Life After Will and Kate

1343975_wedding_dressesI know everyone is sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding, but as I was watching the news last night and waiting, waiting, waiting for the President to come on to tell us what we already knew, I just thought, “What we need is another royal wedding right now.” Harry, Pippa…no pressure. Actually rumor has it that one of Fergie's daughter's is next. You saw the girls, right?

I'm old enough that I saw Princess Diana marry, watched Sarah Ferguson get crucified by a family too stuffy to appreciate her, watched her girls grow up, etc. So I've always liked Sarah and Andrew's family. They seemed more…normal. So I will defend Eugenie and Beatrice's crazy hats. (But their dresses? Are they idiots? What was Eugenie thinking? That dress looks like something a great-great aunt would wear. The smelly kind who offer you candy from the bottom of their 40 year old pocket books.)(And who says pocket book? Stinky old aunts.)

I watched coverage of the wedding from CNN (meh), ABC (thumbs up with Barbara WaWa), and NBC. I set my alarm for 4:30 and intended to get up, but when it went off I was like, “Kate? Will? Never heard of them. Will send a toaster later. . .”  But at 5:20 I finally came to and watched the second half (boring half) of the ceremony. I have to admit the T-Mobile take on the wedding was a little more entertaining. I mean this event seriously needed some music and disco. It was a long ordeal, so maybe that excuses the looks of sheer boredom on Kate and Will's faces toward the end. Especially Will. He got pretty glassy-eyed after they sat down and talked about the Lord and stuff.

What did you think about Kate's dress? She got that thing at David's Bridal, right?
I think it was beautiful, but…boring. I am not a fan of plunging necklines. I'm a teacher. We get all twitchy with anything that breaks a school dress code, but for once I liked a low neckline. It showed nothing and was the only youthful thing about the dress. It needed something though, didn't it? Maybe some Gwen Stefani plaid or some Lady GaGa trash bag couture? Some Adam Lambert platform boots? I liked Pippa's dress a lot. I'm afraid she might've stolen the show. You can tell she and Harry know how to have a good time. I loved it when Kate finally (finally) made it to Harry and Wills, and Harry looked at his future sister-in-law and smiled like, “Thank God it's you standing here marrying my brother and not some skank royal with lineage that goes back to Henry the 8th and a hook nose that could open a bottle Coca-Cola with one swipe.

Kate is skinny.

Pippa is skinny.

They need to eat cheeseburgers.

My favorite, FAVORITE part of the ceremony was when the Archbishop of Canterbury opened by quoting St. Catherine of Siena, “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

Other favorite quotes would be from the commentary provided by CNN's weird collection of experts. Like Piers Morgan. (Okay, he was funny, but what is his purpose?)  Elton John walks into the church and sits down. “Can you imagine the incredible pressure,” Piers says. “You're about to sign the hymns and Sir Elton John comes and sits down beside you.” Kudos to Piers for the original thought.
I'd personally be like, “Elton, you take tenor because I'm alto. And don't drown me out and Disney-fy this number.”

Then the CNN group is watching Kate get into the car, and we can barely see her. Vera Wang (harboring some bitterness) asks, “Her hair? Is it up or down?” To which Anderson Cooper replies, “We were told her hair would be down. . . (insert on-air pause) I don't know why I know that.” Oh, Anderson…

Princess Diana died when I was in grad school. I was devastated because I was a life-long royal watcher. And when I say royal watcher, I mean I faithfully read my grandmother's Enquirers. Anyway, a friend was taking a psych or sociology class or something and was assigned an essay of “Why Princess Diana's death mattered to the world.” My friend was a dude and had no clue, as dudes are wont to do. So. . .I wrote the paper for him. (This blog does not endorse cheating.) I loved that paper. We got an A. But when people start bashing this current royal wedding, it makes me think of that paper and how many of the principles still apply. Why should we care? Because the world still needs romance, still needs fairy tales, still needs to believe that there is a greater good and a place where magic can happen. But enough about the Queen's reception buffet line.

I think that's all I have to say about the wedding other than I wish them well, I hope they don't give into the traditional royal pressure to produce an heir within 12 months, and I hope someone else royal gets married soon. Because that was fun. There's something nifty about watching a zillion dollar wedding and history in the making with the rest of the world while still in your PJs.

