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First of all, if you head on over to Southern Belle View today, I'm giving away an ARC of There You'll Find Me. Just leave a comment on today's Belle post to enter.

As I'm celebbing it up at Wal-Mart Shareholders today, I wanted to play a quick game of This or That, something I stole from someone on the Twitters. So here we go. Just answer these super easy questions.

1. Socialism or Marxism. JUST KIDDING!

2. McDonalds or King Burger?

3. flip flops or flats?

4. Monopoly or charades?

5. Nike or Asics?  (for you runners)

6. Colorado or Florida?

7. Italian or Mexican?

8. Ice cream or candy?

9. “Old school” book or e-book?

10. Movie theater or DVD at home?

11. Friends or Gilmore Girls? (toughie, eh?!)

Let's hear your answers.

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Tracy - June 3, 2011

1. Socialism or Marxism. JUST KIDDING!
If you’re kidding I’ll not answer 🙂
2. McDonalds or King Burger?
Is that like Burger King? Then that one.
3. flip flops or flats?
4. Monopoly or charades?
5. Nike or Asics? (for you runners)
6. Colorado or Florida?
I’ve only been to Colorado so I’m voting that one.
7. Italian or Mexican?
8. Ice cream or candy?
9. “Old school” book or e-book?
Old School
10. Movie theater or DVD at home?
DVD @ home…cos I’m stingy
11. Friends or Gilmore Girls? (toughie, eh?!)
Gilmore Girls.

Great questions Jenny. Have a great weekend.

Kristin - June 3, 2011

1. 🙂

2. Neither.

3. I prefer flats and try to wear them all summer, but sometimes it’s just too hot and I have to resort to flip flops.

4. Monopoly.

5. I don’t run. Unless someone’s after me.

6. Florida!

7. Both. 🙂

8. Ice cream (mint chocolate chip).

9. “Old school” book. I don’t plan on ever getting an e-book.

10. Usually DVD at home. So I can laugh and/or cry my eyeballs out to my heart’s content, and never worry if someone’s watching me. But there’s something pretty special about a movie at the theater, too.

11. Gilmore Girls! Love that show. Kirk is my hero.


Bethany Ellis - June 3, 2011

1. Socialism or Marxism.
Ain’t you cute? 😛

2. McDonalds or King Burger?
McDonald’s… I think.
Burger King has good chicken sandwhiches. Ha 😛

3. flip flops or flats?

4. Monopoly or charades?
Charades. I have never liked Monopoly.

5. Nike or Asics? (for you runners)
I wear Nike, but I’m not a runner.

6. Colorado or Florida?
At first, I thought you said “Orlando or Florida.”
I think Colorado. I’m not a big beach person.

7. Italian or Mexican?

8. Ice cream or candy?
Ice Cream

9. “Old school” book or e-book?
If it’s an author or book I know I’ll love, old-school. Also helps if I decide to lend it. If I’m not sure about it, e-book (cuz it’s cheaper).

10. Movie theater or DVD at home?
Move theater. I’m soooo not a home-body.

11. Friends or Gilmore Girls?
Gilmore Girls. *duh*

Bethany Ellis - June 3, 2011

ps: I do like to get ebooks of books that I have a copy of so that I can have them with me whenever I get the urge 😛

Katers - June 3, 2011

Thanks for making my Friday morning with your blog! I love discovering it in my inbox.

1. j/king right out of the box. nice. well, then I say which ever leader is hotter.

2. This is a tough call because while sometimes you just want McDonalds’ fries and an apple pie, Burger King’s fries will do in a pinch too.

3. flip flops because it’s now unofficially summer. (and because my new sneakers gave me a killer blister the other day because I didn’t wear appropriate socks while running. note how i blamed the sneakers there.. nice huh.)

4. Charades is something I’m far better with. (I swear my brother has always cheats at Monopoly and ruined the game for me.)

5. Typically I would chose Nike because I’ve always run in them.. but I have to say neither (is that an option?) because I’m now cheap and own New Balance.

