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Continuing our Mostly YA Fab Author Summer Extravaganza (MYFASE) today, we have Lisa Tawn Bergren. Lisa is an accomplished novelist for women and now teens, as well as an editor. (In other words, if Lisa and I were on Jeopardy together and the category was WRITING, I wouldn't want to go against her.)  Don't forget we are giving away tons of books around here. You can still enter to win So Over It by Stephanie Morrill HERE. And today Lisa is giving away a signed copy of her critically acclaimed (mucho buzzo) Waterfall. Directions for giveaway at end of the post.

Welcome Lisa! I am holding my copy of Waterfall and super excited to read it. What I love about it already is that it's taking elements from trends we're seeing in general market YA and bringing it to Christian fiction–LONG overdue. Our teen readers want those same cool elements. It's just a matter of letting them know it's there. Tell us what time period you would live in.

I only fantasize about other time periods–Victorian and medieval–mostly because I hunger for simplicity, and a more orderly society, willing to work hard and invest in LIFE and living to the full. But really jumping to that time period? Nah. I'm a total wuss. I even hate camping. I can only go there in my imagination.

I think camping is great. Great for s'mores. And that's pretty much it. You write for women and teens. What do you like about each?

I'm adoring writing for teens because they're so enthusiastic! They don't really like your books, they LOVE them. They're not just going to tell a friend; they're going to tell EVERYBODY. I get energized just emailing them back or posting on Facebook with them. And I love encouraging them at such a tender age, when there's so much life ahead of them. Big decisions. College, career, relationship…it's a very exciting time in life. And women are dear to my heart too, because they've lived through many of those decisions and succeeded or utterly failed at many of them and yet are carrying on. I love their tenacity and heart.

7879278Tell us about Waterfall.

It's about two girls, sisters, in modern times who discover a time tunnel and find themselves in medieval Italy. Gabi comes out into the open and finds she's in the middle of a battle, and is narrowly saved. As time goes on, she searches for her sister Lisa, fights for her life again and again, and begins to fall for a certain hot Italian boy named Marcello.

And now Cascade is hitting the shelves. What can we expect in this book?

I don't want to give away too much! Gabi and Lisa return to medieval Italy, but this time they're not in the middle of battles, they're in the middle of a full-on war. And the romance deepens….

We like our romance in books around here. I love the idea for this series. Where did the inspiration come from?

9368401My daughters were reluctant readers. It wasn't until I brought TWILIGHT home that they discovered how a story could capture you and make you think about the characters all day. Hunger Games came next. And the series made my reluctant readers, active readers. I'll be forever grateful to both authors because of that. But I wanted to give them all the romance of Twilight and the action of Hunger Games, but without vampires and with a hopeful, redemptive ending. I needed a major romantic obstacle, and thought, “Well, there's not many things harder than a seven hundred year time difference…”

Tell us about the leading ladies in the books.

Gabi is headstrong and courageous, a brunette beauty. Lia is our blonde softie, but surprises us with her tenacity and her loyalty to her sister.

Spielberg called, and he said to tell you he wants to make a movie of Waterfall and Cascade. Who would you cast?

Gorgeous, Italian actors we don't know but would totally fall for!

What do you want a reader to feel after they've read the last page of Cascade?

I want her to check the calendar to see how many days are left until TORRENT (book 3) comes out. It's a saga! When she finishes TORRENT, I want her to sigh in satisfaction, feeling she's adventured far and wide alongside these girls, and learned a little bit more about what she holds dearest too.

You are an editor, too. How do you balance those two hats?

Edit in the mornings, write in the afternoons. I love the creative collaboration of editing, but also love my own gigs.

Where can readers find you?
Facebook: River of Time Series and Lisa Tawn Bergren
Twitter: @LisaTBergren

Okay, Lightning Round. Push your sleeves up.

1. Best YA you've read recently?
I thought Entwined was delightful and creative

2. Dream vacation spot?
Tahiti with one of those over-the-water cabanas

3. Favorite pizza?
Italian sausage and roasted pepper

4. Favorite pie?
Peach or strawberry rhubarb

5. Dream job, aside form writing, if you could do ANYTHING.
Location scout for Amazing Race.

6. Favorite 80s TV show?
Cosby Show

7. Favorite cartoon of all time?
Bugs Bunny

8. Fashion trend you want to never return?
Panty hose

9. Favorite meal to make your family?
Anything grilled

10. Ideal day?
Nowhere to go. Sleep in. Coffee at 9 am. Read in bed until 10 am. Shower, lunch, go for a hike. Return in time for a movie. Ahhh.

