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So Wednesday we were all positive and stuff. LOVE your lists.

Today let's discuss our peeves of the moment. Because I had to have a Public Service Announcement with my students yesterday and let them know one of us in the room was tired of a current acceptable practice in behavior I was observing in our building.

So my PPTM (Pet Peeve This Month) is when people respond to your greeting (good morning, hello, your pants are on fire) with a mute response. You know what I'm talking about. The nod. The half-smile. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The correct response should involve actual words. That you speak. I swear, I'm gonna make them practice. Don't you be thinkin' you can come up in my SPEECH classroom and be all–

Anyway. Here are some recent incorrect examples I've observed.

Kind person who was raised right: Good morning!
Person 2: smile

Kind person who was raised right: Hello!
Person 3: Chin lift “wave”

Kind person who was raised right: Did you know a giraffe is the only animal that can clean its own ears with its tongue?
Person 4: blink

That's my peeve of the month. These sorts of things drive us delicate Southern flowers absolutely nuts.
What about you? What are your peeves of the moment?

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Christa - September 16, 2011


That’s my pet peeve response.

Tracy - September 16, 2011

The belief that you can substitute the phrase “I don’t know” with making a sound that sounds like how you would say it without actually using the words “mmm-mmm-mmmm”. Hard to describe….very annoying to hear!

Julie Arduini - September 16, 2011

The teenage undecipherable mumble. Which I believe is different than a low-talker, which is what I’ve been accused of. Totally different. 🙂

Lisa Carter Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder - September 16, 2011

The phrase “It’s all good” to some remark or observation you’ve just made in an attempt to have an intelligent conversation with another person. So trite and shallow minded.

It’s not all good. Concentration camps were not good. Cancer is not good. Child soldiers are not good. The economy is not good.

One day, for believers, it will be all good. It’s is not all good, now and trivializes others’ pain to say so.

Sorry, for the venting . . .

Rhonda - September 16, 2011

When you say “thank you” to someone and their response is “yup.”
Bad drivers.
I have many others, but I’ll stop.
Proud that I had more positives than negatives.

Richard Mabry - September 16, 2011

Even though I’m not a delicate Southern flower, I still have a pet peeve: People who respond to “Thank you” with “No problem.” Read my lips, people. It’s, “You’re welcome.” Repeat after me.

Stephanie - September 16, 2011

Oh Jenny, your fall lists were so great, I felt like there was so little I could contribute beyond what you wrote. I think I’d add the Yankee “Harvest” candle and perhaps a suggestion that you give Pink Lady apples a try….just a try…I’m not trying to convert you!

Ok, pet peeve of the month (or year….but it happened again recently, so it’s on my mind….) being caught in traffic that has come to a stop and clearly has to go into a specific lane to clear whatever obstacle/accident is blocking the other lane. Those of us who were raised right, obediently file into a line in the proper lane. Those who weren’t raised “right” drive all the way to the front of the blocked lane and expect the rest of us just to “let them in” at the very front of the line, once traffic resumes moving. I’m not prone for road rage, but when this happened with my daughter and I in the car the other night, I nearly let my car get sideswiped because I was so adamant in NOT allowing that car to cut in front of me…. Still not sure if it was a positive “Mom moment” to demonstrate in front of my daughter or not. =)

I’m off to the classroom to sub for the first time this year (5th gr). I think I might entertain them with some of your “tweets” – and infuse some “Jenny B. Jones” energy and enthusiasm today!

Dawn - September 16, 2011

I’m with Stephanie–makes me insane when people do that!

Also people who stop and have conversations right in doorways.

Serena Chase - September 16, 2011

So I’m totally stoked about the giraffe trivia. That’s so convenient! If you told me that in the hall, we would chat for an hour. I’m just sayin’.


Kristin - September 16, 2011

All lowercase letters. I’m a bit of a grammar nerd. It bothers me when I see obvious mistakes and mispellings.

so when people write like this it pretty much drives me crazy.

Also, when people spell Jane Austen as “Jane Austin.” I cringe.


Marti Pieper - September 16, 2011

I was gonna say my pet peeve is roommates who can’t figure out the bathroom light system, but then I decided it’s roommates who don’t bring enough of their own snacks so scarf down all the OTHER roommate’s Lara bars and almonds.

But then I decided to stop being peeved and eat some chocolate instead.

ashley - September 16, 2011

OMG this happens to me EVERYWHERE I GO. Especially at my place of employment. I just want to say “thanks for not answering because that wasn’t awkward at all.”

Erin McFarland - September 16, 2011

I started typing this in all lowercase letters then saw Kristin’s pet peeve…I’m cleanin’ up my act now! {wink wink}

-It peeves me when people say “just sayin” in place of “you’re an idiot.” I would much rather hear it straight up that I’m an idiot. Just sayin’ 😉
-Men in skinny jeans. And it’s not at all because I’m jealous that they have slim enough hips to wear them. Not at all. Nope.
-Stray hairs in the shower. So gross. Ironically most of them are mine.

