I Love.


I love…

Gala apples. I've tried every other kind, and there is nothing like a Gala. You Honeycrisp enthusiasts, stand down. Because you are wrong.

Fall. The leaves, the scents, the sounds. High school football and band booster hamburgers. Windows open and an extra blanket thrown on the bed.

Cardigans. They are the mashed potatoes and gravy of clothing. Comfort. Home.

O magazine. I know there are Oprah dislikers out there, and that's fine. But if you have shunned her magazine because of a belief that she carries crystals in her pocket and has a tattoo of Dr. Phil on her left buttock, then you are really missing out. Today I learned that the Rapper Common goes to church on New Year's Eve every year. And I like that. Because I have a somewhat similar tradition. (Though mine does not include driving home in my Bentley afterward.) And I learned about Patience Salgado, a 35-year old woman who does and encourages others to do good deeds. The woman has even set up a free cotton candy drive-through. How she and I are not friends, it defies explanation. We have so much in common.  She likes to give away county fair treats. And I like to eat them.

Pinterest. Thanks to author Natalie Lloyd, I'm pretty much obsessed. It's the best thing to ever come out of the internet in recent years. (Minus those Google interactive logos.) For years I've kept folders on my email to store things I'd found online like (nerd alert) “favorite fonts”  “book cover love” “decorating ideas” “reasons to go back and get my accounting degree.”  And now there is Pinterest, a place where I can store all that and SEE it. It's like a virtual bulletin board. From there I learned my glass hurricanes filled with acorns should be filled with green split peas in the spring and summer. My candles had to be nestled among acorns til August. They were so ashamed.

Tom's nonfluoride toothpaste. Because fluoride is bad news. Look it up. I bet Common did.

Pictures of cupcakes.

Talking about other people's books. I just read Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. It's a book about a ten-year-old girl who has Asperger's, and she struggles to deal with the loss of her brother, the one who protected her and made the world easier to handle. But now he's gone, taken in a tragic moment, and she doesn't understand. So, so good. Unlike anything I've ever read. I've had students with Asperger's, but this really gave me new insight. And it's a beautiful story that had me all teared up when I was done. In a good way. The ending is nothing short of literary magic.

Zappos. This company and I have to stop meeting so much.

My student, who told me on his way out of class, “I'm so excited about what I wrote today.”  I just wanted to tell him to hold onto that feeling. Pinkie swear. No matter what.

The smell of coffee. I'm not old enough to drink it yet, but it sure smells nice.

New nail polish. This week's choice is All Hail the Queen by Butter, not to be confused with the color Frilly Knickers. Doesn't stay on worth a dang, but if you hold it toward the sun, it sure is pretty. Edward and Bella, I, too, know the power of sparkles.

Peanut butter.

Writing a blog post to the new Lady Antebellum cd. I sing alto, Hills and Charles.

A three-legged kitten who runs non-stop and makes me laugh every day. Except when he scratches my leather furniture. That's going to put me in therapy. Today he caught a small snake, the kind that often find their way into my house. And if the reptile is like the others, it was headed for my bedroom. Like some bad foreshadowing from some twisted Lifetime movie.

That's my list.
What about you?
What things are you loving right now?

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Jenny - September 14, 2011

Going to check out Pinterest, because I am tired to saving pics of stuff to 1,000 word documents with little notes so I don’t forget why I liked that picture of some thing. Hope Pinterest can help me there. Put Mockingbird on hold at my library 2 seconds after reading your opinion on it. But oh how I wish I had stopped reading before that last paragraph. I am so terrified of snakes it is beyond paranoid. The visual in that little closing needs to be erased from my mind. Need to go find a happy place.

christa - September 14, 2011

I knew we were meant to be friends and Gala apple loving seals the deal. Though I must admit, I don’t get the Pinterest. I must not go to pretty places…

Katers - September 14, 2011

I love fall. It’s my favorite time of the year and probably the only reason I still live in New England. The smell in the air is wonderful, the fresh air, and the fireplaces going at night.. the apple-picking, college football.. the fact that Thanksgiving, yummy food, and winter is around the corner. Love it.

I love my family and friends. I always do, but it’s been especially clear lately with my sister-in-law losing her dad this past Monday after he’s battled illness after illness her whole life. She’s due to have her baby in five weeks.. I just threw a shower for her, despite her dad being in the hospital and then taking a turn for the worse over the weekend. They’ve all been close the last couple of months, talking and sharing, preparing.. but you know, it’s still not easy. We’ve all tried to stay together and just love our time together lately.. And I feel so blessed to realize that we all have such great relationships, because a lot of families don’t have that.