Awesome! Thank you so much for hanging out with us, Lisa. Okay, now to get in the drawing for a copy of Waterfall, the book that started it all. Leave a comment by Sunday July 10th, answering the question: What is YOUR dream job–if you could do ANYTHING, talent, money, location, reality not a consideration? Let's hear it! Winner will be announced July 13th.

AND don't forget, if you comment on all six MYFASE blog posts (June 27-July 11),  you'll be in the running for an ARC of There You'll Find Me AND a $25 dollar Barnes and Noble card, in addition to any other books you win these two weeks of book/author fabulousness.  Come back Wednesday when we'll be talking to Kristin Billerbeck about her new YA release, Perfectly Invisible.

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Suzanne Schaffer - July 4, 2011

Dream job? Taste tester at the Ben & Jerry’s test kitchen.

Kristin - July 4, 2011

My real dream job is to be stay-at-home wife and mother. =) I know it doesn’t sound very glamorous or important to a lot of people, but it’s what I want to do.

If I didn’t want to do that so much, I would say either one of those people who gets (paid!) to travel around Europe for a Travel Channel show (like Samantha Brown without the cheesy jokes) or either a classic movie reviewer/host/historian for TCM. Or maybe work as a re-enactor at some historical site where I could dress up in vintage clothes and pretend that I’m living in the 1940s. =)


Rachelle Rea - July 4, 2011

I ADORE this series! I read Waterfall in a day. As soon as I finished it, I pre-ordered the other two. Then I read Cascade in a day, too!

Elizabeth - July 4, 2011

My dream job would be a wedding planner for the Royal family of England.?

Renee - July 4, 2011

A mathematician.

Kind of a big math nerd. I love the beauty in it. 🙂

Word Lily - July 4, 2011

My dream job would combine my love of words and language, my passion for fiber arts and color, and my desire to travel the globe, all in one. Writing about fiber arts in divers places? Haven’t found that it exists yet.

karenk - July 4, 2011

my dream job would be a ‘stay at home wife and mother’

thanks for the chance to read this wonderful story 🙂

Cheryl Olson - July 4, 2011

My dream job- director of a children’s theater. I love kids, love their enthusiasm and their passion and put them onstage and fun is bound to happen 😉

Rachel - July 4, 2011

Something that involves reading, good food, traveling, and music. A traveling cook that sings about the books she’s read? An editor that commutes to present books to people while playing music with hardcovers? Hmm. I’m not really seeing anything all that realistic…

Laura J - July 4, 2011

Like someone else mentioned, I would love to be a stay-at-home mom. As a single woman in her 30s, my biological clock is ticking. 🙂
I have already done my dream jobs–teacher, librarian, editor, working at an orpahange. Now, I’m ready to love on my own kids, not someone else’s.

Liv - July 4, 2011

I would want to design clothes for Broadway and movies. I love theater but cannot, under any circumstances be on stage. I’d love to be around it and I love fashion.

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect - July 4, 2011

I have read Waterfall and Cascade and LOVED them! As for my dream job…my total fantasy job would be a therapist who works with dolphins and handicapped kids. Is there a technical name for that? I don’t know. My more realistic dream job is executive director-type person at a large church or ministry.

Lisa Bergren - July 4, 2011

Thanks for the awesome interview, Jenny! Maybe if the winner’s already read WATERFALL, I can send them CASCADE or TORRENT instead! xoxo

Erin McFarland - July 4, 2011

oooo…definitely adding this series to my must read list!
i feel like i’m lovin my current gig quite a bit 🙂 but I would love to venture into writing as well. i already sit on my rump a ton to process photos, so that’s one thing i wouldn’t have to get used to.

Lauren - July 4, 2011

Dream job: Acting!!! Not a practical one, mind you, but it is my dream job.
I’ve been wanting Waterfall for so long!

Mississippi Mama - July 4, 2011

My dream job is to be a successful author! Workin’ on it!

