Rainy Days and Mondays and Floods Always Get Me Down


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So it's been raining for about five days straight. We've had about one foot of rain and it's still going. The streets are flooded, my town is under a boil order, tornado warnings every night, and these would be the good points.


I just read a fellow teacher's Facebook status that an alarm went off and our high school had to evacuate in the torrential rain. Really sorry I left early and missed that one…

I miss the sun. I miss warm weather. I miss dry feet. I miss going to bed without thinking, “Should I unplug my computer? Yes. I don't want lightning to get it. Should I unplug my TV? No. I do want lightning to get it. . .”  This week has made me realize that even if I had known without a doubt that God said to get on Noah's ark, I might've passed. Because cooping me up for forty days in heavy rains would've sent me over the brink. By day ten, I would've cannonball'd right over the edge. “Shut your face, Noah!”

One of my favorite walking trails is completely submerged and is now one with a nearby lake. I guess I won't run ten mile sprints today then. . .Maybe tomorrow…

Noah would've had one high-maintenance woman on his hands if I had been on that boat. (And I always figure I wouldn't have been anyway. If there was a .00000000001 percent chance of believing Noah, I wouldn't have been in that small percentage, don't you know.)  Sometimes I think if Noah had just worded it differently, he could've gotten more people on board. Like made the boat decked out with a theme. A casino river boat. Or offered forty days of chocolate. (Move it, Shem, lemme on that boat.) Or offered free wi-fi. Which in that day would be the equivalent of “free pigeon.” Or nighty dinners at the captain's table. Or had an Acapulco deck like on Love Boat. Or lots of hijinks like on the Love Boat. Or had some mean Uno throw-downs.  Some laser tag. Or a little Murder on the Orient Express, where some passengers bit it, and we had to figure out who was the killer. (It's Ham.)

Oh, well. I wasn't on the boat, and I will survive the rain.
Have a lovely week. I'm going to think dry thoughts and plan my outfit for the Royal Wedding.

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Katers - April 25, 2011

Your comment this morning on twitter made me think of The Princess Bride: “I only dog-paddle.”

Jenny - April 25, 2011

So much rain here in our part of the county too, and it is supposed to keep coming for the next few days. I have found myself wondering if this is what Seattle is like. Honestly, my only point of reference is Sleepless in Seattle, but they wouldn’t put it in a movie if it wasn’t true, right?

Interesting ideas for the ark. My downfall (aside from my extremely skeptical side) would have been the animals. This girl doesn’t like many, and some are downright the stuff my nightmares are made of (whispering now s-n-a-k-e-s…hate to say it out loud, cause it might make them appear or something).

bookwyrm14 - April 25, 2011

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I got that out of the way, we have totally the opposite over here. It’s a scorching 80 degrees constantly this entire week, and my perfectly straightened hair is now frizzed beyond all redemption. Literally. It’s a nightmare.

And I totally would have asked Noah to reserve a room for me FAAAAAR away from the stinky animals. I would have spent all the 120 years that he took to build it loading my books into the ark, so I wouldn’t bored. Then I would have brought my iPod and my laptop. Oh, wait, they didn’t have that stuff back then! How did they live…

Sarah - April 25, 2011

Ugh rain I can totally relate I’m so NOT a big fan of being cooped up. But usually when it lacks deadly lighting I play in it… Hee-hee 🙂
Oh & royal wedding sounds very shnazzy 😉 but I’ll be at school when it takes place… more than likely :’S oh well I’m praying for u and ur rainy conditions. 🙂

Liv - April 25, 2011

NC’s sunny and…warm…uh, not quite. As in I am sweating off my chocolate bunny RIGHT NOW. Swimsuit, here I come! Haha, no its pretty comfy round here as long as the fans going. We’ve had a few ‘April Showers’. Thank the Lord for summer break, 26 days left…c’mon calender!

Allie Smith - April 25, 2011

haha,yaaaaa cant rlly relate to the rainy wheather thang…we’re currently excperiencing humidity that does to hair wut a lightning bolt would.
gosh,i am so excited bout the royal wedding!!!i think we’re gonna record it so i can watch it wen i get home from school!!!
great post,jenny!!!

Tay - April 25, 2011

So are you waking up early to watch the Royal Wedding?? I am actually considering it, even though I’ll have to get up at 1 AM to watch it…the things I do for William and Kate! 🙂 I am looking forward to watching the “wedding of the century”!

Kristin - April 25, 2011

Today my grandpa asked me if I had gotten my invitation to the royal wedding yet. I told him it must have gotten lost in the mail.

Abbigail - April 25, 2011

Yeah, down here in Florida, it was nice enough to swim on Easter. In a pool. Up there, I’m guessing you could swim on the sidewalk.
Katers, omigosh! I totally just watched that movie for the first time last week! Loved it. “Inconceivable!” 😀
Lucky you, Bookwyrm14! Think you could loan it to me…? Just kidding! 🙂
Liked the post, Jenny! Stay Dry!

Abbigail - April 25, 2011

P.S.- Just heard on the news: “We could see the hottest temperatures of the year!” Me: “Groan!!!!” Now I want your rain…

Christa - April 26, 2011

Yick. I’m home waiting for the dishwasher repair person (being gender neutral), and so glad it’s not flooding here or else I’d be stuck with a non-functioning appliance and no paper plates. See…it could be worse! 🙂

Bethany Ellis - April 26, 2011

Sounds miserable 🙁 It’s supposed to head my way over the next few days. Unfortunately, I’m supposed to be traveling over the next few days. Should be interesting.

bookwyrm14 - April 26, 2011

Sorry, Abbigail, although I absolutely LOVE your name and I want to name my firstborn daughter that, NO ONE is allowed to touch my prize…mwahahahaha! (that was supposed to be an evil laugh :D)

I am TOTALLY watching the royal wedding! I’m convinced Prince William must have misplaced my invitation. Oh well. Anyway, have you seen pictures of him as a teenager? He must have been a heartbreaker…the boy is practically sizzling! But Kate is just as gorgeous. Although I don’t know why they are making such a big deal about her going from “rags to riches.” I mean, her parents bought her a million-dollar flat so she can be close to her princey-poo. Doesn’t sound like “rags” to me.


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