Two Snow Whites, Y’all


Okay, so I'm a fan of all things snow. I've already started my snow watch here, consulted some farmers, popped open some persimmons, and am anxiously awaiting an on-air shoutout (BY NAME) from my favorite weather guy on the first snow fall, thanks to my friend Snow Loving Holly. (Seriously, guys, this is going to happen. Can someone loan me their inhaler for the event?)

So keeping with the theme, I am anxiously awaiting the two Snow White movies. I had zero faith in either of them, but now I'm intrigued.

There is the serious one, which stars Bella Swan and Charlize Theron. At least I think it's about Snow White. Judging from a few scenes, it looks like K-Stew is channeling Joan of Arc.

So that one is called Snow White and the Huntsman and Thor.

Then there's the one starring Julia Roberts, Phil Collins' daughter, and Lily Collins' eyebrows. This one is either called Mirror, Mirror or Julia Roberts' Disappearing Accent. I forget which.

I had no idea that was going to be a comedy. That changes everything. And I had no idea Nathan Lane was going to be in it. That's a ticket-buy for me.
Another instant buy is anything with Stanley Tucci in it. So now I have to see Hunger Games. Because I always support the Tooch.

Other movies I'm excited to see are The War Horse.  (Though I think we know that can't end well. I'll probably be on anti-depressants before the credits roll.) And of course, Hugo.
What about you? What movies are on your list this winter?

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Ashley - November 16, 2011

Jenny…I really hope you would see The Hunger Games even if Stanley Tucci was not in it, but I’m with you on supporting the Tooch. When I first heard about the Snow Whites, I balked. It’s bad enough that Hollywood is all about the remakes these days, but do to do TWO of the same story back-to-back….ugh. That being sad, I’m looking forward to seeing Lily Collins’ eyebrows and hearing Julia Roberts’ disappearing accent. I might have to see the other one too just because Charlize Theron seems to have the wicked queen down pretty good….As for other movies…New Year’s Eve (I figure if it’s least it has Jon Bon Jovi in it) the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (It’s ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!!!) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Hoping there will be more of a mystery this time) and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (although I’m skeptical about this one…I don’t think it’ll be as good as the original Swedish one).
Also, I REALLY want to see the movie Like Crazy, but right now it’s only in limited release…so I’m still waiting on that one.

Rachel.T - November 16, 2011

Both of the Snow White movies look alright. But the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman (and Thor) is downright incredible. Charlize seems to play her evil queen role perfectly. And the mirror is cooler.

Serenity Bohon - November 16, 2011

I love Julia Roberts. Always. But except for her, that funny one does NOT fill me with glee. The puppy love scene alone sort of makes me want to run. Screaming. The kick-butt K-Stew, however, definitely intrigues. I’m a blissfully uncritical twihard, but won’t it be nice to see her being all On My Own like that? I’m in.

Jenny B Jones - November 16, 2011

Yes, I want to see Sherlock Holmes II. Though first I gotta watch part I….

Serenity, I had the SAME REACTION to the puppy love potion scene. Stomach turning. Who WROTE that?

And I agree, Charlize does make a really good evil queen!

Debra Weiss - November 16, 2011

Yes! I love Nathan Lane. Isn’t he just fantastic?! Although every time I hear his voice, I still look around for Timon.

At the top of my winter list is The Muppet Saga (google it!). They’re making fun of Twilight and even though I like Twilight, I have a feelin’ that our favorite Muppets are gonna rock this! 😉

Amy M - November 16, 2011

BY NAME?!? ON AIR?!? You are officially the coolest person I know. But I can’t remember which one is your favorite??

bookwyrm15 - November 16, 2011

I am loyal to the Snow White of Once Upon a Time. 🙂 Sorry, Jenny, but Kirsten Stewart just doesn’t cut it for me.

As for movies I am looking forward to, Hunger Games is definitely at THE TOP of my list!!!!! 😉 Hugo looks good…the actor (think his first name is Asa) is also an incredibly sinister young Mordred in the BBC show Merlin, especially for being so young. So his acting is a definite plus for Hugo.

Can’t think of any other good ones…

Breelin - November 16, 2011

Hi Jenny, I love your blog and am a huge fan of your books! 🙂 I’m really looking foward to seeing Jack and Jill. Adam Sandler comdies are always good right? (No, but this one looks okay.) Sherlock HolmesII. I’m excited to see if it lives up to the amazing first one.and War Horse, who dosen’t want to see a boy named Adam fight to find his horse named Joey. Uh, me… My mom wants me to see it though. I’m just going for the movie theater candy…Haha.

Mary Snyder - November 16, 2011

Okay, I’m loving the funny Snow and a bit scared of the scary one. I adore Julia Roberts and I think I’m going to just LOVE her in this role — and Nathan Lane – YES!

Hunger Games? Love the books!! I’m a wait and see on the movie. It always makes me nervous when a favorite book come to film — it’s not always good.

Kristin - November 16, 2011

I was more excited about Mirror, Mirror than the other one (I have zero confidence in Kristen Stewart. I am not a Twilight fan, anyway), until after I saw the trailers. Now I’m looking foward to them both. Mirror, Mirror looks quirky but sillier than I would like, and Snow White & the Huntsman is a little too war-ish. But other than that, I’m excited for them. =)

I’m also excited for Hugo and the Hunger Games (loved the new? trailer).


Ronda - November 16, 2011

Oh, now I really want to see the funny one. That looks great! Love Julia Roberts! The other…not so much my taste.

Jenny - November 17, 2011

So excited for the Hunger Games! I thought the trailer was excellent! Very hopeful the movie will live up to what was shown in it. The tiny little clip of Effie was exactly how I pictured her when reading the books.

Watched both the Snow White trailers. I’m with Mary Snyder on both accounts. So, yes to Julia & funny, no to anything that creeps me out or scares me. I have learned to let my inner scaredy cat be my guide 🙂

Rel Mollet - November 17, 2011

Well, I gotta go with my antipodean loyalties so Chris Hemsworth”s Huntsman for me. Not jiving with Julia Roberts’ Queen at all!

Jen – did you ever see Stanley Tucci in Murder One? Icky but brilliant!

Erin McFarland - November 17, 2011

haha I totally thought K Stew looked more Joan of Arc too! Mirror Mirror looks ridiculously funny! “They’re not wrinkles. They’re just…crinkles.” Probably will see both at some point.

Evangeline Denmark - November 17, 2011

I can’t stop thinking about those eyebrows. Wow!

I’m sure I’ll see both since I love fairytale retellings. Also, I’m curious to see Lily Collins’ acting chops since she’s been cast as Clary for Mortal Instruments. Hopefully they didn NOT cast her eyebrows!

ashleynashville3 - November 17, 2011

I am dying to see Like Crazy.

Ruth - November 21, 2011

I’m really looking forward to both of these Snow White films!


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