Heather aka Dynamic Uno - July 4, 2011

I have a list of dream jobs–depending upon the day:
1)Philanthropist who secretly funds/helps people or organizations in need and then watching the results silently 🙂

2)Person who decides what books get published (I think they’re called an acquisitions editor, but I have no idea)

3) Curator for the Smithsonian or the Lourve

4)Travel show person like Rick Steves

5)TV or movie critic

6)Professional student-minus the homework

7)Event Planner

8)Roadie or Tech for a Christian band

9)World Languages Consultant for the UN

10) Librarian–oh wait! I’m already doing this one! (Although I’d love to work for the NYPL, a corporation or a museum)

Tonya - July 4, 2011

There are so many!
Musician, author, designer, magazine editor, food critic, ballerina

Jess - July 4, 2011

Editor. I edit 100 7th grade students’ essays by day and dream of editing fiction all day and night! 🙂

And this saga looks incredible!

Joy - July 4, 2011

You said talent and reality were not a consideration right? Well, then I’d be an ice skater. I think it’s beautiful the way they glide across the ice to some beautiful song or melody. Dancing, twirling, leaping. It’s surreal and mystical and whimsical all in one. I love the first Cutting Edge movie.

But alas, talent and reality forbid me form attempting this dream. There isn’t a pillow soft enough to cushion my butt when I fall. So then my dream jobs are so many different things that God’s put in me. Wife, mom, writer, laser tag owner and operater (not kidding either), youth pastor.

But if talent wasn’t a factor… If reality didn’t laugh in my face… 🙂

K. Floodle - July 4, 2011

oh. Thats tough. Either an ice cream tester or a book checker for mistakers. yeah.

Paris - July 4, 2011

My dream job is to become a published writer!

Clare - July 4, 2011

I have so many different ideas of who I want to be when I grow up. Being a highschool graduate, I tend to think about my future alot! But my dream job I think would to be a writer. or a ballerina. The fact that I don’t have the grace, the body, or any instruction to be a ballerina is totallly irrelevant. 🙂 It’s called a dream job for a reason.
Seriously, though, I hope to be able to become a writer someday. I love reading all these interviews because they inspire me even more to achieve my dream too.

Amy - July 4, 2011

If I could do anything, I’d be a radio host & interview fantastic people and blog about them. Half-way there. Oh, and I’d get paid lots for it…or enough that I don’t have to struggle as a “starving artist.”

capillya - July 4, 2011

OMG, “Location scout for Amazing Race”?! This is probably my most favorite and creative answer for this question in any interview I have EVER read. (I have read a lot of interviews)

I haven’t read a ton of inspirational YA, but this series sounds great! I can’t imagine the amount of research that went into writing it!

My dream job is very close to Maggie Montgomery’s in Just Between You and Me. I love to travel and I love shooting stories that matter. I’m not sure how long I could live out of a suitcase, but I’d love to do a nice 2-3 month stint working on a docu-travel show!

felicia - July 5, 2011

If I could do anything and skill wasn’t an obstacle I would be an editor! I love to read (usually about 7-8 books a week) but I can’t write to save my life! I would want to read all the stories, but not actually edit the works!

Katherine - July 5, 2011

my dream job- if money was no object, I would want to travel for a living- to see everything and everywhere- from Europe to Asia to Antartica, I just want to see it all!!
Another thing I would love to be is a fitness guru- you laugh, but I would love to love working out! I think it would be amazing to have that passion 🙂

Alli - July 5, 2011

My dream job? I’m stuck between two, writing alongside Jenny B Jones I would love to do! But one day while reading Jenny’s Save the Date I felt God speak to me and like Lucy he told me to open a orphanage for girls.

Rel Mollet - July 5, 2011

Hey Jen & Lisa ~ loved the interview! My dream job ~ being paid to read books and blog about them and promote authors 🙂

The best thing about Lisa’s series? Both my teen and I adore them and spend a lot of time chatting about Marcello & Luca 😉 Maybe a little too much – haha!

Brilliant stories ~ I already have my own copies so don’t include me in the draw!

Dakota - July 5, 2011

My dream job would be a combination of things: writing books, owning a small shop by the beach that has books, pastries and other yummies, crafty things and knitting…and people could just come and hang out and buy supplies and talk with others and it would just be oh so fun because it would be by the BEACH and would have all my favorite things. *happy sigh*

Jess - July 5, 2011

I already have a dream job- stay at home mommy and wife! But if there was one more thing I would LOVE to add to that mix, it would be a Dancer!! Music just moves me, not to create it but to literally move to it!

