January 2009 057

I am flat out worn out. Reasons for this include:
1. School
2. School
3. School

We are back to 100 degree temps here, and I just think that is reason enough to shut our educational institutions down. Even though I am in an air conditioned classroom often requiring a ski jacket, I still know that killer heat is out there. And when school is over I still have to walk thirty feet from the door to my car. Thirty feet in which I could suffer a heatstroke at any moment. Have we really become these people who choose education over lives? Arkansas Department of Education, you disappoint me.

Things I know:
1. You can get Ben Rector's CD for free-ish HERE.
2. I learned a new way to bake potatoes HERE.
3. I have been staring at this blogger's Before and After picture of her dog all week.
4. I need this t-shirt.
5. I still can barely define Steampunk, but I do know what it's not. And it's NOT something Martha Stewart would approve of. Check out this house.
6. Starbucks has a secret menu. There has to be something fun about ordering a Dirty Chai.
7. Katie has pretty pictures on her blog. Even on her totally cool blog header.
8. One of my students is a cousin to Al Green. I had to fan myself after hearing this. I have major Motown crushes.

I have no idea why Mr. Green doesn't have a shirt on. Al, maybe that's why you're alone. Your Motown chest hair is way too intoxicating. Cover it up.

9. Governor Perry has caught the nation's attention. I'm almost afraid to hope he's a Normal. Word is he's very sensitive. That's what they said on ABC Nightly News. I don't know whether that means he can't take criticism or he needs two hankies for Steel Magnolias.
10. After telling another teacher I had Al Green's cousin, Mrs. Plum informs me that her student's mom invented the scoopable Tostido. It's a draw which one of us is cooler right now. But put us together, and we have the resources for a really good party.

Have a great weekend. Get some rest. Fan yourselves. And listen to some Motown.

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Richard Mabry - August 19, 2011

Jenny, Thirty feet to your car in the blistering heat? How do you stand it? And I’ll bet your students ride buses without air conditioning.
Why, when I was a boy, I walked two miles to and from school, uphill both ways, summer and winter. And studied by the light of a coal oil lamp.
Seriously, if you folks in Arkansas think it’s hot, come on down here to Texas. Predicted high of 107 today. Thank goodness for a/c.
Have a great weekend.

bookwyrm14 - August 19, 2011

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I don’t have to go to school until September 7 🙂

And in VA, its in the 80-90s, not horrible, but not pleasant either, depending on how humid it is. And trust me, it gets REALLY humid.

I don’t know anyone famous, sadly 🙁

Jenny B Jones - August 19, 2011

Richard, 100 degrees is actually a break for us. We had been in the 115 range.

Bookwyrm, thanks for mentioning your Sept 7 start date. . .

Alli - August 19, 2011

Love the T-shirt!

Katie - August 20, 2011

I actually really, really like that house. It’s different.

And that t-shirt? Yes. Yes, on so many levels.

Thank you so much for liking my pictures! I like your books, so I guess we’re even. 🙂

Capillya - August 25, 2011

I love Katie’s blog and all her pictures. Staring at all her photography gives me major wanderlust. *shakes fists*

Also, AL GREEN YAY. I grew up on some Al Green.


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