6. Sunburns are better from Colorado and there are no hurricanes. (The only time I’ve visited Florida, there was a hurricane. I’m scarred for life.)

7. Italian. You’re making me hungry.

8. I went to the dentist right before the “supposed” zombie apocalypse, and she told me that I might have a cavity and asked me if I’ve been eating anything different.. weeeeell, ya see.. It’s been crunch time at work and I just happen to taken my emergency stash of swedish fish and sourpatch kids to work. Yeah, not a good idea. My face told her everything, guilty as charged.

9. The stack of books in my to-be-read pile would tell you I’ve been spending way too much time w/ my kindle lately.

10. Does Netflix count?

11. Friends or Gilmore Girls? Oh so hard. I’d have to say Gilmore Girls because I’ve been watching a lot of Lauren Graham movies lately.

Clare - June 3, 2011

1. Haha, funny. 😉

2. Burger King. Mcdonalds fries are only good if their piping hot, not any way else. Burger King gives you a little more time to enjoy, instead of practically inhaling your food. 🙂

3. I unfortunately have odd shaped feet so if i can find a flat that actually fits my feet, it’s a blessing! (I have to find shoes that flatter my feet… how sad is that?) Flip flops don’t judge. They will practically fit any foot. 🙂

4. Charades, because I’m too easy of prey in Monopoly. Whenever I see that evil look in my brothers’ eye on my properties, I know that I’m a gonner.

5. I hardly ever run (i’m more of a yoga girl myself) but I like Asics better. 🙂

6. Probably Florida because there are beaches and disney world… i mean c’mon. 🙂

7. Probably Mexican, but I do love me some pasta. 🙂

8. There’s nothing like a pint of Ben&Jerry’s. 🙂

9. I go oldschool and read actual books. I love the feel of the book as I read it and the smell of the paper (i know I’m weird.) when I get it from the library or the book store. There’s nothing better in my opinion.

10. I suppose it depends on mood. Movies are fun in the theatre, but i really just like chilling in my pj’s with insanely large amount of popcorn and not have to worry about laughting too loud. Apparently some people don’t appreciate the gift of laughter as much as I do at the movies. 😉

11. I’ve only seen a few Gilmore Girls, so I’m going to have to go with Friends.

Helen - June 3, 2011

1. 🙂
2. McDonalds or King Burger?
3. flip flops or flats?
Flip flops (Flats get sweaty in the summer)
4. Monopoly or charades?
5. Nike or Asics? (for you runners)
6. Colorado or Florida?
Colorado (thats where I’m going at the end of June and I hear there is snow there still!)
7. Italian or Mexican?
Mexican-if it’s homemade from my house
8. Ice cream or candy?
9. “Old school” book or e-book?
Old School
10. Movie theater or DVD at home?
DVD @ home
11. Friends or Gilmore Girls? (toughie, eh?!)
Gilmore Girls hands down! I’m going to name my future daughter Lorelai

Catrina - June 3, 2011

2. Burger King
3. Flats
4. Monopoly!
5. Don’t care
6. Florida
7. ITALIAN!!! 🙂
8. Ice cream
9. OLD SCHOOL BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂
10. Movie Theaters
11. BOTH! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Jenny - June 3, 2011

1. whew!
2. McDonalds for the pancakes
3. flip flops
4. Scrabble
5. ? whichever is cheaper
6. Colorado
7. Italian
8. Ice cream…with candy on top.
9. “Old school”
10. DVD at home (with #7 & #8)
11. Not much of a tv girl.

Laura - June 3, 2011

1. O.O

2. McDonalds (Their Sweet Tea is WAAAY better)

3. Flip Flops, nothing like the clacking noises it makes

4. Charades, I haven’t ever learned how to play Monopoly :O

5. Neither, -see #3-

6. Florida!

7. Mexican (I’m a Taco Bell Junkie)

8. Ice Cream

9. “Old school” book

10. Hmm…..Movie at Home, (They usually don’t like seeing people at the movies with footy-pjs and a blanket, I dont have a dress rule at my house)

11. Gilmore Girls wins by a hair, 🙂 Unless your talking about the first 3 or so seasons of Friends, then I think I would have to say Tie 😀 haha

Let’s hear your answers.

