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In lieu of a post today, jump over to Southern Belle View today and see this week's story wrapup of Whirlaway Island. I got to write this installment's finale, and while the team wouldn't let me incorporate vamps and mermen, I did manage to work in a wedding, guns, and kissing. (Sounds like a date I had back in the 90s…)

Also don't forget Natalie Lloyd is giving away a copy of Save the Date. Even if she wasn't doing that, you should check out her blog because it's one of my favorites. And not because she's talking about Save the Date this week.

Here's a little snippet of Whirlaway….

“I love you.”
Nina heard Max's words and her heart soared like a gull against the sun. “I. . .” And how did she feel? She and Max had spent only a blip of time time together. And yet, it seemed as if she had known him forever. She might not know whether he preferred Wheaties or Cheerios, but she knew that man's heart. It beat strong and true, and with a rhythm of loyalty and honor she had never known.

Nina was saved from answering as Rafe moved in closer, close enough for her to smell his heavy cologne that came with a fancy Parisian label and a hefty price tag. The scent was as cloying as the one who wore it.

“I'm just asking for five minutes to talk to you, Nina,” Rafe said. “Alone.”

“No.” The breeze tossed Nina's hair, threatening to disrupt the white lily at her ear. She took a step closer to Max, who wrapped his arm around her in a lock tight enough to squeeze out any doubts that he would protect her. “You and I are over. Finished.” Her eyes met those of her favorite FBI agent. “My life is with Max now.” But was it? Were his affections real? She'd heard of love at first sight, but never believed it. Until now.

The pastor looked between them all and tugged at the collar of his shirt. His nose reddened under the afternoon rays.

“My dear, it was not that long ago I was under the assumption you and I were to be married,” Rafe said quietly. “You left me with nothing more than a note on the refrigerator. I believe after all I've been through, all we've been through, I deserve some closure.” He slanted Max a look. “That's all I'm asking for.”

“My bride said to leave.” Max's face was a neutral mask, but he was coiled like a snake ready to strike anything that touched what was his.

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