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Welcome to the Almost Weekend. Back in the day, schools had Good Friday off. No more. It's hard to reflect on the Lord when I am working. It's also hard to watch Good Morning America and Gilmore Girl reruns. Rude. (I also used to watch Dawson's Creek reruns, until I figured out that no matter how many times they cycled through the entire series, Joey still wasn't gonna end up with Dawson. Katie Holmes has never picked the right men.)

This week I discovered a new food blog.

Remembered why I love Tyler Perry.

Fell back in love with Weird Al Yankovic. (1:40 mark is my favorite)

Discovered what happened to “Chunk” from Goonies.

Had lunch at my favorite dive with super nonfiction author Holley Gerth, who writes amazing blog posts like this.

Discovered I don't have to rent out Miller to make my house payment.

Found some cool Civil War photos.

Remembered to remind you about our contest.

And found someone who understands the joy of Easter. Or something.

Happy Weekend! Happy Easter! May your eggs be deviled and your heart be full.

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Ruth - April 22, 2011

That baby & bubbles video was on the news yesterday – too, too cute!

Liv - April 22, 2011

Thanks Jenny! I just might have to tell my parents about the ‘house – billboard’ thing. Then again, knowing my luck, Kotex would probably choose our house. Call me crazy, but I DO NOT want people thinking my home is extra absorbent. Just me, I understand. Well thanks for the Friday morn laughs!

P.S. I’m on Spring Break! None of my friends are though 🙁

Erin McFarland - April 22, 2011

hee hee…Liv, you make a good point!
just saw your There You’ll FInd Me count down widget…that’s a whole lotta numbers 🙁 tempted to get my IT guy to do a little hacking and remove that 1 from the beginning of the countdown 😉 actually, we are super spoiled to get two books from you in one year. just love your writing and can’t wait for more!!! xoxo Oh! by the way…saw Save the Date get a mention on another writer’s blog when a male writer was asking for suggestions for great novels with romance in the story lines! you are mighty popular Ms. Jones!

Tay - April 22, 2011

You’re not on Spring Break right now? I am…not to brag or anything! 🙂

I can’t believe that you had lunch with THE Holley Gerth! I love her blog so much! It’s one of the best out there…right after yours of course!

Amy - April 22, 2011

Happy Easter, Jenny! I hope you have a wonderful time off, with your family, and praising our LORD! 🙂

bookwyrm14 - April 22, 2011

Yeah…so not to smear it in Ms. Jones, but I have spring break all this week. And Monday. Just saying 😀

Anyway I can’t wait till There You’ll Find Me either! Is Finley gonna be quirky like Lucy from Save the Date or smart and savvy like Bella from the Charmed Life series? Or a little of both like Maggie from Just Between You and Me?

PLEASE TELL!!!!!!!!!!

Abbigail - April 22, 2011

It’s still spring? Err, not here. (Here would be Florida.) We’re in the 80’s all this week. At least it’s not the 90’s…yet. :/ Well, if it is spring, then maybe it would be nice to have a spring-y colored house…and get paid for it! (kinda)
And that doggy is really cute, but mine climbs trees. Beat that. 🙂

Leah - April 23, 2011

I love the video with the baby laughing!
So cute!!!:)

Joy - April 23, 2011

I must say that I doubled over laughing when I listened to the weird al song. 🙂 Loved it!

Suzanne Schaffer - April 25, 2011

Thanks for sharing that recipe blog. I think I’m in love. I made her coffee cake yesterday and it was wonderful.

Nutmeg Nanny - April 25, 2011

Thank you for linking my blog 🙂


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