Suzanne Schaffer - June 3, 2011

1. Jesus-ism…LOL!

2. McDonalds or King Burger? Neither, Wendy’s if I have to do fast food.

3. flip flops or flats? bare feet

4. Monopoly or charades? Scrabble

5. Nike or Asics? (for you runners) ummm? running? what…?

6. Colorado or Florida? Colorado

7. Italian or Mexican? Italian

8. Ice cream or candy? candy, do you mean chocolate? if you do then yes, candy. If not then I just say Ben & Jerry.

9. “Old school” book or e-book? Old school book.

10. Movie theater or DVD at home? DVD at home. Who can afford a theater anymore?

11. Friends or Gilmore Girls? (toughie, eh?!) Um, neither….Food Network.

Jodie - June 3, 2011

1. I’m thinking a monarchy. With me as queen. In a world where calories do not exist and I can eat cake all I want.

2. Chick-fil-a. I’m a rebel.

3. Flip Flops all year long.

4. Monopoly. Charades make me look spastic.

5. New Balance. Again, I’m a rebel.

6. Oh gee… Florida. I’m more of a beach girl than a mountain girl. It goes back to question 3. Flip flops and hiking don’t go well together.

7. Mexican. Chips and salsa. Quesadilla. See? I speak Spanish perfectly well.

8. Candy. Nuff’ said.

9. I have a Kindle, but I still favor the feel and smell of an old-school book.

10. DVD at home. I have a hard time sitting still through movies and they frown if I pull out my laptop in the theater.

11. Sorry, but I could NOT get into Gilmore Girls. I tried. I really did. But it grated on my last nerve. I wanted to love it, but I just couldn’t. I must be the only woman in the world who says that… Please do not throw rocks at me. I bruise easily.

Allie Smith - June 3, 2011

haha,oh this post is so fun!um,lets see…
2. well i love mcd’s smoothies…but id hafta say burger king.
3. flip-flops all the way!i dont like flats,cuz if im gonna look nice i want some stilletos
4. (cough) monopoly?i suck at charades.
5. i dont run.haha,dont tell my volleyball coach 😉
6. my sis lives in florida,so we go there alot,i guess colorado.i think id enjoy the change of scenery.
7. ex is not bitter,though!for real,i love pizza.
8. ice cream……..sorry,got lost in bliss there for a sec.
9. old school!
10. um,ya,the movies!i want my future hubby to propose to me at the movies!i love it!
11. gilmore girls.iv never seen friends so…
*** we wanna hear your answers,jenny!!!

ashley - June 3, 2011

1. what?
2. wendy’s sea salt fries
3. reef flip flops 4life
4. catch phrase
5. asics! but there was a time i cheated…
6. A1A beachfront avenue!
7. thai
8. anything haribo
9. i love and support any purchase of fiction novels in any form #itsmyjob
10. stranded at the drive in
11. season 25 behind the season, oprah

Cheryl Olson - June 3, 2011

1. Socialism or Marxism. JUST KIDDING!- Sunday School answer- Jesus as King

2. McDonalds or King Burger-Um I avoid both as much as possible 🙂 (my daughter is taking a nutrition class and just watched “Supersize me” enough said….hahaha.

3. flip flops or flats?- Hmm- when I have my toenails done- flip flops otherwise flats 🙂 -in summertime of course.