Loving the interviews! Can’t wait to read Waterfall, just put it on hold at the library!

kristina s. - July 5, 2011

I would love to be a photographer and be able to travel all around the world. It would be so cool and amazing to see different places.

bookwyrm14 - July 5, 2011

My dream job would be to be a bestselling author (like Jenny and Lisa) and a professor of Arthurian legends if that’s even possible. I absolutely am OBSESSED with reading, as in like, i-can’t-live-without-at-least-reading-3-books-per-day-or-else-i-go-into-withdrawal kind of obsession, and I also LOVE to write. I’m trying to get my book published right now, actually.

But I also really LOVE Arthurian legends, in any shape or form. My favorite show is BBC’s Merlin. That says a lot. Anyway, I would love to study that in depth and teach it someday.

bookwyrm14 - July 5, 2011

Oh, and I have already read Waterfall, so don’t put me in this drawing, but I’m commenting so I can be in the drawing for There You’ll Find Me. I WANNNA WIN!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

bookwyrm14 - July 5, 2011

Oh, put me back in the drawing! I just saw Lisa’s comment about possibly sending Cascade or Torrent as a giveaway!

I’ve read Cascade too, but if you wanted to send me Torrent, I would absolutely LOVE you forever. 🙂

Catrina - July 5, 2011

Ok, if I’m being honest, I would have to say my dream Job would be Actress… I know that if you ask most teenage girls what they want to be, a lot of them will tell you that they want to be an actress or singer or model or something like that, but not me. I tell people that I dont want to be famous, that i don’t like attention but truthfully, I love the idea of Acting and if I had the money, opportunity, and talent, thats what i would do…

But in real life, I want to be a Stay-atHome Mom and Author… 🙂

Bethany Ellis - July 5, 2011

I’m lucky.
I’m doing my dream job.

I’m in the process of getting my certification for nouthetic counseling. I work at Victory Home as a night-supersisor for the women’s home, and I get to do counseling and lead people to Jesus during the day. It’s wondeful 🙂

Casey - July 5, 2011

I have heard so many things about Lisa’s books-good things too! Those covers are simply stunning!


Sarah - July 5, 2011

My dream job would be to write. I’ve always loved to write, whenever someone would give me a piece of paper & said just be creative my mind would wander, & create a story. Though I love writing I live to worship. So I’d also love to have to do a little singing on the side bc I feel like that is a talent God has given me. If you ask me to decide I’m not sure yet but I’ve got a whole lot of life ahead of me to decide. (:

Jenny - July 5, 2011

Singer & dancer on Broadway – preferably Peggy Sawyer from 42nd St. for my 1st role. I can’t sing or dance, and I am not being humble. I am so moved and awed by people who can.

Helen Loss - July 5, 2011

I would like to travel with the Hillsong United band to Spanish speaking countries and put on worship services for the people there! They have such an amazing ministry and I want to be a part of it 🙂

HopefulLeigh - July 5, 2011

A writer. Which is what I’m working on now!

Lauren - July 5, 2011

My dream job would be an author. I love reading and writing. I love books that suck you into it and won’t let you put it down. Hopefully one day my name will be on one of those books. 🙂

Allison - July 5, 2011

My best friend and I have this joke where we say that our dream jobs would be as gymnasts/pastry chefs. Gymnasts because they do really cool tricks. 🙂 And pastry chefs because we both love chocolate. 🙂

Kelly - July 5, 2011

Something girly ~ like a ballerina, or ballroom dancer… or quite possibly a musician in an orchestra.

Jenny - July 5, 2011

Really enjoying these interviews, Jenny…thanks for sharing.

My dream job would be to do online research and investigation on other people…maybe a behind-the-scenes sidekick to a private investigator or to assist law enforcement.

Jenn Calling Home - July 5, 2011

Dream job? A CIA agent. And that really is a fantasy. Lol. Otherwise, I would love to work for a home or travel magazine.

Reagan - July 5, 2011

I loved both Waterfall and Cascade!
And I’m not normally a history-loving reader, but these were awesome 🙂
My dream job would be a singer. Which would mean I’d have to be able to sing, haha. I’d just love to be the keyboardist/vocalist in a band that totally uses their talent to glorify God all over the world, travel would def need to be included 🙂

Alexis R. - July 5, 2011

My dream job would be to go to Australia and be a marine biologist.
And yes panty hose are icky! LOL

Katie P. - July 5, 2011

I would want to be a (brace yourselves), a dragon rider (assuming reality was NOT an option). Otherwise, I’d want to be an author, someone who would WRITE about dragon riders!


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