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Thanks for all the great feedback from those of you who have already read There You'll Find Me. So appreciate that. I don't care what they tweet, an author is the last person to know whether a book is good or not, so nine books later, I'm still just as surprised when someone besides a family member likes something I've written.  Or maybe all my readers just sniff a lot of glue. Please know I don't judge you for that.

Like the rest of the world, I am very sad about Steve Jobs. I will discuss later. But if you haven't watched his Stanford commencement speech, you simply must. It lights me up every time I hear it.

There You'll Find Me is also available in audio book. I heard a piece of it for the first time yesterday, and it totally made me smile. The Irish accents are so lovely to the ear. I  might talk with one today. You can catch a preview here.


You can also win one! To get your name entered into the Giant Imaginary Bingo Hopper where Contest Names Go, just tell me BY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, what you're reading right now.

I just finished the last page of Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick, author of Invention of Hugo Cabret. I started it last night and haven't hardly put it down. I loved Hugo, love Wonderstruck, and think I might have a literary crush on Mr. Selznick as well. I will talk more about this later, too.

In other news, I had to laugh this week because a few of you sent me photos of the new Bath and Body Works line, which was CLEARLY created in honor of A Charmed Life‘s Bella Kirkwood.


Okay, when you see it in person and all big on your computer screen (ad is no longer available on BB site), it's all sparkly and pow and stuff. Which leads me to this.


The series is getting a little spit and polish, as Thomas Nelson is putting all three books into one gigantor book this April. And check out that cover. I love it. A YA book lives and dies by its cover, so I so, SO appreciate this one.

Okay, that is all for today. Tell me what you're reading and then your name will go in Imaginary Hopper of Name Spit-outness.

And by the way, thanks for those of you who have inquired about Miller and his lack of love for Sully, the Three Legged Wonder Kitty. They have actually reached a turning point in their furry relationship, I believe. They're spending time together right this very moment.

Miller is currently sitting on Sully's head.
With intents to suffocate.

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Tobie - October 12, 2011

I’m reading Catcing Fire by Suzanne Colins. The sequel to The Hunger Games. Great books.

Alicia - October 12, 2011

I just finished There You’ll Find Me tonight. I loved it! I read a preview of it before it came out on google books, but they cut me off mid-chapter, and I was so mad! So I ordered it and it came in the mail yesterday. Your books are so addictive! When does the next one come out?
Also, speaking of Brian Selznick, he came to the Kansas City area to talk about his book at one of our local libraries and a girl from my Children’s Lit. class went to see him. She said he was amazing, really nice and not pretentious at all!

Holly - October 14, 2011

I am reading Save the Date. And thanks to you, I did not go to sleep last night until 3 am. I would have muscled through the night and finished the book, but my husband caught me reading in the bathroom. I was busted and he sent me to bed. I sat in bed waiting for him to come lecture me on the evils of reading late when our kids get up early.
I waited.
And waited.
And then he came.
Apparently, he was reading chapter one and getting sucked in as well!!!
Love this book…it’s my new fave.
Write faster!!!!!

Debbie - February 27, 2013

I LOVED “There You’ll Find Me”!! It is by FAR my favorite book yet. I love the creativity behind the plot. It was so full of surprises and I learn something new about my relationship with God everytime I read it. I have always wanted to go to Ireland so this book brought my dream to life. I could imagine myself walking along cliffs, fields and ruins. You did a fantastic job on this book!


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