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Roll call! Is everyone okay after all those storms? My gosh, I was RIVETED to the Weather Channel Thursday afternoon/evening watching that incredible live feed of the gigantic tornado. You can see it here and here and here. I've never seen anything like it. My heart just goes out to everyone affected by this week's horrible weather. Mother Nature was one angry woman the last seven days. She needs a serious attitude adjustment. Or a Twinkie. I truly don't share this to be braggy, but I got the sweetest email from a reader Thursday that goes a little something like this:

Jenny, I am from Gadsden, AL, and I was reading your book last night while we were waiting for the storms to pass and I got to the part where it said when we hurt, God hurts. Thank you for that. I really needed it at that time. Please pray for my state. Thanks.

I can't imagine how scary that storm must've been. I have definitely been praying for those affected by the recent storms, especially Alabama and my own state of Arkansas. If you are interested in donating to an Alabama relief program, I recommend the Red Cross or Samaritan's Purse. There are also some serious blood shortages, so that's another volunteering option that won't cost you a thing, and you often get cookies in return!

Let us move on to lighter topics.
I am very blessed to get reader emails like the one above, and while I read each and every one, and definitely wrote back to this girl, I don't get to answer or respond to them all. (This is the same story I give my students when they expect me to grade their papers.)

Many of the emails ask some of the same questions, so I thought I'd do my quarterly “here's your answer” session right here.

Question 1: Why do you eat so much junk food?

Answer: Sugar makes my world go round. Unfortunately, it also makes my butt go round.

Question 2: Will there be a fourth Katie Parker book? (I get this one. A lot.)

Answer: No. But I think there might be an e-novella to tie some things up. In the very distant future. But the basic answer is nah.

Question 3: Will there be a fourth A Charmed Life book? (I get this one. A lot lot.)

Answer: No. Bella and Luke are still very happy. Let's keep them that way.

Question 4: How do you feel about Obama's birth certificate?

Answer: I don't care. I have better things to do with my time. Like teach Miller sign language for “I'm about to hurl and need the trash can.” For those of you interested, this might be some good reading on the President's Easter message. Deflate the hate.

Question 5: How do I get published?

Answer: You pray really hard and have a good day job.(Also see my FAQs for further advice.)

Question 6: Will So Not Happening be a movie?

Answer: No.

Question 7: Can I be in the movie?

Answer: Yes

Question 7: Will you fill out this five page questionnaire (in paragraph form, double space, Times New Roman) for my book report, due tomorrow morning at eight a.m.

Answer: Anything for you.

Question 8: Do you have have author friends?

Answer: Yes. We all get together about once a year and talk each other out of completing McDonald's job applications. We have a few casualties every year, God bless 'em.

Question 9: Can you name the main character in your next book after me?

Answer: For the right price, I'll call her anything you want.

Question: Will you come teach at my school?

Answer: Only if I get to wear yoga pants. So get me a PE coach gig. I have zero qualifications for that, by the way. Other than a heart to serve. In yoga pants.

Question: You look at a lot of book covers. Do you ever see any that make you laugh?

Answer: This one at the moment. (Nice pants…)

Question: Is there a candy bar you won't eat?

Answer: Crunch, Krackle, and a few choice others. It kind of hurts me to talk about it. I want to love them all, but a few of them are a disgrace to the candy bar name.

Question: Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding?

Answer: Does Lindsey Lohan have a rap sheet?

Question: Do you wish you were in London for the big event?

Answer: Yes. Instead I will just close my eyes and think of England.

Thanks for letting me answer all those here. Saved me a ton of time! My cabana boy-secretary-cat walker-frond waver has the month off, so I'm way behind on my correspondence. Have a great weekend. Be safe. And let's meet back Monday and talk Royal Wedding.

If you're bored, stop by and visit me today at Southern Belle View.

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Bethany Ellis - April 29, 2011

My aunt’s friend flew to England for the wedding.

So yeah.

Amy - April 29, 2011

So, anyway, this was hilarious, as usual.

I put your THERE YOU’LL FIND ME widget on my new book blog because Backseat Writer can’t complain all the bookish awesomeness there is to be had in the world. (It’s BackseatReader.net, BTW!)

Anyway, what have has SAVE THE DATE and JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME done to my roommate? She sneaks off to her room at 10:30 PM each night with Jenny B. Jones book in hand to read…A ROMANCE NOVEL. This is a gal who reads, but only LOTR, Harry Potter, and a bunch of books about social work (she’s a social worker).

She’s a true testament to the wonders of your writing. It’s like a book makeover story. I mean, you need a reality and/or makeover show. On TLC.

Amy - April 29, 2011

P.S. That’s a cute pic of you. 🙂

Erin McFarland - April 29, 2011

i’m still chuckling (and a little scarred) from your book cover recommend 🙂 And i think Charmed Life would make a great movie…therefore it shouldn’t be a movie…hollywood just seems to ruin good books. unfortunately. hope to be at your yearly author gathering one day…baggin burgers must start sounding pretty nice in the middle of the writing process no? :/

bookwyrm14 - April 29, 2011

I wasn’t IN the tornado, but I saw the funnel cloud barely 2 miles from us. According to the Weather Channel, it just barely passed our neighborhood. So we got all the rain but no huge casualties.

Charmed Life would be an AMAZING movie! But I agree, Erin, Hollywood would ruin it. Sadly. 🙁 I think Luke should be Logan Lerman. I mean, anyone who has seen Percy Jackson the movie, can’t you see him with glasses as a perfect nerdy but intense hot guy?

Anyway, I saw the royal wedding!!!!!!!!(on TV, but still) And I saw the royal kiss(es) at exactly 9:25am ET, which made me conveniently late for school. 😀 Kate’s dress was stunning, but I didn’t know the designer, so that bummed me out. I just hope their marriage is WAAAAAAAAAY better than Prince Charles and Princess Diana. They make a cuter couple than Will’s parents did, don’t you think?

Jennie - April 29, 2011

Random thought: When I saw the cover that you recommended, I thought the title was “When Passion Hurls.” That would be a great book. Verging on a classic. Yeah I think that it is time for bed.

Less Random thought: I would love to read another Katie Parker book. Put that e novella out soon! Also I am reading Save the Date and I think that it is so funny.

Abbigail - April 29, 2011

What? Oh, come on! I LOVE crunch bars. The’re the best.

I don’t even want to know what that book is about.

And my friends and I had a sleepover, but we didn’t want to get up at 4 a.m. to watch the wedding, so we just recorded it (go DVR!) and watched it during breakfast. 🙂 And that way, we could fast-forward through the commercials and gossip. Ick. But anyway, there was a girl holding a sign that said “Checkmate, Kate! You got your King!” Loved that. 🙂

And now it’s (past) my bedtime.

Liv - May 1, 2011

You can work at my school, though my mom might oppose of it, considering I’m homeschooled…;-) And yoga pants are much better than my usual uniform, consisting of whatever I slept in that night 🙂


Liv - May 1, 2011

Another good way to donate to the people in Alabama is http://www.namb.net/.

Nicole O'Dell - May 1, 2011

have I told you lately that I <3 you?

Abbigail - May 1, 2011

Liv – omigosh! I have the same uniform! LOL Just had to say that. Don’t you love being homeschooled? Ah…just ten steps to my desk! Haha, get up at 8:20 and be at “school” by 8:30! (What? Gotta have a few minutes for breakfast! 🙂 )


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