4. Monopoly or charades?- Charades all the way- my family tends to be dramatic -in a good way 🙂

5. Nike or Asics? (for you runners)- Um I’m going with Nike although my running is minimal 🙂

6. Colorado or Florida?- Tough one- I’m going with Florida.

7. Italian or Mexican?- Ah dear that’s like saying child #1 or #2 so I’m going with both.

8. Ice cream or candy? Ice Cream- Chocolate Peanut butter by Tillamook

9. “Old school” book or e-book?- Again- going with both- love my Nook, but I still love to turn pages too 🙂

10. Movie theater or DVD at home?Movie theater- love that big screen.

11. Friends or Gilmore Girls? (toughie, eh?!)Very tough- I’m going with Friends because my husband would watch that one with me 🙂 and I love to hear him laugh.

Cassidy - June 3, 2011

1. Crazy girl =)

2. Mcdonald’s

3. Flip flops!!

4. Monopoly!!

5. Asics =) They’re amazing

6. Colorado because I’ve never been there

7. Italian =)

8. Ice cream!!!

9. Old School book =)

10. Movie theater

11. Okay that one I cannot decide on. I love both those shows =D

Flossie :) - June 3, 2011

2. King Burger. Best chicken fries ever.
3. flip flops. its SUMMER. duh.
4. charades. embarrassing yourself and other people is so much funnier.
5. Nike. Nike. Nike. so comfortable.
6. Florida. where i can go running on the beach in those nikes, and wear my flipflops while im tanning.
7. Italian. or it was. until Olive Garden wrote their calories on the menu :p.
8. IcE CrEaM. of the chocolate variety.
9. book. with paper. and binding.
10. Movie theater.
11. Gilmore Girls. all the way.

Reagan - June 3, 2011

Definately King Burger, where I can have it my way but I won’t get crazay 🙂

Flip flops, much easier to slip out of since I’m barefoot most of the year!

Charades! What’s better than being the photographer while your friends act out “unicorn lost in the lollipop forest” and posting them on fb?!

As much fun as seeing things on the big screen is, DVD at home wins. I don’t get the nasty looks when I scream, the shhhhing with my incessant questions. Plus you can pause and rewind.

Gilmore Girls. I never watched Friends cause my mother didn’t like it. Not that she was a big fan of Gilmore Girls either though…

I don’t run. I’m allergic to excercise. Makes me all short of breath and my feet turn red. Def not healthy.

Colorado! I grew up in Florida and I so want a taste of western life.


Candy on ice cream. I don’t eat it any other way.

There is nothing I love more than an real book. Seeing where I dog-earred the pages, where I accidentally ripped a page in frustration at the author’s sudden twist, the highlighted notes, the occasional book that has no cover anymore cause I lent it out so much, the chocolate smudges to remind me of what I was eating at the time. I love real books 🙂

mikayla - June 4, 2011

1. Hmmm None of the Above
2. Mcdonalds! Carmel Frapes are UhAMAZING
3. Flip Flops
4. Charades- You get to be as expressive as you want. and I am VERY expressive.
6.Colorado..that is a realllly hard question
7.Italian all the way!
9. REAL BOOK! There is nothing like holding a book in your hand and turning the page, and the smell of one too!
10. Hmmm Toughy I like how you can party at your house and the snacks are free but movie theaters are soo much cooler. I got it HOME MOVIE THEATER!
11. Gilmore Girls!

Lori - June 4, 2011


2. McDonald’s, their salads are a lot better and I once got sick in a Burger King.

3. Umm both? I am a shoe whore and LOVE all kinds of feet attire. 😉

4. Monopoly so I can have a lot of money to buy said shoes.

5. Umm shoes again… I see a theme. NIKE of course. But would buy both.

6. I live in Florida so FLORIDA! Come on down y’all we have beaches where it is fun to people watch. Entertainment for the whole day I tell ya.