In other news, you should probably know that
1. I have fallen off the healthy diet wagon and the people at Sonic now know me by name. Including one student who brought out my drink yesterday and smiled real big and said, “You teach at my high school.”
“Yes I do!” I smiled back.
“You're also that author.”
Touched, I continue smiling. “Yes, I am.”
She hands me my drink. “And you sent me to the office for my short shorts this year.”
“Oh. Well, I–“
“I'd worn those all year, and you were the only teacher who ever noticed.”
“Did you spit in my drink?”

2. I have 20 pairs of shoes from Zappos sitting in my house right now. Only one pair can stay. It's like The Bachelor. Brought to you by Asics and Nike.

3. I came THIS close to getting Miller a buddy today. I was on my way to the shelter and turned my car around. In the middle of the highway. Here is her picture. Look at this face.


Honest to Pete (whatever that even means), Miller is such a lonely cat.

“I'm not coming out of this box until you acknowledge my inner isolation and pain.”

But I just kept thinking, “Cat hair! Cat hair!” I HATE having the mega shedding of one (white ) cat, but two long-haired cats? I don't want to be THAT person. Please. Talk me out of this. I have a small house, I don't vacuum enough as it is, Miller might hate it, it would be indoors forever, someone will give it a good home. . . But then again, Miller is going to be by himself for over 3 weeks this summer…and he is mentally challenged…
(Update: Cute kitty has been placed with a home. Not my home. I discovered this after driving over an hour to pick her up… Very glad Cute Kitty has a home and is out of shelter.)

Before I say farewell until Wednesday, Meagan McGlover does not just report winter weather. Oh, no. She gives us updates in the Spring as well.

“Google me.” “I'm thinking about baptising myself…”

And finally, thank you to Family Fiction magazine who held their first ever reader's choice awards, and we got top pick for YA. I am honored. Thank you, Mom, for voting all 1,230,209,108 times. Thanks to all voters and congrats to all winners.

Have a happy week!

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Saira - May 2, 2011

I loved Kate’s dress and her evening dress; and the entire wedding actually. I watched it all 🙂
Everyone thought the T-mobile advert was funny because of course the royals would not dance down the aisle…oh no they were ridiculous ‘hats’ in stead!

Valerie Comer - May 2, 2011

Well, I’ll just say I liked Kate’s dress, and I hope it helps turn around the fad where women are falling out the top of their gowns. So many gals try the no-strap look that are way too large for it. Just sayin’ that a little modesty in the fashion world looked mighty good.

And Miller needs a buddy. Shame on you for turning around before picking up that adorable fluff ball. Go get ‘er! 🙂

Jenny B Jones - May 2, 2011

Saira, clearly the royals need to change their no-dance policy. You know Harry wants to.

Valerie, when I saw that dress, that was my first thought–maybe this will be an end to the trend of EVERYONE wearing strapless gowns. Because few pull it off, but that’s mostly what’s out there and I think brides feel like they have to wear it to be “in.”

Katers - May 2, 2011

I love that you added Meagan in there.. that made my brother, my sisterinlaw, & my dad laugh so hard when i showed them.

I really didn’t pay much attention to the wedding buzz because frankly, the women I work with are partypoopers. We were talking about it at our weekly lunch on Wednesday and all of them were saying “What’s the big deal!” and I tried to explain it to them the best I could. There were so many points I made (our American culture could care less about England, who believes in princes anymore, we have access to celebrities on twitter so why is a royal wedding a big deal, etc) and yet they still looked at me like I was an alien.

Then I Friday off, I slept in, I took my cats to the vet, I shopped.. I had lunch with my mom who filled me in on the whole wedding news, buzz and drama! We got to talking about weddings and money and all the things that girls talk about with spring bridal buzz.. and I told my mother that if I ever decide to get married, I’m going to elope. This isn’t the first time we’ve had a conversation about it, so it wasn’t a big deal. Saturday comes along and I went shopping with my mom in the morning. We’re on our way into the mall and she blurts out “You’re not trying to secretly tell me that you’re just going to elope sometimes soon and not tell me til afterward are you!?”

I should have saw it coming. It’s only painfully obvious since my brother and his wife are having a baby (the first grandchild), I’m over 30 and the last sibling to be single.. my mother would be on full alert!

