Big Summer Extravaganza!

IMG_0138I totally forgot to announce the winner of Lady of Bolton Hill. Congrats to Lynnet. Just email me from my contact page and send me your addy!

I am very excited to announce that next Monday begins my Mostly YA Fab Author Summer Extravaganza!!! (MYFASE, if you'd like to text that to all your friends, for the sake of you crazy Tweeters, or if you just need it shorter to stick in that rap song you're been working on.)   It's such a big deal, I spared no expense on the graphic. (Lookout, Pixar. Me and my mad design skills are coming for you next.)

Here's what's gonna happen. I am putting on my hero Diane Sawyer's hat (but not her heels…or her skirt because I couldn't fit into it) and interviewing six authors over the course of 2+ weeks.

Let me introduce our lineup. (Putting on my John Madden hat…)

Monday, June 27: Nicole O'Dell, giving away a copy of Swept Away
Wednesday, June 29: Commercial break to discuss ACFW conference and why you should go
Friday, July 1: Stephanie Morrill, giving away a copy of So Over It
Monday, July 4: Lisa Tawn Bergren, giving away a copy of Waterfall
Wednesday, July 6: Kristin Billerbeck, giving away a copy of Perfectly Invisible, her new release
Friday, July 8: Erynn Mangum, giving away a copy of Miss Match
Monday, July 11, Sandra Byrd, giving away a copy of To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn

How it's gonna work…
Part I: You can win a copy of each author's giveaway book by commenting on their post and entering the individual giveaway.

Part II: If you comment on ALL SIX AUTHOR'S POSTS, you will be entered in a separate contest for an Advanced Reader Copy of There You'll Find Me AND a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card to help support your summer reading habits.

It's raining giveaways. Hallelujah.

In the meantime, the lovely, hard-working and awesome folks at PulsePoint Design have the first chapter of There You'll Find Me posted. You can check it out on the Books Page.

Finally, I just want to thank those of you who warned me away from Green Lantern. Though my heart is still heavy over your reports of the movie's sheer crappiness, I will still continue to support Ryan Reynolds. In my heart. And keep my ten dollars.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday! And Wednesday! And Friday! And the next Monday…

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Kristin - June 23, 2011

Sounds exciting! I can’t wait. =)


Kristin - June 23, 2011

P.S. I loved the first chapter of “There You’ll Find Me”!

Jenny - June 24, 2011

Author interviews & free stuff – what fun!!

Lisa Carter Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder - June 24, 2011

Looking forward to your summer extravaganza.

Sharon - June 24, 2011

heyy you’re going to be at never the same next week as well right? oh yes, blogs stil at the same time 🙂 i will be there too, so can’t wait 😀

bookwyrm14 - June 25, 2011

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! all these giveways!!! i think i might faint! 🙂

I REALLY want to read Perfectly Invisible, Miss Match, and To Die For, but I want There You’ll Find Me even more, so I’m gonna comment on EVERY SINGLE POST EVER!!!!! Watch out everybody, I’m coming through! 🙂

bookwyrm14 - June 25, 2011

BTW, I LOVE the first chapter of There You’ll Find Me!! The chemistry between Finley and Beckett is sizzling!! 🙂

Joy - June 25, 2011

OH MY STINKING COOKIE CRUBS!!!!!!!! I LOVE Erynn Mangum. And Kristin Billerbeck. Stephanie Morrill’s books were so good. And I can’t wait to read Sandra Byrd’s book!! So so so so so excited!

Amy - June 25, 2011

First of all, I love Joy June’s “Oh my stinkin cookie crubs (or crumbs–does it really matter?)” That is a super saying and I plan to use it often.

OH MY STINKIN’ COOKIE CRUMBS, Jenny!!!!! It is going to be BEYOND fabulous over the next two weeks. MYFASE is my new favorite not nationally recognized holiday!

And I love your graphic. It’s so DIY!

Jenny B Jones - June 26, 2011

Amy, DIY graphic? I paid thousands for that art…ha!

Joy, it’s a great lineup, and I’m glad they’re gonna hang out with us. Even if you do dishonor cookie crumbs.

Bookwyrm, thank you. Glad you like it! And lookout, y’all. She’s coming through! (That made me laugh.)

Sharon, hope to see you!

Thanks, Lisa and Kristin! (And Kristin, thanks for the chapter compliments!)

capillya - June 26, 2011

I’m looking forward to the interviews! Also, nothing in me wanted to see Green Lantern. Not even Ryan Reynolds, sadly. Or his pecs. Hubs thought I had gone off the deep end and asked me a bazillion times over whether I wanted to see it or not. I think I broke his little summer flick lovin comic book nerdy movie heart there for a split second. But I redeemed myself when I said I am completely on fire to see some Cowboys & Aliens (and TRANSFORMERS OF COURSE).

I made the mistake of reading the There You’ll Find Me excerpt the last night on my phone. I thought I’d given up reading excerpts, I know full well that they make me crazy for MORE ASAP. Looking forward to reading the rest! =)

Rachelle Rea - July 1, 2011

This is great! What a spectacular idea! I agree ~ it’s raining giveaways! Hallelujah!

Carla - July 6, 2011

Ok, so is the first of the extravaganza posting sights! I’m excited not only to be entering them all hopefully but to add to my reading list if I don’t win one. Hope I can catch up!


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