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erynnmangumToday we're welcoming author Erynn Mangum. Erynn has graciously dropped by for a visit AND she's giving away a signed copy of Miss Match, the book that started it all. Details on how to win the book at the end of the riveting interview.

::Putting on my Diane Sawyer glasses::
Erynn, you have a great “how I got started” story. Can you tell us about that?

Sure! I've been writing stories ever since I was a little kid. My first story was a riveting novel that I wrote at the ripe old age of six. It was about a puppy who ate, played and then slept and was titled “The Pupe” (or, Puppy, as we would spell in the Adult English language). I kept writing and I'd fill notebooks with stories, characters, plot ideas and then I graduated to filling laptops with the same things. My senior year in high school, I started taking classes through the Christian Writers Guild and going to conferences. I wrote Miss Match as a fun story that I wasn't planning on doing anything with. I was proposing a suspense novel to an editor when she asked me if I had anything else and I gave her Miss Match. Long story short, that's how I ended up getting started.


Your August release, Sketchy Behavior, is a YA. What made you get right with the Lord and write for teenagers?

Ah, so my testimony? 🙂 Until I had my son almost a year ago (it's seriously been a year???), I had always worked with teens in some way. I interned at my church with the junior high and high school girls for a long time. LOVED it. Loved them! So it was kind of a natural-ish step to write for teens.

Tell us about this new book.

Kate Carter has two gifts – art and sarcasm. When her high school art teacher has her class do a series on “Art in the Workplace” and includes a segment on Criminal Sketching, Kate finds her talent in forensic artistry.  Her near-photo-quality sketch helps capture a murder and puts her on the front page of her small town's newspapers and suddenly everyone wants to be her friend. Until the murderer escapes, appears to be targeting Kate and was Justin in art class smiling at her?

Sounds awesome. My Charmed Life series was a teenage sleuth who found her fashionable life at stake on a regular basis, so I'm a big fan of that suspense thread. Anything that harkens back to Veronica Mars (moment of silence….) has my vote.

Love how you mentioned Veronica Mars. Awesome show. And love teen sleuths!! I never really know how I get my ideas. Most of the time in the shower. Sometimes while I'm eating. With SB, I think I was hyped up on a little too much sugar and pregnancy hormones. I wrote a potential proposal for it, put it away for awhile and couldn't stop thinking about it. So I pulled it back out, begged my agent to send it out and here we are.

What was your research process like for this book?

I'm pretty tight with Google. And WebMD. And all matter of sites that Google manages to pull up for me. If the FBI had been monitoring my internet searches while writing Sketchy Behavior, I probably would have been put on some kind of a federal watch list.

And then you also tested the e-novella waters recently.

Easter Carats released in Man306302y. And my next novella, Fish and Chips, should release either late June or early July. I wrote them because I needed something to add a little more stress to my to-do list during my son's nap times.

Any fun summer plans?

Hanging out with my Nater Tot, planning his first birthday party (insert sad Mom tears here), writing, swimming and hopefully I'll be getting some frozen yogurt in there one of these days. How about you?

Happy first birthday to your baby! This summer I'll be traveling a bit, finding some sort of painting project that will make me insane, and continuing my obsessive longing for the beach. And eating ice cream.  So tell us what your favorite thing about writing is.

I love when the ideas and the words are just flowing. I think that has a lot to do with how much caffeine I've ingested before sitting down to write. I love developing characters and sticking them in awkward situations. Awkward scenes are the best.

Oh my gosh, awkward scenes are the best. And I've heard of this mythological word flow, but have never seen it myself.

Biggest writing challenge?

Ask any editor I've ever worked with and I think they'd tell you this: I struggle big time to keep to a timeline in a book. It's my biggest downfall. Thankfully, it's only a minor rewrite, but still. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of descriptions. I don't like reading them and I don't like writing them. I'd rather imagine what someone looks like than be told what they look like.

Oh, I'm LAUGHING. My editor Jamie would be laughing. I have worked on eight books with her and it wasn't until this last book that I ACCIDENTALLY got the timeline right. (And then later screwed it up somehow, but still I got it! I finally got it!) It's SO hard. You wouldn't think so, but it is. It hurts my head to think about what day it is. What's wrong with a nine-day week?

Okay, tough question. ::Takes off Diane Sawyer glasses. Steely gaze:: Your favorite ice cream?

