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I took a little blog vacation this week, totally drained from finishing There You'll Find Me. (I found me on the couch…I found me at the Mexican restaurant…)

Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of being on the Chris Fabry Live show with Becky Shaffer, inspiration and founder of the original Saving Grace, the home I based my own Saving Grace on in Save the Date. Becky has SUCH an amazing story, and I was so, so glad she got the chance to share it, as well as talk about the problem of foster children who age out of the system, AND what she's doing about it. You can listen to that HERE. We are on at hour two, starting about 1/4 of the way on the magical little slider button.

Today I'm at Southern Belle View, again discussing a topic near to my heart. While Save the Date was inspired by a girls' home and one woman's dream to change lives, A Charmed Life series was inspired by something almost as profound.

It's a little bit of a repeat for some faithful readers, but stop on over and read about the poetry of wrestling, the sting of the spandex, and how I blackmailed 2 friends into going to WWE Raw. You can find that HERE.

Have a great weekend.

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Allie Smith - April 8, 2011

omigosh,i dont think ive ever been the 1st one to comment on a your blog!!!this iz soooooo cool!!!ah,i loved your interview,you look so proffesional!im pretty sure i spelled that wrong,but w/e…
lookin 4ward to readin there you’ll find me!if i could pre-order right now,i would!!!

Allie Smith - April 8, 2011

haha,idk yyyyy i put that u looked professional,ooops!!!i meant sound professional!!!i was like mystified by the line thing they had goin across the screen durin the interview to keep u occupied.

Tay - April 9, 2011

First…I can see that you have discovered the wonderfulness that is Picnik. I discovered it last year and it changed my life. No joke. 🙂

Second…I have missed your blogging over the past week. You never cease to make me smile and/or laugh!

Liane - April 9, 2011

Just finished reading Save the Date. I loved it! Your characters were so alive. I will be looking for more of your books – partly for the pleasure I’ll get from the reading and also for examples of good writing as I get serious about my own writing.

Liv - April 9, 2011

Funny! I’ve missed u! You were a ray of sunshine, a rainbow in the clouds, my silver lining- okay, okay, I know I’m not getting an advanced copy of T.Y.F.M….:-)You’ll find me 2morrow after church watching the new show I have on tape…and you’ll find me fast-forwarding to my fav part! I am so excited 2 c it again! Yeah, I know I’m obsessed…but whatever, at least I have good taste in authors! 😀



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