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Happy mid-week. Our weather escalated pretty seriously a few days ago, but all is well. Or will be by Thursday. Our local university even let out early for floods. I think that's happened exactly zero times in the history of the school. They barely let out for snow. (Why I picked that institution of learning, I'll never know. Their high attendance standards are borderline obnoxious.)  My own district let out early Tuesday afternoon, as well as surrounding schools. Many buses in the county couldn't get children home with roads washed out and flooded. So some of my students who got out early were home by 2:30 and some, who had crazy bus rides were home by 7:30 p.m. One of my kids said, “I got home at 7:30. Ms. Jones, they dropped me off at (insert snarl)  Dollar General.” Like it was the corner of depravity and stale off-brand cookies.

On an unrelated note, I have never understood why the plural of bus doesn't have two s's. Busses. I also don't know how to spell essess.

There You'll Find Me is wrapped up, and I've given myself a huge break. It's my first break in many years. I really needed it. But the problem is…I have no idea what to do with myself. I've already painted furniture. I've read some books. I've attempted to watch some TV. (American Idol, we're through. Again.)  I've judged 500 contests. I've volunteered. I've planted a garden.
I know I'm supposed to be still and just chill out and recharge the brain cells, but I'm finding out I absolutely suck at it. Apparently I don't know how to be anything but a souped up stress ball. Here are some of the things I have checked off of my recent to-do list.

1. Read about the creepy Olsen Twins in Newsweek
2. Googled to see if creepy Olsen Twins had had plastic surgery
3. Filled out job application for Olsen Twins fashion company, speculated to make them billionaires. Apparently they do not need a third partner who wants to buy in using fifty bucks and her Tupperware collection.
4. Watched Oprah
5. Recorded Hallmark TV movie because I never had time to watch them before
6. Deleted Hallmark TV movie because it was about an inspirational teacher and who believes that crap anyway?
7. Learned Wal-Mart is testing grocery home delivery and wrote them a poem called “I Love This Idea, and I Need Some Bacos and Cheese.”
8. Micro-managed a few people
9. Ate fried chicken
10. Read the rest of my Newsweek and pretended like I understood it
11. Ordered some running shoes that make me look like I have man feet. Gay man feet.
12. OD'd on peanut butter and decided it was a pretty good way to go.
13. Did one push-up
14. Did two crunches
15. Watched a lot of weather
16. Considered being a storm chaser
17. Doubted many curly headed girls get out in bad weather and chase storms
18. Decided against storm chasing
19. Ate Cheetos
20. Did a long division problem in my head
21. Made a list of things to buy in eBay
22. Cried when I realized some of the things on the list didn't exist yet
23. Made a mental note to create a car that runs on polka music and marshmallows
24. Made a list of new jokes
25. Tried out jokes on Miller
26. Miller barfed
27. Put Miller up for sale on eBay

That's my last few weeks. So help me out here. When you need to de-stress and unplug, what do you do?

P.S. I accidentally caught the last half of The Voice last night. I had zero interesting in watching it, but, guys…it was good. Like couldn't turn it off good. It is NOTHING like American Idol. There is an encore performance tonight (Wed) on NBC. You gotta watch it.

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Tracy - April 27, 2011

Well Jenny…when I need to de-stress I read. One of your books always does the trick!

Seriously though, I read and I stitch (quilt making). Anything that says ‘creative’ would work thought.

Incidentally, I have four assignments on the go to end my first semester at Uni (studying Primary teaching). If you want to take over just let me know!!!!

Katers - April 27, 2011

I notice there was no cleaning or reorganizing in there. Apparently you’re not -that- bored yet. heh

Ruth - April 27, 2011

Watch the new Upstairs Downstairs on DVD? Just a thought. 🙂

Jenny B Jones - April 27, 2011

Tracy, I didn’t know you were in school. Congratulations!!! That’s awesome.

Katers, I’m not that desperate. Yet.

Ruth, I keep hearing Upstairs, Downstairs. What is it? I thought it was just one of those weekly Brit series. (Maybe I’m thinking Up the Down Staircase? I have no idea where I’m pulling this from.) Was this a miniseries like Downton?

Katers - April 27, 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs was a series, but PBS Masterpiece Classics has revisited it. Frankly, I’m surprised you haven’t watched it because you’re probably going through Downton Abbey withdrawal (and thankfully, they left a better ending than DA did! Phew!) You can probably find it streaming on PBS.. I know they were streaming it on the site.

Which reminds me.. have you ever watched the spoof DA videos that some british comedy did? I was laugh hysterically at them, especially since Dan and Hugh were tweeting them. http://youtu.be/r5dMlXentLw

God's Gal (alyssa) - April 27, 2011

Listen to music, watch a children’s movie (LOL), or read one of your books. But I imagine the last one’s pretty boring for you cuz u wrote it, is it?

Jenny - April 27, 2011

Sit on my patio in my Adirondack (confession, I had to google that to know how to spell it) in the sun and read. The chair makes it easier to pretend I am at the beach. Maybe this will be an option by July when the rainy season ends. Until then, sit in my awesome-sleep-number-bed-worth-every-penny-bed and read.

Or, if reading seems like too much work, pull out my Pride & Prejudice DVD w/ Keira Knightly. I realize it may not be the BBC or whatever best version according to some, but it sweeps me off my feet every time and takes me to a happy, romantic place. Too bad I have things to do, because I’d enjoy that place today.