Cathy West - May 2, 2011

Pretty sure there’s a law about the amount of humor per person…you’re breaking it. 🙂 I LOVED the wedding! Got up early, watched every bit from beginning to end. I have no idea why. Perhaps it’s just the romantic in me. I did like her dress but wasn’t sure why Pippa was in white. There was way too much white going on in that wedding. Let’s just hope they make it.
And you don’t need another cat. You need a dog.

Serenity Bohon - May 2, 2011

Nope, not the least bit tired of hearing about the wedding yet. In fact, and don’t tell ANYONE this, one of my early thoughts after last night’s breaking news was, “Ah man, there goes tomorrow’s discussion of the Royal Wedding.” I know, I am terrible. I also found the dress a bit on the boring side at first – it’s grown on me after much viewing – but I thought I was all alone in that. And, yep, I heartily agree with all your reasons for why this wedding mattered to so many of us.

bookwyrm14 - May 2, 2011

Off topic, but did anyone hear Obama’s speech about the killing of Osama bin Laden? Ok, so my history teacher playeda recording of it to us and said that we could count how many times he said “I” or “me” or “my” and I got a grand total of 25 times. Conceited much? Just my opinion.

And I LOVED Kate’s dress; the lace was so gorgeous and the perfect touch! 😀 But her sister’s dress looked WAAAAAAY too tight (maybe it’s just me). I mean, mermaid style is horribly uncomfortable for me…I don’t know about other people. Does anyone know what Harry said to William as Kate was walking down the aisle towards him? Just curious.

Jenny B Jones - May 2, 2011

Bookwyrm, true, lots of I’s, but he did acknowledge our troops and President Bush, the latter he didn’t have to do. IT was a classy nod, I thought. And let’s not forget he is a president who will run again. We can take shots at that speech, but no president would’ve missed the chance to use it to promote himself for that next election. He will have no greater positive moment in his campaign than that moment. GW would’ve taken the shot, and I can’t blame Obama for doing the same. And keep in mind, he doesn’t write most of his speeches. People get paid big bucks for that. I gotta send them my resume… ; )

Serenity, I thought the same thing–this is all we’ll hear about! I’m not through my own honeymoon phase of the wedding!

Cathy, if I could find a dog that could be litter box trained, I would get one. : )

Katers, I love Meagan! And at least tell US before you run off and marry some man with little notice.

Joy - May 2, 2011

I loved watching the royal wedding. My mom watched Princess Diana get married so I made a big deal of us watching this together. I loved her dress. I love lace. A lot. 🙂 It was heartbreaking to go into work later that day though. A bunch of us were talking about the wedding and most of the girls not only didn’t see the big deal, but laughed and mocked the idea that the Will and Kate were getting married for love. AND mocked the idea of true love and romance in general. I, the Advocate of All Things Romantic, stood out like a sore thumb.

Christie - May 2, 2011

I thought the dress was gorgeous. A vintage aproach for sure, but then, I love vintage. And I would marry Harry if I had the chance 🙂 So don’t be setting him up with Pippa! Pippa looked great though. I was the only worker at my store who cared anything about it (I spent the morning getting ready for work, watching the wedding, trying to put on mascara, and brush my teeth at the same time. Then when I got home I proceeded to watch wedding highlights and lifetime movies about William and Kate until I went to bed) I computer stalked Harry for a while too 😉
idk where I was going with that, but anyways….

God's Gal (alyssa) - May 2, 2011

Ms. Jones, you kill me. You are hilarious.
Anyways, I hadn’t intended to wake up for the wedding, all week convincing myself “i don’t care, i don’t care, i don’t care!” But guess who was in front of the TV at uncivil hours friday morning??!! ME!!!
I thought the dress and kate were stunning-ly gorgeous, as was pippa. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with the hats, and even though it’s been said a kajillion times: harry and pippa look cute together… 😉

Jenny - May 2, 2011

I loved the wedding, loved the classic dress, and I always love the veil over the face. I didn’t wear one for fear it would catch on fire during the unity candle. But to all the single ladies, I highly recommend facing that fear and wearing a blusher. The only other opportunity might be if you become a widow (nobody wishing for that), and then it will be black, and really only if you are Jackie O. is it gonna fly. Sorry, got off topic – back to the wedding. Favorite moments – Harry peeking at her & saying something to Will (I’m with bookwyrm – what did he say??? – so oinery!) & her peeking over her shoulder on the way back in from the balcony, clearly savoring a surreal moment in her life. Not sure who the Brit commentator on NBC was that said it, but I keep repeating in my best Julie Andrewsish accent “She walked in a commoner and walked out a princess” (accent on “cess”). It is just fun stuff!

