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Months ago I asked for help in naming my new 3-legged cat and so many have you had great suggestions. That's him above, taking a nap on my shoulder while I grade papers. (It was really boring work.)  He's a big boy now and things aren't going so hot for Thomas Sullivan Magnum, PI.

Poor Sully's been to the vet almost every week, and despite the x-rays and blood work, they can't find out why his remaining front leg isn't working. It's been pretty sad to watch.

So say a little prayer for my little Sully, that we'll get some answers. We go back to the vet today, and they might be consulting with some folks in Oklahoma for us.

And say a prayer for me. Between the 400 vet trips and the 6 claw-shredded dining room chairs, I could've purchased four Coach bags and a Labradoodle.  Not to mention, at this point a happy ending is a pretty faint option, so…well, you know me and animals. It's not going to be pretty.

Should've gotten a goldfish. . .


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Ruth - November 18, 2011

Oh Jenny I am praying for you and Sully! I am so sorry to hear he’s been struggling — he is just adorable and I have loved seeing his pictures and video on the blog that you’ve shared with us. He always struck me as a fighter — praying for answers and healing!

Heather Sunseri - November 18, 2011

Oh, Jenny. I’m so sorry. Saying a prayer for little Sully.

Moriah - November 18, 2011

Aw, I’m so sorry 🙁 Praying for Sully. I get attached to my cats too. Who wouldn’t? But then they all die…

Kathy - November 18, 2011

So sad to see our furry children suffer but then we are their protectors and need to find the best care possible for our precious pets. I know you consider the cost of the expensive consultations and possibly more operations and meds, but the joy of having a loving friend is worth all the time and expense. I pray that there will be a volution soon for Sully.

Colene Beck - November 18, 2011

Awe Jenny, I’m so sorry! Poor little Sully! You’ve got lots of prayers coming your way and Sully’s way too. I hope they can find some answers for you!

Mary Snyder - November 18, 2011

Girl, I’m praying for Sully. You know how I love my cats! I’m heartbroken over his leg — and for his mom.

Olivia - November 18, 2011

Prayin’ for ya, Jenny! 🙂

bookwyrm15 - November 18, 2011

I’m so sorry. I will pray for Sully (whose name makes me think of a pirate :)).

Allie Smith - November 18, 2011

Oh,see you should’ve named him Frodo…because Frodo was a fighter,warrior,awesomeness hobbit! And Sully (omigosh,that’s the name of the monster on Monster’s Inc.!) is a warrior,fighter,awesomeness cat!!! Lol,no Sully is an adorbs name 🙂 He is in my prayers! As are you…

Erin McFarland - November 18, 2011

we are no strangers to mystery conditions for our fluffy friends. my parents ended up visiting a vet all the way in Chicago for their dog’s eye troubles. sigh. prayin for your Sully.

Dawn - November 21, 2011

Praying for your sweet furry friend and for you!


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