I’m Stressed. I Need Foxes.


Me, Gina Conroy, Susan May Warren at Tulsa WIN meeting

First of all, join me over at Southern Belle View today where I interview a great Southern author, Sandra D. Bricker, and give away one of her fabulous books. You will want to hear about her glitzy connections to soap opera stars.

Oh, my. I haven't blogged in forever. I couldn't handle all the cheap Representative Weiner jokes that kept exploding in my head, most of which I couldn't share, and had to take to my bed. Have you seen his wife? She is so out of his league, I don't understand why he didn't live perfectly every day in fear of her realizing their League Gap and kicking him to the curb.

So I saw Something Borrowed. It's based off a book by Emily Giffin, a book I read so many years ago I couldn't recall much of it. But I didn't remember the main character's male best friend being someone I was rooting for. I didn't remember thoroughly disliking the hero because he was a total door mat. I get asked for writing tips a lot, and I rarely mention writing here for fear of boring you. ***MOVIE SPOILER ALERT**** SKIP next two paragraphs if you don't want the ending of Something Borrowed spoiled. Anyway, here's a writing tip. If you have a love triangle, don't make the Romantic Non-Winner the best deal. And for heaven's sake, do NOT make your RNW John Krasinski. I love that guy, but casting him as the One She Doesn't Choose was a BAD MOVE. John is The Pick. Women are always going to choose him.

You know why we'll always choose John Krasinski? Because he's that one guy in junior high/high school we let get away because we didn't know he'd grow up to be John Krasinski. All of us over the age of 25 probably have one of those. When he was younger, he was quieter, nerdier, more awkward. Then bam! He grows up, and suddenly he's no longer wearing “First Chair Tuba” t-shirts and asking you if you want to come over and watch him play Super Mario, but looking appropriately put together in GAP and on time with his mortgage payment. The target demographic of the movie Something Borrowed KNOWS John. They love John. Some of them married John. Some of them sat in the back pew of the Brightwater Methodist church and watched someone else marry John. So romance writers, when casting the role of your own One Who She Doesn't Pick, don't give us Mr. Right.

Speaking of fiction writing, have you seen this video by author Carolyn Parkhurst? I think she probably feels like the rest of us when it comes to self-promotion…or does she?

“It's my oeuvre.” Love the preggo lady chugging beer.

And did you see this amazing story about a tradition of a father reading to his daughter?

In other media news that ticks me off (I get a little testy the last week or two of school…), Tom Cruise is set to play the lead in the movie adaptation of Rock of Ages. This would be the Broadway show that once featured Bret Michaels. Skanky man who makes the Health Department tremble? Yes. But genuine rocker, absolutely. Apparently Tom Cruise is training five hours a day with the vocal coach of Axl Rose and showed up to a table read dressed like Bret.
Nooooooooo. In the name of all that is holy and good about 80s Hair Bands, this must not be! Why, God, WHY?
*grabs smelling salts*
*wipes tears*
It's been a hard, hard pop culture week for me, and clearly you can see why I'm exhausted.

I need to focus on something good. Something that makes sense.
I need to focus on foxes on a trampoline.

Have a great weekend. Two weeks late, but I'm out of school. Let summer begin!!!!

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Natalie - June 10, 2011

First, you are so dadgum photogenic. I bet you never get a picture where you’re making a sneezeface. You hussy. Second, the foxes on the trampoline made my day. I love the one that bounces … then stops, like “Whoa .. what’s this?!”. So cute. Biscuit needs a trampoline. I think she’d dig it. As it is, the world is her trampoline. (The world is also her bathroom.)

GreenBeanTeenQueen - June 10, 2011

Yeah, while I liked the movie, it wasn’t wonderful. In the book, you actually like Dex, in the movie-not really. The best friend character in the book doesn’t like Rachel-they added that in which was annoying. Why does everything have to have a love triangle? Or a love square in this movie?? Very annoying! And I think actually that crazy best friend ends up breaking up with crazy guy that knocked her up and then ends up with John best friend character in the sequel!

Jenny B Jones - June 10, 2011

Yes, Darcy gets her story in Something Blue. I thought I’d hate the book because I disliked Darcy so much, but it was actually pretty good at the time. But I didn’t like what they did to this movie. Dex was just a total putz. And he looked like a young Tom Cruise.

