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Everyone loves a good reconciliation story.
After years of estrangement, I am happy to report that television and I have gotten back together. We worked through our differences, and we now see each other a few times a week.

Right now I'm loving my usual show of Castle, of course. The episode last month where Detective Ryan was the main focus was brilliant. That guy can act. And the duo of Ryan and Esposito is some of the best bromance chemistry ever.

Modern Family. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's really well written, and though this season has been a little lackluster, the show makes me laugh every single time. I also think Sophia Vergara got the shaft in the Emmy for a comedy this year. Her humor goes beyond reading some lines.

Psych. I know, I KNOW lots of you have been die-hards for years. And I would watch it here and there. But this season I committed, you know? Got serious. Said “I do” to Shawn and Gus. And so far we've been very happy together. There is no show that makes me laugh harder. Like out loud. And I do not usually laugh out loud at the television. Episode Two from this season was so dang good. I keep strong-arming people into watching it. It's that funny-smart.

Once Upon A Time. I actually have no idea why I'm watching this one. It's something I would've obsessed over as a teenager and loved. Now, like many of you have said, I think it screams “mini-series!” I can't imagine how they'll give this thing enough life to do years worth. I have a suspicion they won't have to worry about that…  But we had just finished a “fractured fairy tale” unit in my creative writing class when this came out. We watched it and my students analyzed the story. Quite interesting to get their take on it. It is a fun twist on many (mannnny) fairy tales, but as my students said, the Evil Queen is 100 percent Evil and that makes her unrealistic. Plus. She has really bad lipstick.

What are you watching these days?

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Catrina - November 3, 2011

I also love Castle, Psych, And Once Upon a Time! I’ve also recently started watching the show Chuck and it’s AWESOME!

Catrina - November 3, 2011

Oh, and Grimm! Which is another fairy tale show

Helen - November 3, 2011

Right now the shows I am really digging are Pan Am, Once Upon a Time, New Girl(FOX)and Hart of Dixie(CW)I really like Rachel Bilson! Also I wanted to let you know that I got my copy of There You’ll Find Me last night and I love it so far! I have it in my purse right now and really wish I could read it at work!

bookwyrm15 - November 3, 2011

Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite TV shows of all time!!!!! (next to BBC’s Merlin, of course :)) I had been looking forward to the premiere since they first announced it, and it hasn’t disappointed. I think, if they don’t mess it up, it COULD last a couple seasons.

Actually, if you saw the episode that premiered last week, “The Thing You Love Most,” it shows that the Evil Queen was not *pure* evil; she was embittered from whatever Snow White did (I’m assuming we’ll find out later, but I have a feeling it will throw Snow in a different light).

And besides, when they showed that scene with the Evil Queen’s father, she was truly conflicted on whether or not to kill him. I mean, there was real turmoil, she wasn’t playing with his mind or anything. It was sincere. Of course, she is evil because she DID kill him, but I kinda feel sorry for her, because everyone was VEEEEERY clear that the dark curse she cast would create a hole in her heart that none could fill. I’m kinda hoping she gets redeemed, or at least resolves her biterness before she dies.

Jess - November 3, 2011

Parenthood is SO good! And the New Girl (Fox) is HILARIOUS!! I literally laughed out loud for a full 3 minutes on this past Tuesday’s episode! I do have favorites that I have watched FOREVER and am still loyal to like Community, The Office and Survivor. None of the other “new” shows has grabbed me. I am going to give Once Upon a Time another try, wasn’t very impressed with the first episode and that is usually my cup of tea!

Clare Kolenda - November 3, 2011

I am a total Castle fan. And the episode with Ryan being the lead… I think I fell in love for a little bit. 😉 I also really like NCIS, even though I know that the show has been on for ages, and that they’re quickly running out of things to do, but I can’t say goodbye. So I faithfully watch it every week(okay I didn’t this week, but I had a church thing…). The other show that I like is Covert Affairs on USA. But I just “like” it, not love it.