I love traveling. I mean, even despite being stuck on the west coast for an extra five days because of the hurricane on the east coast and my flight getting canceled.. I love traveling. I love discovering life outside of the box I live in 24/7, five days a week.. I love the chance it gives me to enjoy friendships and allow them to grow and even challenge you sometimes.

I really love Bit-o-Honey lately. Nough said.

I love that the pair of Old Navy pants I bought a couple weeks ago (that I love) already are too big. (Which is just my way of saying that I love my treadmill, which I would never admit because I complain way too much about having to run on it every day.)

I love how becoming an Aunt has turned me into a girly-girl. That little girl has gotten more pink from me in the last month than I think I’ve ever personally owned. She also will have the cutest wardrobe, with a little thanks to me. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her and see the little lady she becomes.

I love your new book. While I was stuck in California, I was gushing about There You’ll Find Me to my Twilight-loving sister. I regret giving it to her now because I want to read it again! It was so cute and moving.. love it.

I love Special K Fruit Crisps. They’re like socially acceptable poptarts. Not that I wouldn’t eat poptarts, I love poptarts, but if I eat poptarts it just means I have to run more and we’ve already touched on that topic..

Rhonda Sanasac - September 14, 2011

I love:
Gala apples, too. So much that it was one of the first things I pinned on Pinterest.
My wishlist on Amazon!
My new love of painting (NEVER thought I could paint).
My dogs (of course).
A million other things.

Love the comment about your sweet little cat. 🙂

Sarah Elizabeth - September 14, 2011

I fully agree that gala’s are the superior apple. Autumn, cardigans and Pinterest are some of my beloved faves too! I only recently got swept up into the Pinterest craze, but it is totally fab and I can’t believe I ever lived life without it before. Honestly, my computers hard drive thanks me dearly for sparing it of overloaded lovely files boxes!

I just finished reading ‘Fierce Beauty’ by Kim Meeder and that book spoke to me in a way that I so desperately needed. It was a wonderful read, and I loved seeing Kim’s beautiful life through her lovely written prose.

I’ve found myself addicted to the show ‘Life Unexpected.’ Yes, the characters are quirky, have awesome names and have one messed up family tree, and yet I cannot wait to watch the next episode. Thank you Netflix!

…and this is where I STOP rambling now! Thanks for letting me share my current loves with you too, Jenny!

Jenny - September 14, 2011

Oh, and I guess I panicked after that scary last paragraph, because I didn’t see the questions until after I read other people’s lists. Right now I love…

decorating sites/blogs & hgtv on line, because I am mentally redoing our playroom/exercise room/home office into just a home office (which is why I think Pinterest is going to be my friend).

sunny days, cool nights, and all the glory that is fall in Ohio at its best.

that I don’t have to do much to have my kids approval…sometimes.
8 yr. old son: “We have jell-o in the fridge.”
5 yr. old son (whispering with awe & amazement in his voice) “Cool.”
8 yr. old son: “And it’s homemade.”
True story.

Kristin - September 14, 2011

I love:

-That first thing this morning I signed up to review a copy of “There You’ll Find Me” on Booksneeze! =)
-The library.
-Lark Rise to Candleford (I don’t love that someone else has season 2 checked out from the library).
-The awesome embroidery contest I’m going to enter (embroidering book covers!!).
-The new scarf I’m knitting.
-Pottermore. I just got sorted into Ravenclaw.


Clare Kolenda - September 14, 2011

I love:

Fall: Leaves in their peak of glorious perfection, crisp early mornings, and a reason to snuggle up in a blanket.

Books: If books were food, I’d be on Weightwatchers right now. 🙂 There is nothing better than having a good book to read.

Purple socks: They’re cute, and give me a reason to smile.

My sisters: They’re my bestest best friends. They give me a reason to smile when I feel like doing anything but, they let me vent to them, and remind me that God is good. They’ve saved my butt too many times to count in my 17 years of living. 🙂

Honeycrisp apples: They knock my socks off. 😀 I’ve never had a Honeycrisp apple that I didn’t like.

Dawn - September 14, 2011

I love Jenny B’s website. Makes me laugh every day.

Coke Zero with Sonic ice. Addicted to that stuff–the ice and the soda.

Bones on Fox. Seely Booth–need I say more?

My husband and my girls.