Almost anything Blue Bell. I might have to go with their Dutch Chocolate. SO GOOD.

You're obviously a big fan of coffee. You're standing in line at Starbucks. What do you order?

Depends on the weather. If it's cold, I'll get a caramel macchiato. If it's warm, I've been really liking their new Mocha Coconut Frappucinos. For a little bit, I went through a Chai tea phase. That seems to have passed.

Mocha frapp all the way here. I'm not only enough to drink the other stuff. . . What's the book you wish you'd written?

Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Hysterical. Or Henry Reed, Inc. I read that book as a nine year old and I can still remember most of it. If that's not quality writing, I don't know what is!!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is genius. All adults should try one of those. It's a great book, period; but a great book to read in small vignettes, like at the dr's office, in the car rider line, while waiting for your takeout. And one of the few books that makes me laugh out loud in public.

Thanks, Erynn, for stopping by. We'll be anxiously awaiting August for Sketchy Behavior.

Thanks so much, Jenny! This was way fun!

Guys, do get in the running for a signed copy of Miss Match, answer the following question by next Friday, July 15th. Winner announced Monday July 18th.  What's a good book you've read this summer?

AND don't forget, if you comment on all six MYFASE blog posts (June 27-July 11),  you'll ALSO be in the running for an ARC of There You'll Find Me AND a $25 dollar Barnes and Noble card, in addition to any other books you win these two weeks of book/author fabulousness.  Come back Monday when we'll be talking to the awesome Sandra Byrd, author of the beautifully-covered book To Die For.

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Lisa Carter Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder - July 8, 2011

Reading Julie Carobini’s Fade to Blue. Please include me in your giveaway.

Jenny - July 8, 2011

Kissing Adrien by Siri Mitchell. Great summer read with romance and a feeling that I had been back to Paris by the end of the book.

Casey - July 8, 2011

Hmm…a good book I’ve read this summer would probably be Meg Moseley’s debut novel of which the title has suddenly escaped me and I must run to get ready for work.

Thanks for the entry. 🙂


Bethany Ellis - July 8, 2011

You’re always traveling! You should travel my way to research a book and go to the beach 😛

The best book I’ve read thus far this summer would have to be…. oh, this is tough. I haven’t read many yet… hmm… Love Starts with Elle. I think that’s it. 🙂

Suzanne Schaffer - July 8, 2011

An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser is one of my favorites from this summer. Set in Newport, Rhode Island, what’s not to love?

Whitney - July 8, 2011

Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares. I read it while at the beach and was literally crying my eyes out. If you loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, read this book- but remember that it takes place ten years after the Forever Blue. The girls are growing up.

Lauren - July 8, 2011

Best book this summer? Probably the Hot Zone by Richard Preston… Narrative non-fiction… Good stuff, good stuff

Helen Loss - July 8, 2011

Best summer book so far is Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. Thank you for interviewing Erynn Mangum! I have read all her books and she is so great! I love how funny she is and I love all her characters.

Reagan - July 8, 2011

I am so excited for Sketchy Behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gee, thats a really tough question, but I’m going with The Fellowship of the Ring, I’m just now getting around to reading LOTR

Judy - July 8, 2011

I’m reading Lisa Wingate’s Larkspur Cove right now. It is a great read so far!

I loved your interview with Erynn! She started writing at such a young age!

Lizzie - July 8, 2011

I loved the newest Karen Kingsbury book: Learning! So good!!!

Clare - July 8, 2011

I loved this interview! Probably one of my favorites! 🙂

The best book I’ve read this summer would probably “In the twilight; in the evening”, by Gilbert Morris and Lynn Morris. This book is part of a eight part series and it’s historical fiction that was written several years ago. Normally I wouldn’t go for books like it, but my older sister got me hooked. It’s funny, enlightening, and the characters are unique, which I always love. 🙂

Tarrah - July 8, 2011

‘Save the Date’ by Jenny B. Jones. This is not a plug. I really, really enjoyed the book. It’s been on my shelf for a couple of months and I decided to give it a try last week. Suffice it to say, I finished it in 2 days & loved it.

Erin McFarland - July 8, 2011

That’s it. I’m changing the spelling of my name. Yours is way cooler 🙂
And I just added all your books to my must read list.
Just finished Kathy Tyers Firebird trilogy-loved.
Just started Jill Williamson’s By Darkness Hid-loving so far!