Ashley - November 3, 2011

I watch way too much T.V. Right now..the shows I like are…Glee, Castle, NCIS:Los Angeles, Once Upon a Time, Covert Affairs, The Lying Game, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, Revenge…but my favorites are Castle, Downton Abbey, and Merlin….and I can’t talk about T.V. without mentioning my all-time favorite, Veronica Mars. I’m still mourning it’s unnecessary and tragic demise.

Grace - November 3, 2011

YYYYAAAAAAYYY!!! im so glad other people in this world watch CASTLE!!! i have fallen in love with that show!! whenever i asked other people if they knew about it they had no clue, so i am so glad to hear i’m not alone!!!:)Love to all!!:)

Allie Smith - November 3, 2011

Body of Proof. I alwayz say that and people are alwayz like ??? But it’s a seriously amazing show!!! Throws me for a loop every time!

Darria - November 3, 2011

A gifted man. Nuff said. The man not only ricks surgery just about as hard as an 80s band he’s gorgeous. Those eyes are fantastic.

Jenny - November 4, 2011

TV & I are still in the separated state, but we are amicable. My husband has regular visitation on the weekends during football season. In an effort to keep communication open, I youtube The Sing Off from time to time, and during the Olympics I set aside all differences. Due to irreconcilable differences though, I fear we will never go back to the love affair we knew in the 80s and 90s.

Jennie - November 4, 2011

I love Castle!!! I think this season could be one of the best. Also I have been on the Psych bandwagon since the beginning. Also whoever said that they enjoy watching Chuck I totally agree that is a great show! My favorite show is Doctor Who though. It takes a little bit to get used to but it is very well written. 🙂

Kristin - November 4, 2011

After years of nothing I wanted to watch, I’m watching three shows this fall.

-Pan Am (I’m obsessed with vintage, so I love the 60s setting)
-Once Upon a Time (I’ve always love fairy tales)
-New Girl (I could do without the crass humor and language, but I seriously laughed until I cried during the first two episodes. Jess’ character is hilarious)

We don’t have satellite TV anymore, so I watch my shows on Hulu. Which is good, because I can watch them anytime I want. Except New Girl, where the episodes are delayed quite a bit, for some reason.


Kelly - November 4, 2011

It’s AWESOME that you are watching Psych!!! That’s my ultimate favorite show! I also like White Collar on USA but it’s not really a comedy.

Richard Mabry - November 4, 2011

Guess I’m totally out of step with everyone else. Love The Closer (but sad that Kyra Sedgwick is about to leave the show). Enjoy Blue Bloods. For laughter, we like Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, and Mike & Molly.
And, of course, baseball on TV (until game 6 of the Series). : (

HopefulLeigh - November 4, 2011

Ditto to what bookwyrm15 said about Once Upon a Time. I am head over heels for that show. Also loving Parenthood, Revenge, Psych, Chuck, and NCIS. The New Girl has potential.

Dawn - November 4, 2011

Bones! Hart of Dixie looks interesting–have yet to catch it, though.

Jenny B Jones - November 4, 2011

Some of my family will not miss Blue Bloods. They love it. I used to watch Chuck, but gave out during season two. And I have meant to watch Hart of Dixie but keep forgetting. Oh, and I also started watching Burn Notice this last season. The acting is iffy, but the storyline is well done.

Abbigail - November 4, 2011

AHHHH!!! MY NEW FAVORITE SHOW IS ONCE UPON A TIME!!! HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED ANY HIDDEN THEMES??? LIKE THAT THE NAME REGINA IS ACTUALLY LATIN FOR QUEEN?!?! SORRY BUT HAD TO GET THAT OUT THERE!!! Sigh. Okay, I apologize for my current obsession. But seriously. Up until this show, The Mentalist has been my favorite show. This new show has even topped Simon Baker’s acting, and in my opinion, that takes a lot.
And I agree bookwyrm15, The Evil Queen isn’t entirely evil…***[SPOILER]***…but I did at least expect her to let her father go in peace…like in his sleep…But I still think she’s selfish, because she allowed herself one more moment in his arms, making him think she WASN’T going to kill him, then did. Eugh. Creepy lady.