Liv - September 14, 2011

Tim Hawkins.
Tim Hawkins.
Camp Caswell.
Tim Hawkins.
My Family.
That my cousin’s gettin married.
British People.
My BFF, Maggie.
Tim Hawkins.

Ashley - September 14, 2011

I love…

…The Lady of Bolton Hill (and it’s all your fault Jenny B…have you seen the cover of her second book? Even better than the first. http://elizabethcamden.com/books).

…college football (LSU Geaux Tigers!)

…the fact that LSU has an Aussie on their team.

…Europe. Period.

…the fact that each day I come closer and closer to moving to France as a missionary.

…the fact that I serve a God who has been so good to me and is giving me the desires of my heart.

Erin McFarland - September 14, 2011

I love honeycrisp…can we still be friends?!?
Pinterest DOES rock!
Netflix instant streaming…so many TV shows canned when they were just getting good. Sadness. RIP Firefly.
The quirky town of Jerome.
Bananas and peanut butter on raisin bread mmmmmm
Groupon- Aren’t we all suckers for half priced anything 🙂
Pictures and Words.

bookwyrm14 - September 14, 2011

Bradley James as Prince Arthur in Merlin on the Syfy channel. 🙂

And Eoin Macken as Gwaine in the same show. 🙂


The fall as well. The leaves are gorgeous (until they fall and then I hate raking them) and the weather is just perfect. You can wear long-sleeves or short-sleeves on any given day.

My family. They’re quirky, but I love ’em.


Bradley James and Eoin Macken.

Rereading The Hunter’s Moon by O.R. Melling.

Bradley James and Eoin Macken. 🙂

Tracy - September 14, 2011

You’re so right about gala apples. They are the ONLY kind to have.

I love…

…my teen-aged daughters. What a privilege to have teens who are out-of-the-ordinary amazing young women to call mine.

…taking time off work to be home with my unwell son. He’s cute even when he’s sick. I feel justified when I’m a little unwell myself.

…sharing life’s highs and lows with precious friends.

…not coughing – being well. Ahh, those were the days. May they come again and stay for another year.

…the friend who is rebuilding my ensuite.

…not coughing. Oh wait, I said that.

Thanks for reminding me that the simple things in life (like apples!) are worth appreciating.

Allie Smith - September 14, 2011

Skateboarding.If you knew me,you would know that I don’t look like the skateboarding type at all.But I do enjoy it.
Contemporary Christian music.Have yall noticed how good the sangs have been lately?
The praise I have recently gotten from my English teacher whom I greatly admire.
My friends.I screwed up big time last year and they welcomed me back.With open arms.No judgement.You don’t find that anymore.
God’s mercy.I will never stop lovin’ that!

Jenny B Jones - September 14, 2011

LOVE your lists, girls. Glad we have a majority on the Gala apples. : ) And Rhonda, I’m so proud of you and your art!

Katers, I’m so sorry about the death in your family. I’ve been sticking extra close to mine as well.

Hannah - September 14, 2011

I LOVE loose fit sweaters! they make me feel like im wearing blanket 😀

Erin - September 14, 2011

Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews- all the delicious, mouth-wateringness of a Jolly Rancher without the annoying breaks-your-teeth-if-you-try-to-chew-it of hard candy.

Nathan Fillion. The man’s just awesome.

My insane cat.

Jane Austen books and movies.

The Penderwick sisters.

Having my hair brushed.

Blank journals.



Eating soup at Disneyland.

Rhonda Sanasac - September 15, 2011

I have to add:
Sonic’s unsweetened peach tea (seriously just discovered this)
Zippoli at Olive Garden (which is why none of my pants fit anymore)

bookwyrm14 - September 15, 2011

I gotta add some important stuff:

BOOKS!!!!!!!!! I AM A BOOKWORM (as evidenced by my username :))

Writing stories. When I don’t have writer’s block, that is.

capillya - September 17, 2011

So, Mockingbird, eh? I’d seen the cover but never really explored or read into what the story was about. I’ve read Marcelo in the Real World (LOVED IT), and I must check this one out, too!

Currently I’m loving: fish tacos (with guacamole), sweet potatoes, sweatpants (actually I love those all the time), Mat Kearny’s Young Love album, and a yummy chai tea latte.

Bethany Ellis - September 17, 2011

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to keep with your blog very well 🙁 Sad.

But what a coincidence to read this right after I posted a simliar list on my own blog! Seriously cool. 😛



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