due to snow, and we're doing double the assignments to make it up. I would like to say I'm learning a lot, but I'm too busy chain smoking and knocking back tequila in my stress.

Just kidding.
I don't drink tequila.
But I do listen to Adele's new CD called 21. I recommend it mucho. I'd love to see this girl cut loose on an old school gospel song a la Aretha.

Are you all watching American Idol? I'm mostly not due to time, but I've caught a minute here and there, mostly getting clips at the online water cooler. Did you see Jacob Lusk, who should have Broadway absolutely stalking him?

Okay, that boy can flat out sang. I've watched that a handful of times, and I find that clip so fascinating. It reminds me of the Paul Potts from Britain's Got Talent. Paul's performance was more than a guy singing a song, it was his battle cry, his “Here's Who I Am, World” moment.  I think it was the same for Jacob. Neither Jacob nor Paul watched the audience; they both just withdrew within and went to some happy place where they don't have a crappy desk job, where they don't have memories of kids making fun of them, and where somebody noticed not only their talent, but their worth and handed them a miracle. Win or lose, go on to the next round or go home, these guys had what they came there for and (imho) would never, could never be the same after this.

And what I'd like to see AI do is get away from picking pop stars or encouraging the idea that that's all they're looking for. Jacob isn't pop material. He's Broadway. And he could be the a really big deal. So I would hate to see AI try and put him in a pop box career-wise and then blame him when the sales aren't there. Just like Kris Allen should've been encouraged to go Christian radio. And Soul Patrol? Well, casino lounges.

Another performance that caught my eye was Casey Abrams. Slow start, but stick with it.

Very original. Love it when they're musicians too.

And I adore Steven Tyler. That guy is having CHURCH in those two performances. What I like about him, besides the fact that he's in one of my favorite bands ever, is that he feels the music. He's not just a singer, he GETS it. And he has the people connection. He's going to be the first one to turn around and look at the contestant's family and give them some encouragement. I think I'm still in shock that Tyler was a good pick for this gig, but he's completely fabulous and clearly enjoying himself and having fun, quite the opposite of Simon. And he brings a new element of “I get the soul of music.” AI has never really had a true musician on there. Til now.

Speaking of impressive, I think we should all order THESE from ModCloth.
You go first…

So stop back by Natalie's blog later in the week as she continues her giveaway and she and I talk bacon and Oreos and lipstick. Libya is going crazy, pirates are causing devastation, but Natalie and I bring the real content. Also the Southern Belle View girls and I are continuing our Whirlaway Island story, and I hope you're joining us. Friday is my spiffy day, so put on your sunscreen, grab your nose plugs, and swim on over.

Back to studying and editing and eating salsa.

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Amy - February 24, 2011

Jenny, I’m sorry but I can’t watch “American Idol” this season. They canned Paula and now Simon’s gone. It just feels wrong. I will watch Simon’s show when it premieres in the fall though. But if you were on “American Idol,” I’d watch that. 🙂

Bethany Ellis - February 24, 2011

Sounds like a great conference… I’d love to go and meet you 🙂 but I’m saving up to go to the Nouthetic Assosiation’s annual conference in October. It’s in San Fran, so lots of money required for travel 😛

And I’ll buy that mod-cloth headband when you buy these to go with it:

Hannah - February 24, 2011

Ah, Jacob and Casey! Those two were so AMAZING during Hollywood week! When Casey first brought out the bass I was thinking “What on earth is he going to sing with that?!” But it turned out really good! My dad was joking how the bass looked almost bigger then him xD And I agree! Steven Tyler is a good judge and really makes me laugh sometimes 🙂

And by the way, you should come visit the west coast soon! I live in California! And it would be super dee duper dee cool to meet you! 😀

Mary - February 24, 2011

Hey girl… I’m SO THRILLED you’ll be at She Speaks!! And no, I’m not a stalker…. well, not really. And YES to the headband. Can we get those in a bedazzled fashion?

ashley - February 24, 2011

uh no joke. i may be purchasing that headband for my gaga concert.

my my my my my my poker face.

Courtney Walsh - February 24, 2011

This is the first season I haven’t watched AI. Actually, no, I didn’t watch the year Fantasia won either, but other than that, I’ve watched every year. This is the season people are actually saying is full of talent and of course, I’m not watching! That’s what I get for trying to spend my time wisely.

On a side note, are there other conferences related to the She Speaks conference? It’s so familiar to me…but I’m pretty sure the one I’m thinking of wasn’t on speaking…

Liv - February 24, 2011

Omigosh!!!!!!!!!! I live right next to Charlotte, in fact I went there this morning!!!!!!! So, so, excited!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!

Kym McNabney - February 24, 2011

Great post. My daugher and I have been watching AI and can’t get enough. Together, we went and saw Lee perform. It’s so hard to see people leave, though.


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