Your #2 – Did they? And for #3,what if you threw in Miller?

Leah - April 27, 2011

I read.
Watch movies, or TV,(usually on Hulu.)
Sleep, go on the computer.
That’s about it.

shabbygeek - April 27, 2011

Speaking of bored. I’m stuck at home sick with sinus nastiness and congestion, trying not to work on workish things. After reading through your list (and doing that whole raspy-trying-to-breathe-and-laugh-at-the-same-time thing), we apparently have the same issue with boredom. I don’t believe in it. I could be reading a book but it just sounds exhausting because I apparently use more than 3 brain cells when I’m trying to read but only use 1 or 2 when trying to come up with witty comments on blogs. So if this doesn’t come off as witty you know why.

I’ve started watching The Voice and I like it so far. But EGAD it is 85 minutes long online. That’s a movie! A MOVIE! (errr…a Disney movie)

I hope all the flooding dries up out there soon. It’s gloomy and gross here right now. LR got sandwiched between two tornado warnings last night. So glad — we need some serious weather mercy here in our state.

Kari - April 27, 2011

#20 makes me proud!

Sarah - April 27, 2011

I listen to music & read … but I guess that option is sorta expired w/ you ehh hehh pretty much I don’t relax besides the few hours that I’m sleeping so pretty much all I can say to help is pray ( beg to the big man). Maybe something fun’ll pop up 😉 good luck 🙂

Abbigail - April 27, 2011

Oh, come on! Beyond the Blackboard was a REALLY good movie. It was really cute. So, the first thing you need to do is re-record the movie and WATCH IT!!! And that brings us to the first thing on my list:
1)Watch Hallmark movies with my mom. We’re like, obsessed with them. Seen practically every one. And the Love Comes Softly series multiple times.
3)Look up book reviews.
4)Add books to my These-Are-The-Things-That-I-Want-For-My-Birthday-Which-Is-Coming-Up-In-One-Month list and send the revised copy to all my family and friends. 😛
5)Work on getting all my friends addicted to your books, sos I’m not alone. (Got two already, and working on a third![Friends. Not books.]) 🙂
6)Play cards. Solitaire if no one will play with me, and Speed if someone will. (Maybe Miller will play with you.) And if the computer is available, then I’m on it. Playing Spider Solitaire.
7)Or reading your blog.
8)Look up riddles. http://riddles.com/

And my math teacher/tutor (I’m home schooled. It’s weird. Momma’s the teacher, so technically my teacher’s the tutor. It’s complicatated.) from last year is a storm chaser during the summer. He, like, gets to hang out with those famous peoples from the t.v. show. Yeah. Awesomeness. 😛
If your dead set on getting rid of Miller, then my dog would love a new chew toy.

bookwyrm14 - April 27, 2011

So here’s what I do when I’m bored.

1: Read. I got this awesome fantasy book by Wayne Thomas Batson called The Sword in the Stars, and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I stayed up all night reading it. That says something. I don’t stay up for just any book.

2: Email or text my friends.

3: Read some more.

4: Look up book reviews on Christianbook.com (go Abbigail!)

5: Watch an action-packed fantasy movie! Like Percy Jackson or Prince of Persia! Best movies ever! ‘Nuff said. 😀

6: If there is no fantasy movie, I will watch a Hallmark movie. Only in small doses though.

Liv - April 27, 2011

Read. Wish for next book in series. Reread ending as if the next book will pop up. Go on Target.com and realize book is more than I have. Realize I am broke. Wish people let 12-year-olds babysit. Beg parents to give me money. Stare at the book online…Still staring. and…blink. Listen to music…wonder why Miley Cyrus is even in the music biz. Count down days until stuff, 24 days til summer vacation! Do touchdown dance…:-)

Clare - April 27, 2011

When I’m bored I re-read, and re-read books from my collection so much that I know them by heart. 🙂 And I’m terrible at memorizing so that just shows you how desperate I get.
I tend to daydream and take naps when I’m bored. I have some of my most brilliant moments when I’m catching a few z’s (or zs…how do you make that plural?) anyway, you get the drift. 🙂

I hope the water clears up soon!

Allie Smith - April 27, 2011

i read ur blog…
*i sit down with nachos and watch criminal minds.bcuz i realize tha none of the probs i have will ever compare to the psychos on that show.or the ppl that wrote it.
*i stare at the computer screen for hours…youtube (ud be AMAZED wut u c after about an hour.ppl put the DUMBEST stuff on there!!!),designer prom dresses…sigh…stuff like that.
*pop bubble wrap
*type random stuff till my hand cramps
*eat ben and jerry’s…tear…i luv them guys
*eat chocolate frosting wen there is no ben and jerry’s
*fall asleep doing algebra

Joy - April 27, 2011

I always loved that branch of science so I seriously consiedered becoming weatherman. I keep telling my mom I was going to go chase tornadoes. She told me she would have me committed.
I read or I sit on facebook for forever when I’m unwinding. And eat something sweet. Or veg in front of the tv. Basically something that doesn’t require too much brain activity.

bookwyrm14 - April 28, 2011

Oh, Joy, you should have been in our area yesterday! A tornado passed not 2 miles from our house! It was so freaky!


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