Frowny Fall?

Just because it gets dark at 3pm and it's raining a lot and you might've had an earthquake even though you live in Arkansas (or Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma), and it's chilly, and it's dreary, doesn't mean you need to get down! If you are smile-challenged lately, here is some assistance.

This story from Melissa McCarthy (Sookie from Gilmore Girls) on Ellen cracked me up.

This father-daughter wedding dance. 3:45 is the best. Daddy got some moves.

This Halloween photo. Lesson: never marry a man with the same name as your mother?

My class was asked what their last meal would be if they were on death row for tardies. Here is what one student had to say: (Student clears his throat.) “Caviar, octopus, coffee of all kinds, steak, grits, shark, cake, chocolate, shrimp, rolls, apple cider, fruit, loaded mash potatoes, rotisserie chicken, ham—like a whole ham. Like a pig with that apple in its mouth. Sweet potatoes, apple pie, rice, lo mein, Little Caesars, guava, mango, cumquat, starfruit, big ol’ jug of Pom, I've never had that, it's so expensive, sushi, wasabi, cookies, cornbread, ice cream, chilli, Sweet Tarts, Pepsi, peanut butter, and alllll kinds of sammiches.”

THIS photo of Nicki Minaj…and someone else. Devil Wears Prada, anyone?

THIS happy ending.

THIS Funny or Die video.

This SHOCKING headline of unparalleled journalist value.

The fact that you can find video of at least three young women with Downs who recently won Homecoming Queen in our fine country. Like this girl.

Him. Still.

May we all have a good week.
One in which we smile.
At least once.

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Leah - November 15, 2011

Thanks for all the smiles and giggles Jenny, and you made me smile earlier this week too…I read There You’ll Find Me ! Really great story and touching powerful ending. Loved it! Very inspiring and fun 🙂

Kristin - November 15, 2011

Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. Sookie was always pretty much my favorite character on Gilmore Girls. =)


bookwyrm15 - November 15, 2011

I needed the laughs Jenny! Thanks! 🙂

Did anyone see the new Once Upon a Time episode this Sunday, “The Price of Gold?” I am in AGONY to the EXTREME because they totally ended with a cliffhanger that would be hard enough if I had to wait until next Sunday, but the next episode won’t come until TWO WEEKS FROM NOW!!!!!!!! CRUELTY!!!!!!! 🙁 😉

(Sorry Jenny I know it’s off topic, but I need to vent, and earlier with your TV Talk post, I found the rare fellow Once Upon a Time fans. And when I say rare, I mean RARE. Truly.)

Krista McGee - November 15, 2011

I enjoyed getting to read a preview of There You’ll Find Me this summer. I am also a high school teacher and a writer with Thomas Nelson. I have added your books to our summer reading list. The students have thanked me in advance!

Ashley - November 15, 2011

I’m with you, bookwyrm. I still don’t understand how Henry didn’t realize who Gold is..he seems like the most obvious one of all. I shudder to think of what he will require of Emma…

Olivia - November 15, 2011

Jenny, thanks for the much needed laugh!

P.S. Are you excited about Breaking Dawn?

Heather Sunseri - November 16, 2011

Knew I could count on you for a smile, today, Jenny! Oh, and by the way, I blame you (my funny way of saying, “Thanks, man!”) for how dirty my house is. Writing was distracting enough when I wasn’t working the day job, but Pinterest??? Wow, that’s a time zapper – I’m in love!

Erynn - November 16, 2011

Just thank you for this! So needed it today. Who doesn’t love a good Spanx story? And sammiches. Probably the two are related.

Sarah - December 2, 2011

i cant wait until snow white and the huntsman comes out!!! i think it looks amazing, and you have to admit, Chris Hemsworth (the huntsman) is really hot!


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