Whew! You really got me going Jenny

Jenny B Jones - September 17, 2011

Tracy, I occasionally use that “noise” to say I don’t know. I was telling my students how wrong it was the other day. “There aren’t even any letters in there!”

Christa, huh from a student drives me nuts. It’s one thing not to hear me, but it’s another when that is their whole “this convo is over” answer.

Julie, low talker! ha!

Lisa, there is one trendy phrase that is driving me nuts right now, one I shall withhold naming, but similar in theme. Ugh. I even hear TV anchors using it. It is WORE OUT.

Rhonda and Doc, THAT is a peeve of mine too. And it happens way too much. When I check out at a store, esp by a young person, there is silence after I get my change or receipt. Then I will say, “Thank you.” And the response is usually either more silence, “you’re welcome,” or “uh-huh.” I just want to say, “Thank you was YOUR line! I said YOUR line!”

Stephanie, you’ll be a great sub!! And highway cutters are awful. We all want to get by, hot rods.

Serena, I am not filled with one useful fact.

Kristin, seeing text grammar show up in stuff my kids turn in bothers me. The sad thing is, I fear it will become acceptable English because we all use it so much. And kids don’t know how to switch gears and turn it off. My 11 year old nephew does it. He doesn’t get why it’s okay for a text/note/email/FB, and not okay in any other communication.

Marti, I hear you had the most glorious roommate ever in Ecuador….though a little challenged in the light detection department. ; ) (j/k, I had the best roomie ever!)

Ashley, it seriously makes me want to spit fire. They need some Office-like classes on this.

Erin, men in skinny jeans. You probably just topped us all. Say no more.

bookwyrm14 - September 17, 2011

I assume one thing about men in skinny jeans…and it ain’t that they have slim hips.

My pet peeve is when someone doesn’t try. For example, I’m the first to admit I’m horrible at all sports that involve balls. Period. No question about it. But when we have to do it in PE, I at least try. But it frustrates me when other people, girls especially, just stand on the side and talk and don’t even TRY to participate.

capillya - September 17, 2011

Maybe this is just me, but I like it when people look me in the eye when I talk to them. Or when they’re talking to me, at least look ME in the eye. I find it SO WEIRD when people don’t look me in the eye!

Clare Kolenda - September 17, 2011

I’m gonna have to go with capillya on this one. One of my major pet peeves is when someone doesn’t look me in the eye when I’m talking to them. It makes me feel like our conversation isn’t important enough to pay attention to. Even when if I’m talking about the silliest subject in the world, I’d still appreciate it if you’d look me in the eye. It’s common courtesy I think.

Okay… I’m done venting. 🙂

Emilee - September 17, 2011

When people reply a text with ”Ok.”


They don’t have any punctuation in their texts {or anything for that matter!}…or capitols with I’s or names.

what r u doin i have been thinking about you

<3, Emilee

Allie Smith - September 18, 2011

Fail.Whenever someone in our class does something wrong, the guys respond with “fail” or “epic fail”.It WAS funny like the first week,now its not.AND whenever someone puts somebody down,they rub their hands together like they’re cave men trying to start a fire,point their hand at the person that got put down and say “poned”.It might be ok if the “poned” thing was every once in a while,but its not!Its like,”dude you’re ugly.” The guy responds,”yo mama” and everybody does the hand thing and says “PONED!!!” im like ??? anyway…

Liv - September 18, 2011

Bullies. There is this girl who I’ve known for five years and she has always been mean. She was choking on a piece of pizza and couldn’t breathe. I did the Heimlich Maneuver and saved her life. She still hasn’t thanked me genuinely. On top of that my mom just passed away and she is still being mean.

Jenny B Jones - September 18, 2011

Olivia, your mom passed away? Did this just happen?

Allie, I am quite sick of the word epic period. I heard Diane Sawyer use it a few weeks ago on the news and thought, “This has gone too far!”

Emilee, I so agree! Especially when there was no response needed. At all.

Clare and Capillya, you guys ::looks at ground:: expect too much.

Bookwyrm, awesome that you give it your best shot!

Heather Sunseri - September 18, 2011

Oh, Jenny. Imagine your pet peeve among other adults. There are people in my adult office who cannot say hello, or sometimes even smile. It’s quite humorous (aka sad) at times. I agree, that type of response is extremely difficult for delicate southern flowers such as ourselves. Good luck having your students practice. Maybe you can pass along your lessons to me, and I’ll have my coworkers practice as well.

I love Richard Mabry’s response above!!

Katers - September 19, 2011

Some of us aren’t morning people, Jenny.. and you’re lucky to get a smile out of us. hehe I dislike it when people use “Hi, How are you” as a general greeting and they really aren’t asking you how you are, they’re just saying hi.. so when you answer them and ask them how they are, they just look at you like you’re an alien.

I dislike how the UK has different television schedules as the US.. so right now Downton Abbey is playing over there and we have to wait to after christmas! What!

I’m really tired of my coworker eating at his desk behind me.. I think one of these days, I’m just going to snap and either scream at him (which is the acceptable response) or do something horrible with a stapler.


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