Ruth - June 10, 2011

Okay, that foxes video MADE MY DAY. Thanks! 🙂

bookwyrm14 - June 10, 2011

Jenny, I share your frustration with the hoopla about Weiner. Unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised when it all came out, but frankly, the man apologized several times, and his wife seems to have forgiven him, so will the media leave him alone already!

I haven’t seen Something Borrowed, but I LOVE Johnny K. 🙂 I have loved him since NBC’s The Office and Shrek 3, and I will love him forever. I was crying in the back pew of Brightwater Methodist church 🙁 *small sob*

Ashley Mays - June 10, 2011

“You know why we’ll always choose John Krasinski? Because he’s that one guy in junior high/high school we let get away because we didn’t know he’d grow up to be John Krasinski.” Um. YES! Haha. 🙂

Abbigail - June 10, 2011

Loved the post. But I can’t figure out how to watch the second video…

Liv - June 10, 2011

I’ve heard about that book! The Reading Promise, I mean! Definitely on my To-Read list! Just for the record, I’m Harry Potter obsessed. Seriously. I have OHD. Obsessed with Harry Disorder. Someone, help! ;-D

Amy - June 10, 2011

OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!! I want to get a trampoline just so I can have foxes jump on it! There are a few in the field out back…and a pheasant, who I haven’t seen lately. I hope the foxes didn’t eat Phineas. I just asked BFF Sarah if we could get a trampoline and she said, “No, we live in an apartment.” That was also her excuse for why I couldn’t adopt this horse I found on PetFinder.com or a pet peacock. She’s a real killjoy, Jenny. Don’t EVER use her as a character in your book because she would be the killer of joy.

OK, onto your high endorsement of John Krasinki…everything you said about him was completely brilliant, of course. I also saw SOMETHING BORROWED last weekend with my crew of Jenny Jones-loving gal pals, and I loved Ethan. I was like, PICK ETHAN!!! I thought maybe she didn’t pick him because he was secretly gay or something (I mean, initially before he faked it). But, no, she just didn’t like him LIKE that. I don’t even remember who she ended up with…oh, yeah, the boring guy. I also thought Kate Hudson’s character was DREADFUL. Worst best friend EVER. (I mean, I did just call my best friend a joy killer, but that was in jest because everyone knows you need at least a three bedroom apartment to own a peacock.) Overall, I found the movie disappointing. All those people did was backstab, drink, and have sex with whoever was in front of them at the time. So not entertaining.

Clare - June 11, 2011

That video about the father reading to his daughter was so cute! I loved it! And I totally agree that you’re never too old to be read to. 🙂

It’s such a shame that SOMETHING BORROWED didn’t turn out like it was supposed to. Who are these movie writers and why do they think it’s a good idea to make John K just the friend? Btw, I loved your description of him. It was totally acurate. 🙂

Mississippi Mama - June 12, 2011

TOTALLY agreed about Something Borrowed. I thought the movie was a cute afternoon distraction, and I don’t remember the book enough to know how the movie strayed. I agree so much on the Kraskinski thing, too. I think I said on Twitter that he was totally mis-cast. He was the far better option.

And you’re so right about That Guy in high school turning out to be the one that got away. Except in my case, I’m laughing at all the chickies my husband went to high school with, because they let him get away and I caught him. He says he was painfully shy in high school and never had a date, but hoo-whee, he turned into an awesome man and a total hottie. I absolutely adore him and wonder how many of his old high school classmates ever wonder wistfully what happened to him. Well, I got him. And y’all can’t have him, girls. Too bad! 😉

bookwyrm14 - June 12, 2011

I hope that I find one of those guys BEFORE he gets away. So I look beyond the arrogant, hunky jerks on the football team and hunt for the cute, smart guys. Like Luke. Or Connor.

Thanks, Mississippi Mama! You give me hope! 🙂

bookwyrm14 - June 12, 2011

I mean, Luke in the Charmed Life series and Connor in Just Between You and Me. (sorry if it wasn’t clear)

Heather Sunseri - June 13, 2011

I must say, Jenny. You owe me a couple of computer screens and keyboards. I never get away from one of your blog posts without spewing coffee or diet coke all over both.

This time it was over the “First-Chair Tuba” t-shirt – because I so totally knew that guy. And he’s totally hot and working on Wall Street now.

Thanks for the laughs. As always.

Abbigail - June 13, 2011

Never mind. It’s working now. 😀


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