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Happy Friday!! Omigosh, this has been a long and grueling week. I am so happy to see the weekend knocking on my door. I am gonna sleep in Saturday! (Famous last words. Pretty much guaranteeing the ding of a text, the ring of the door bell, or the puke-age of the cat.)

Things I love:

1. Almost done with There You'll Find Me. Days away. Then I'm taking a big fat, much-needed break, and I am so psyched for this.
2. This girl's voice makes me happy. The funny thing is, you can tell she's a little too young to really get the song. But toward the end, she puts some heart into it.
3. Norwegian boy dancing.
4. Thanks to friend and writer Jennifer Lynn King, I discovered Jennifer Garner is going to be Miss Marple. They look so much alike…. (By the way, you MUST check out Jennifer's photography. Amazing.)
5. I know the piano playing/singing Schnoodle has been all over the ‘net, but I can't quit watching him. I made my students watch. He does that 3-4 times a day. I think the cute would wear off pretty quick.
6. Author Christa Allan pointed me to this article about teachers gathering in the mall food court so the public could see what life is like AFTER school. Amen and amen.
7. Love this “Price Tag” cover. Thanks to that Cover Girl for pointing me to this awesomeness.
8. Looking at Knitty Bitties etsy stuff makes me happy.
9. I'm gonna put this woman's house on my Christmas list.
10. I may have shared this already, but this cat video is awesome. Just makes me laugh. Makes Miller laugh too. He's like, “Is that what normal cats look like? Look at those cat reflexes…”
11. I've been listening to Saddleback's series on God's plan for our lives (excellent, btw), and LOVED Rick Warren's daily message sent to my inbox on March 30th.
12. They announced the casting for the new Super Woman, but I'm sorry. You cannot fight crime in this thing. I mean, those shoes are all wrong.
13. Whirlaway Island fiction on Southern Belle View. I was Thursday's girl. Normally I'm Friday's girl. I hope Friday wasn't jealous.
14. Outtakes make the world go round. Love these from Castle.

“Your momma has one line…”

And this one:

I hope you have a very happy weekend. It's been winter here lately (snowed for a bit Thursday), and we're supposed to get some warm temps and sun. Finally. I feel like I live in Forks.

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Mikayla - April 1, 2011

Jenny, I am in the middle of save the date ( I FINALLY got it from the library) and I love it!!!!!!!! It is soooo good and hilarious! I love when Lucy walks out in 86F in her bathrobe and snowboots! Hilarious!! I just wanted to say you are such a good writer and I can’t wait for you next book!! Don’t stop writing!!!

Allie Smith - April 1, 2011

commenting on that person’s comment,jenny,you should ask us bloggers what our fav. part of Save the Date was…if its even possible to choose!!!
and omw,did God give that girl a voice or what?!i literally had my mouth open durin that whole thing!!!
10 year old boy was amazing!!!
ew,don’t rlly like the Wonder Woman outfit.her business is fallin out of her top,i think those are her biggest weapon.i dont think tv producers think they’ll have a successful show without a gurl in a sexy outfit.and what about those of us whom God has not blessed in the area of u-know-what?sigh… theres no hope for us.but im not bitter!!!seriously,im not!!!haha
and,once again,ther you’ll find me looks awesum,i cant wait!!!

Allie Smith - April 1, 2011

i love that Price Tag thing!!!especially wen she says “aint about the bla-bling-bla-bling.” haha,thats so cool!

Abbigail - April 1, 2011

O.K. I just decided that I’ll have to marry a dude who can afford that house, ’cause that’s what I want. Fully furnished. Yeah.
And I would prefer snow over rain any day. In (central) Florida, we had a tornado warning. Wednesday night to Friday morning. Um, yeah, down here, we got no basements. I mean seriously, this is hurricane country! It ain’t Kansas. But anyway, I thought you liked your snow…?

Jennie - April 2, 2011

I love the Castle bloopers! That is a great show. 🙂 The Norweigian kid dancing was great! Also if you like animals doing funny things, here is an African Grey Parrot singing “Let the bodies hit the floor.” Made me laugh for days.

Stephanie - April 2, 2011


New person here (from the glorious state of Oregon, where yesterday we reached our first 70 degree day, but today we are back to 50’s – where we’ll probably stay until July 4th…). I just wanted to let you know that I stayed up well past my bedtime last night to finish the “I’m So Sure” series. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT! It was a ton of fun and yes, even made me get all “butterfly-ie” and teary-eyed at the end. My only regret is that I didn’t “save” it for a vacation read where I could savor all three books sequentially in hot-tub bliss. (Which is why I’m reluctantly setting aside your earlier three book series for that upcoming experience). =)

My sister and I are avid Chrisitan ficton (and “clean fiction”….i.e. “Twilight”) readers, and your series is definitely going to be put on my blog favorites post of best teen chick-lit. I can’t wait for my daughter who is now 9, to get a year or two older to graduate into the fun of Bella’s world. (She’s currently more of a “Mallory”, “Clementine”, or “Junie B. Jones” girl).

My sister and I both LOVED “Save the Date” as well – I couldn’t wait to pass it on to her, as usually she’s the one that finds the best reads first – and this time I’d struck gold and could pass on to her. =)

Hope you have a great weekend – mine was made better seeing the cover of a new book you have headed our way! Yippee!

Liv - April 6, 2011

Things I <3 right now definitely includes that girl from Florida that looks so much like J-Bieber. Check it out here: How truly weird!:-)

Tay - April 6, 2011

I just want to let you know that I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it.

I am going through a somewhat stressful time in my life right now your blog really brings a smile to my face. Reading your blog is really a highlight of my day.

Thank you for making my day with every post you write and being an encouragement to me!

Joy - April 7, 2011

I love your books!! They are so stinking funny!!!! I can’t wait for the next one!!

Joy - April 7, 2011

Oh, and I love castle!!!

jessica - April 12, 2011

“Slowest… exit… ever.” OMG! I can not stop laughing! My sister and i love this show. actually, i’m supposed to be watching it with her right now, but i was reading your blog and… things kind of went down hill from there. I made my sister download price tag even though she HATES it. can’t wait until i finish the three books i’m currently reading so i can start another one of yours!


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