K. Floodle - July 8, 2011

YAYAAYYAAY!!!! Love Erynn Mangum 😀

anyways, a good book…hmm. This is tough. I’m really hooked on Karen Kingsbury books right now so I think I would go with any of hers!

Mississippi Mama - July 8, 2011

This summer I’ve really enjoyed Hourglass by Myra McEntire!

bookwyrm14 - July 8, 2011

I read Waterfall and Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren, and they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I also LOVE the Once Upon a Time series by Cameron Dokey and Debbie Viguie, which are retellings of classic fairy tales with a historical backdrop while still keeping the fantasy element.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want Miss Match! I was going to get it on my Kindle, but currently I’m broke. Period. For a while. Long story.

Laura J - July 8, 2011

Can I butter Erynn up by saying Easter Carats?:) It was cute. I didn’t know she had another e-novella coming out. I can’t wait to read it. Erynn has a unique voice and is good at sharing a spiritual theme/lesson/idea without being preachy.

I’ve read a lot of good books this summer. I finished Lynette Eason’s book A Killer Among Us recently. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite suspense authors.

Catrina - July 8, 2011

I already have Miss Match (LOVED IT!!) so I dont need to be in the running for that but I do want a chance at There You’ll Find Me so…. Right now I’m working on reading every book written by Jane Austen and each one I’ve read so far have been AMAZING! I’m a big fan 🙂

Nicole - July 8, 2011

Thanks for interviewing Erynn, I LOVED her books! Can’t wait for Sketchy Behavior!
My favorite book of the summer would have to be Back On Murder by J. Mark Bertrand.

Kate Meyer - July 8, 2011

The best book I’ve read for the first time this summer would have to be…oh…Cascade from the River of Time series! I haven’t read any new Jenny B. Jones books this summer. I read them all last spring 🙂 I’ve been rereading them, though! 😀

Cheryl Olson - July 8, 2011

I liked A Vision of Lucy by Margaret Brownley, which was funny and cute and I’m currently reading and LOVING Meg Moseley’s debut novel When Sparrows Fall. Thanks for the great interview with Erynn- I appreciate it!

Tonya - July 8, 2011

Departures by Robin Jones Gunn

Kelly - July 8, 2011

“My Foolish Heart” by Susan Mae Warren. I’ve never seen an author deal with paralyzing fear like that, I loved it. Great interviews by the way!

Lauren - July 8, 2011

Definitely “The Last Christian” by David Gregory. In this book the main character is trying to revive the Christian faith in America while transhumanity is spreading. It is an amazing book and really makes you think. I didn’t put it down until I had read every word!!

Beth - July 8, 2011

Since school was out in May I have read the entire Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn. My friends have been bugging me for years to finally get to it and I finally did. I should not have waited so long. Those books can, and will, really change you. Then again, I have been finishing up some books from the library anxiously waiting to read the Miss Match series (again…as in for the 4th time). I just can’t get enough Erynn Mangum.

Ashlin - July 8, 2011

A great book I’ve read this summer was A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerbeck! LOVED IT!

Jenny - July 8, 2011

Really enjoyed Carolyn Williford’s Bridge to a Distant Star and Debbie Viguie’s Lie Down in Green Pastures.

I’ve already read (and enjoyed) the whole Lauren Holbrook series, so please don’t include me in this draw. Thanks. =)

Kristin - July 8, 2011

I’ve mostly been focusing on rereading the Harry Potter series lately, and I love them. But a few weeks ago I read “To Win Her Heart,” by Karen Witemeyer, and it was super good! I love her books.


amancay - July 8, 2011

I finally read Quaker Summer and it rocked my world!

Sarah - July 8, 2011

I bought this book, Sleepaway Girls by: Jen Calonita, at a garage sale in my neighborhood. I started it & finished it in the next two days I really liked it. It didn’t have mystery, but that’s okay b/c they pulled pranks, had food fights, and of course there had to be a little romance which made my day (:

kiersten - July 8, 2011

One of my favorites was a suspenseful murder mystery, which is crazy because I avoid horror at all costs… For some reason at 18 sneaking into your parent’s bed in the middle of the night is frowned upon, go figure!

It was called The Body Finder, by Kimberly Derting.