Bethany Ellis - November 4, 2011

Couldn’t agree with you more about Castle.

Also big shows this year:
-The Mentalist
-Blue Bloods

Ever seen Top Gear?

Kelly - November 5, 2011

Love Top Gear!!! Well, the British version of course…!! I haven’t seen the US one. I’m not really even in to cars…. but I love watching the three of them try to pull off stunts.

bookwyrm15 - November 5, 2011

Ashley, did I see you mention Merlin? Welcome, fellow Merlin fan!!!!! It’s so good to know I am not alone! 🙂

I’m glad to find so many other Once Upon a Time fans! Abbigail, the Evil Queen is definitely BAD. No doubt about that. She is cruel and manipulative, and coldhearted. But not entirely irredeemable. Now that Rumpelstiltkin character…he has no scruples. I have a feeling he will emerge as the REALLY bad guy in the end.

Rachel - November 5, 2011

Psych is my absolute fav. NCIS:Los Angeles a close second. Also, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds.

taya - November 5, 2011

hey jenny rember me its taya freda keehns grand daughter im almost done reading the big picture and im writing a book report on it

Olivia - November 5, 2011

I’m watching a lot of movies lately…I love The Mentalist, Sister Wives, and, of course, I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant!

Olivia - November 6, 2011

Rachel, love the Mentalist! I wish I was that funny!!!!

Katers - November 7, 2011

I have been meaning to watch Once Upon A Time, it’s on my DVR (along with season 4 of Castle), but with helping my brother and his wife with their new baby I rarely have a free evening. (I don’t want kids.. ever.. well, anytime soon.)

I did catch up on The New Girl (which has potential, I’m still on the fence) and Grimm (could go either way too). Very excited that Covert Affairs (gotta love a girl who gets action and adventure) and Bones are back! (It could go either way this season, I dunno.)

I’ve also been watching The Pioneer Woman (catching up, I should say) on FoodNetwork and Cupcake Confidential on the CookingChannel (who knew baking cupcakes could be so stressful?)..

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect - November 9, 2011

I’m watching Psych right now, and I have to admit – much as I hate to – that I think I’m getting a little tired of it. Bummer. Castle, though? Definitely on my short list of favorites (as opposed to my long list of regulars). I’m also loving Once Upon a Time (and agree about the mini-series thing) and Hart of Dixie. And my favorite sitcom right now? Parks and Recreation. HILARIOUS.

Leah - November 12, 2011

I LOVE Psych!!!
Thats like my favorite show ever!
My sister and I have been watching Greys Anatomy and Private Practice too.
I also like Trauma, Mercy Hospital,and New Girl. Thats all I can think of now….;)

Rissi - November 13, 2011

There are WAY TOO many shows to list but I am super excited about “Once Upon a Time” no matter its potential sappiness. Also think “Hart of Dixie” looks cute; “Revenge” and “Pan Am” look awesome; “Blue Bloods” sounds/looks great and “Grimm” looks interesting. I wait to see the shows on DVD so some of my favorites on DVD are…

– Burn Notice
– Castle
– The Closer (what is wrong with Kyra Sedgewick??)
– Covert Affairs
– Justified (way too much violence, but its fun)
– Leverage (much improved in latter seasons)
– Rizzoli & Isles
– White Collar

jessica - February 16, 2012

Castle beats all!!!!!! I have been watching it for a while now and will never stop!!!!!!! Kick the Ballistics was great but i like the episodes where they focus on castle and beckett the best. I also watch White Collar, Burn Notice, Phych, and a little of New Girl ( That’s New Girl not The New Girl! sorry i hate when people do that) I watched the first few episodes of covert affairs but honestly i can’t take the main character seriously. She does the stupidest things! if she were a real spy she would be dead or fired.

Ashleigh - May 9, 2014

No show can compare to Gossip Girl- it’s too brilliant


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