7. Love both but have to say Mexican since I grew up in Arizona and now live in Florida…some just like it hot baby!

8. Don’t you mean candy ON ice cream, surely that is what you meant?

9. Heck I read anything, just ask the cereal boxes. Love all kinds of reading.

10. DVD at home it keeps me away from that fattening movie popcorn!

11. Gilmore Girls, Jennifer Aniston’s hair is over rated.

Jessica Price - June 4, 2011

1. Socialism or Marxism. JUST KIDDING!

2. McDonalds

3. flip flops

4. charades

5. Nike

6. Definitely Florida. I just moved back after living in VA for 4 years. I couldn’t stand the winters in VA.

7. Italian-I’m Italian so gotta go with Italian.

8. Ice cream

9. “Old school” book

10. Movie theater

11. Gilmore Girls for sure. I still watch the re-runs on tv

Abbigail - June 7, 2011

1. Socialism or Marxism. JUST KIDDING!
2. McDonalds or King Burger?
Do I have to chose? The’re both gross and totally unhealthy. Okay, I’d have to say Micky-D’s. But I’d rather go with Jodie(comment #12)…
3. flip flops or flats?
Flip-Flops. ‘Nuff said.
4. Monopoly or charades?
Charades. Thanks to my bf (who I’m positive has a few tricks up her sleeve), I now despise Monopoly. Plus, who can’t admit that it’s fun to look stupid? As long as it’s on purpose. (Last week I had to help my little cousin act out “bumper cars.” That was fun. The knot on my head is proof.) Oh, and Reagan(comment #18), I’ll have to try that, considering I’m the photographer in my group. But knowing them, they’d just steal my camera and make me do it too.
5. Nike or Asics? (for you runners)
6. Colorado or Florida?
Hmm…considering I’m a Floridian, I have to stay loyal. But I did enjoy that illegal snowball fight in Colorado a few years ago…
7. Italian or Mexican?
Mexican. But I’d rather go with Ashley(comment #14).
8. Ice cream or candy?
Ice cream. Specifically Blue Bell. Homemade Vanilla. Preferably the half gallon size.
9. “Old school” book or e-book?
“Old school.” I love the feel and smell of a new book in my hands. Or an old one. Either works. Even a used one works! 🙂 (Especially a Jenny B. Jones book… :D) I can take a few paper cuts. Plus, it’s cheaper to replace a $15-30 book than a $100 e-book/kindle/nook.
10. Movie theater or DVD at home?
DVD at home. Then there’s no one – well, no strangers at least – to tell you to shut up ’cause they can’t hear with your yapping. (But it was fun to see Pirates 4 in theaters…) Mikayla(comment #19), I seriously have a friend who has one of those. I think it was s’posed to be the workout room…Anywho, it has couches instead of movie theater seats. SOO much better! 😀

11. Friends or Gilmore Girls? (toughie, eh?!)
Nope. Not tough. My choice would be………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….The Mentalist. What?

P.S.–Helen(comment #7)- don't have any illegal snow ball fights. 😀

Abbigail - June 7, 2011

Woah. That was weird, sorry. Oh well.

amani - June 15, 2011

1. Won’t be answering!

2. Mcdonalds but I don’t even think I would pick that because it’s gross to! Talk about pimples! Eww!

3.Flip-Flops Comfortable easy to where don’t have to worry about blisters!

4. Charades You may look dumm doing it but it’s fun!

5. Nike I have Nikes and I love them!

6. Florada Duh!

7.Italian Duh!

8. Ice Cream That’s another “Duh”!

9. Old school (no brainier) Love the feeling of a good book in your hands and the smell!! Mmmmm!!!

10. DVD At Home! You can get comfortable and not have to worry about the hot guy behind you!!!!

11. Friends Gilmore Girls talk to much not that my friends don’t talk to much either! But there my friends so I don’t mind.

amani - June 15, 2011

Wow I just realized she meant Friends the show! Hahahaha! Ooops what was I thinking well I would pick Gilmore Girl for sure even though they talk to much!

jessica - July 8, 2011

#2 You’re making me sick just thinking about them.
#3 Flip flops all the way!!!!
#4 None of the above
#5 Like i said, flip flops all the way!
#6 That one’s too hard
#7 Italian
#8 Candy 🙂
#9 Old school. I agree with amani to the word
#10 I happen to have a 106in. big screen tv at home so it really doesn’t matter
#11 I’ve never seen them and i don’t plan in watching them any time soon


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