Basically the girl has the innate ability to sense those who’ve been murdered and those who kill people. Of course she ends up being hunted by a murderer, needing a date for the dance, and falling in love with her best friend… Talk about stress! Really good read, but I still don’t even want to to to Target alone!

Felicia - July 8, 2011

I just finished Prom and Prejudice bu Elizabeth Eulberg. Such a good take on a classic Jane Austen Novel!

Hannah - July 8, 2011

Departures by Robin Jones Gunn. Totally cute!

Annie - July 8, 2011

I just finished the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson a couple weeks ago… fabulous series. I loved it.

Carla - July 8, 2011

I haven’t had time to read as much as I would like this summer. My favorite last summer was “The Shape of Mercy” by Susan Meissner. This summer I read “Pirates” a YA by Celia Rees.
Loving the book giveaways but my to read book list is overflowing! So many books…so little time….so worth every minute!

Paris - July 8, 2011

I just read the ARC of Sketchy Behavior and it was awesome! Ttoally blew me away. My favorite summer book so far (:

Allison - July 8, 2011

I just finished reading In Between and On the Loose. I am reading the third book in the series right now. I have been wanting to read them for a long time, and I finally found them. They are amazing!

macy muray - July 8, 2011

Today I just got home from summer camp and a girl in my cabin has miss match and I wanted it sooo bad! I guess I got really lucky 🙂 Anyway a great book I read (also my favorite so far) this summer is MIA: Missing in Atlanta! I read it in one night! It was so good I couldn’t put it down! I definitely recommend it 🙂

karenk - July 8, 2011

an excellent interview/posting, ladies 🙂

i just finished reading ‘resurrection in may’ by lisa samson…excellent!!

thanks for the giveaway, jenny.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Elizabeth - July 8, 2011

Totally The Charmed Life Series by Jenny B. Jones! (I am not just saying that!) Really, I could not stop reading them!

Rachel - July 8, 2011

My friend got me hooked on the “Gone” series by Michael Grant after I mentioned my love of The Hunger Games books. The plot is crazy intense and the action pretty much never stops.

(I also reread the Charmed Life series last month because I really did enjoy them that much. I got that same friend hooked on them and we’re both in love with Luke 😉 )

Megan Reither - July 8, 2011

My favorite book(s) would have to be the Hunger Games Trilogy. This is actually the third time I have read them! I just love the style of writing and the balance of suspense and a romance that’s doomed from the start. I would recommend these books to any age over ten. They can be pretty descriptive in the scary parts.

Paige McQueen - July 8, 2011

Can’t wait for SB to come out! Mmmm thats a toughy. I LOVED Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren, and Mistaken Identity was amamzing, along with Caleb+Kate, and Undercurrent by Michelle Griep! Lol I absolutly loved the Charmed Life series and Katie Parker also:D

Liv - July 8, 2011

Just finished my favorite yesterday actually, and it’s my ALL TIME FAVE (which is saying something; I read A LOT!). Gregor the Overlander, best book, best cover. Can’t wait to get the 2nd book in the series!!!

P.S. The book is by Suzanne Collins

Joy - July 8, 2011

Ummm, wow, kinda tough. Uh, The Lightkeeper’s Ball was REALLY good by Colleen Coble. And two other good reads were by I-feel-like-I’m-coming-home-to-old-friends-every-time-I-read-one-of-your-books author Robin Jones Gunn. They were Praying for Your Future Husband and the newest release of Christy Miller’s Diary. But I would be a big fat liar if I didn’t say Erynn’s Maya Davis series, too (Considering that’s like the third time I’ve read em).

Joy - July 8, 2011

PS-great interview! I love Erynn Mangum’s books.

Amy - July 8, 2011

Oh, Jenny, lovely interview! I just finished GROWING UP AMISH, which I thought was a terribly interesting memoir. It can be slow-moving in parts, but it is written by a guy who grew up Amish!

Madi A. - July 9, 2011

Hmmm, books…”The Sweetest Thing” and “The Lady of Bolton Hill”. Can’t remember who wrote either book at the moment! But they were both great, and I couldn’t predict the endings, which is nice:)

HopefulLeigh - July 9, 2011

I’ve been delving into YA lit lately and just finished Matched (Allie Condie) last week. It was fascinating and I can’t wait for the sequel to come out!


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