Jenny B Jones - May 2, 2011

Jenny, LOVED when she looked back over her shoulder. And when she first came out onto the balcony and was like, “whoa.” Can you imagine seeing thousands of people out there just for you?

Alyssa, you will be glad you got up for the wedding. You saw history! And Harry and Pippa do look cute together. I’m afraid he’s not wedding material yet. That’s why everyone loves him. : )

Christie, I am hoping you snag dear Harry. Horrible name, but he’s got good hair.

Joy, very cool y’all watched it together. That’s fun.

Allie Smith - May 2, 2011

yes,omigosh,wasn’t the wedding amazing???i watched it and a few specials after that and it was soooo awesum!!!i didnt know much about their dating life until cnn and stuff ran the specials,but what a great love story!!!its kind of like everything in Kate’s life was preparing her for marriage to the prince,just like God is preparing us for our special someone.
um,yaaa,u shouldve bought miller that lil kitty!!!how could u resist that face?u cruel,cruel,woman…
luv u,luv the blog!!!

Amy - May 2, 2011

Oh, Jenny, it’s your beautiful cat-rescuing heart that brought us together, isn’t it? 🙂 That was an ADORABLE kitten and I’m pretty sure even the biggest cat hater in the world wouldn’t melt away with one look at that sweetie’s face. I’m so glad she found a home though.

Love the Miller pic! He is truly a wonderful cat! 🙂

My dogs want me to tell you to get a dog because, they argue, dogs are awesome and they don’t shed. (These dogs don’t shed.) Oh, and they like your books, too. Just like BFF Sarah.

Pippa + Harry = too much awesomeness to comprehend, but I did read that Pippa’s got a fella, so…

Abby Minard - May 2, 2011

I want a fascinator really bad. I’ve actually contemplated telling my husband I want to redo our wedding and make everyone where fascinators. And whoever wears the gaudiest one wins a prize.

Dang, I missed Anderson Cooper’s coverage of the wedding. I think that’s the only channel I didn’t dvr all day. Lord knows I had that thing set with every channel and every time I could squeeze in. I love me some Anderson, especially when he gets all awkward with things like that.

Sorry about the kitty, but glad it got to a nice home 🙂

Oh and wouldn’t a Harry and Pippa wedding me just marvelous? We can dream, can’t we?

Liv - May 3, 2011

Jenny&Bookwyrm&whoever else wants to know:
When Kate first got up there William said:
You look beautiful.

Then he leaned over to Kate’s dad and said:
Just a small family affair.

Cute, right!

Saira - May 3, 2011

Holding her father’s arm, she began the three-minute walk down the aisle. Harry is seen looking over his shoulder while standing with his brother at the altar. Playfully, he paused long enough to make William nervous and then said, laughing: ‘Well, she looks beautiful, I can tell you that.’

I found this on

Colene Murphy - May 3, 2011

HA! My mom woke up for it. She filled me in on all the awesome bits of the wedding. Sounded lovely! Kinda wish I had woken up. Sorta…

That kitty is SO CUTE!! Glad he/she got a home!! No way was that fuzzy sucker staying in a shelter, though. Too. Darn. CUTE. Miller does need a buddy. Been trying to tell you that for, what, years now?!

bookwyrm14 - May 3, 2011

I heard about what William said to his father-in-law (so funny and ironic! nothing that the royal family does is private :D)

But does anyone know what Prince Harry said to his brother while Kate was still walking up the aisle? He leaned over and said something, but they never said what it was…

Liv - May 3, 2011

Ummmm, nope. Sorry. Have you Googled it?

Heather aka Dynamic Uno - May 3, 2011

I LOVED the fact that I could attend the royal wedding in my PJs! I did feel kind of sorry for those people wearing the crazy hats. Maybe they had to wake up too early that morning to get ready.

Meagan McGlover was hilarious! I hope she made it out of her bathtub okay. 🙂

Joy - May 3, 2011

I’ve heard rummers that Harry told William that Kate did indeed look amazing. It makes sense to me. William is too proper to sneak a peep at the dress. Harry, however, is not. Brotherly reassurance.

Joy - May 3, 2011

Whoops rumors sorry

Abbigail - May 4, 2011

I googled it! Most think he said, “Wait ’til you see her.”
One reference:


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