Have Any A-1?

So Sunday I'm sitting in church. I reach for my purse and start digging for a pen.
Instead I find a ribeye steak.
True story.

This time last year I was sitting in church. I reached for my purse and started digging for a pen. And found a can of cake icing.

What's the weirdest thing that's ever been in your purse, wallet, or glove compartment?

(Thanks to friend Lizann for the blog idea. And sorry to Mom for abusing the leftovers.)

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Olivia - November 7, 2011

I keep binoculars in my purse. And a flashlight. And an empty mint container. And my dad’s swiss army knife. A CD case. A notebook. 2 pens. Never a can of icing…That would be awesome!

Jenny - November 7, 2011

A ribeye steak? Really? I am silenced after that for a response, yet full of questions. Freeze dried? Didn’t it stink up your purse? Were you getting ready for a picnic? In a baggie? Craving beef?

Katers - November 7, 2011

I can’t say I have had weird things in my purse (though I agree, a can of icing would be awesome) but I had had three phones in my purse at once and felt like a personal assistant. I didn’t mind being a designated phone holder at the beginning of the day at Disneyland.. but when the phones you’re carrying belong to two other moms.. we’ll, lets just say that there was a lot of “who’s phone is ringing now?” and “can you hand me my phone?”..

Chris Potash - November 7, 2011

It reminds me of a TV show from the 90’s – Mad About You – where Jamie and her sister Lisa get their purses switched and it kind of messes with their personalities. Jamie is organized and neat and has only the basics in her purse while her sister has crazy things in hers. Jamie goes throughout her day reaching in the purse for money or keys or ID and keeps pulling out weird stuff (horseshoe, doll head) meanwhile Lisa is surprised that every time she goes into her purse she pulls out just what she needs.

Two things I have now realized: I am old and I miss TV from the 90’s…. (but I think that was a different blog entry :-))

bookwyrm15 - November 7, 2011

Ummm…the weirdest thing I’ve ever found in my wallet is a love note from a man named Tom to a woman named Rebecca. It was one of those little cards you put with flowers. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but I remember thinking that it was so romantic…but the problem was, I had no idea how it got in my wallet! Seriously! I don’t even know anyone named Tom or Rebecca! 🙂

Shannon Dittemore - November 7, 2011

I’ve done the same thing. Though it was a plastic baggy of pastrami and I left it in the diaper bag. So sad to ruin such a fabulous sandwich meat!

Olivia - November 7, 2011

Bookwyrm15, that’s just kind of creepy!

Kristin - November 7, 2011

I think I might start carrying a can of cake frosting with me. And a small spoon. Because that stuff is good. =)

I don’t think I have anything super unusual in my bag, because I tend to sort it out every week or so. If there is anything unusual, it’s usually crafting related- embroidery or embroidery floss, or knitting needles. I do carry my first bit of knitting around with me. It’s hilarious looking because it was supposed to be a square but ended up a trapezoid, but I was super proud of it at the time!


Dawn - November 7, 2011

Laughing so hard I can’t think. My purse is pretty boring–wallet, checkbook, small calendar. I do have the same questions Jenny has (comment 2). Agree with all of the other ladies that finding a can of icing would be great!

Lisa Bergren - November 7, 2011

You really MUST tell us why you had a ribeye in there. And that must be some big purse!! Weirdest for me…I carried my last pregnancy test stick around (in a baggie) that told me I was preggers with Jack. It made me smile every time I saw it, and reminded me how life can take a radical turn any day…

bookwyrm15 - November 7, 2011

@ Olivia

I know right? But it’s true, I swear!

Dakota - November 7, 2011

money. that doesn’t happen often.

Madi A. - November 7, 2011

Nothing that weird, but once I reached into my purse to grab my phone, and everything was covered in sugar! That’s what happens when you carry around an open bag of sourpatch kids.

Allie Smith - November 7, 2011

Um…wierdest thing I’ve ever had in my purse was a fork. Not that wierd and definitely not as wierd as a steak?! haha Jenny, you never cease to amaze me…

Abbigail - November 7, 2011

I have a friend that has nicknamed my purse “the Mary Poppins bag” because I have literally anything and everything in there…Need a hairbrush? (And not just any hairbrush…a GIANT hairbrush. 😀 ) Umbrella? Hole punch? How ’bout a stapler? Notepad? Stuffed birdy? (I’m serious…) Spray bottle? I’ve got it! I always have at least one book with me, but that’s not too weird…
The only food I’ve ever carried in my purse (not including candy, of course!) was my leftover taco from Taco Bell…but my brother pulled it out and ate it almost immediately. LOL.

Ronda - November 7, 2011

Jenny, I WANT TO HEAR WHY THERE WAS A STEAK IN YOUR PURSE. Please?? Pretty please?? You surely aren’t going to leave us hanging like this!

are you?

Olivia - November 8, 2011

Omigosh! I almost forgot! In kindergarten the closest thing I had to a purse was my backpack and we had these funny little things in our yard off the trees at the time. Well, I put a bunch of them in my backpack for show-and-tell and apparently when you put little fuzzy brown balls into your backpack the spontaneously combust into hay colored feather like things! And, I am not exaggerating when I say they made a mess!

P.S. Bookwyrm15, where had you been that that would happen??? And if a person takes your wallet don’t they usually take something out not put something in?


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