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Have you seen this aerial photo of a river's path on the desert?

“Just bought a 3d Kindle…..also known as a book” (SydneyD)

So the police were sent to shake up a five year old about her overdue library books. That is awful. And slightly funny. You don't mess with librarians. Poor kid's gonna hate cops for the rest of her life. Hope she doesn't grow up to be a serial killer. All because she didn't return Goodnight Moon.

It's that time once again when I share funny tweets. Written by other people. Other people who don't know I stole them. (Credit given in parenthesis. Sorta.)

Refusing to go to school tomorrow. Who needs it? It's called Pinterest… #soleplaceoflearning  (Elliott)


That awkward moment when you start talking to a cute guy who looks like he's your age, but he's really only 13. #cougar (Ashley, tweet one)
Marinating in shame, if you were wondering. (Ashley, tweet two)

12yr old gave 7yr old a lecture: don't judge things by how they look on the outside. It's whats inside that counts. All wasted on a banana. (cupcakegirly)

While shopping, 6 y.o. daughter said “You are denim, I am sequins!” (GeorgianaD)

The Baby has a new flair for mixed… idioms, I guess. “Oh my cow!” and “Holy stars!” and “For crying out Pete!” and “For loud's sake!” (SavannahB)

Not sure which is scarier…my mom's driving or the fact that she knows almost all the words to Selena Gomez's “Love Song” (Ashley)

That awkward moment when you find out that all the scenery in White Christmas is fake. #lifeshattering (Karly)

Everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of mom. (SydneyA)

Taking a conference call on a horse! (SteamyKitchen)

Just discovered that twelve novella collections exist about matchmaking regency kittens. TWELVE. This makes my evening much more exciting. (the_authoress)

As a general rule, anyone driving slower than me is wrong, and anyone driving faster than me is illegal. (Courtney)

Funny people at yoga. During a 5 minute chair pose the girl next to me said, “I don't want to be fit. I just didn't know til right now” (BrendaAKeller)

The feds are acquiring everything we've written on Twitter. Luckily for me, I usually tweet about diarrhea. (KatyMcKenna)

WHY ARE HARD BOILED EGGS SO HARD TO MAKE? I am going to have to get these down if I want to be a top-notch trophy wife. (SydneyA)

“Duty is beautiful” -Professor Allen.
Giggle, giggle (Karly)

People who've written/are being paid to write books: Tyra Banks, Pippa Middleton, and that Snooki thing. People who won't finish writing: me (SavannahB)

My parents lack of Harry Potter knowledge is revolting. (Karly)

Charlie, my four year old brother, told us the chicken we had for dinner tonight was “sexy awesome” (Elliott)

Just write “I'm good. I'm the best. I'm the smartest.” on all of your applications and call it good. -My grandpa's advice. (SydneyD)

A little part of my soul dies every time I get passed by a Prius on the highway. #embarrassing (SydneyA)

Have a great rest of the week!

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Allie Smith - January 4, 2012

Haha the Allie that tweeted about the pickles…you sound cool. Plus,you have my name so you must be awesome! Lol jk. Cool post,Jenny 🙂 Made me laugh.

Ruth - January 4, 2012

Those tweets are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. 🙂 Have a great week!

Lynette Eason - January 5, 2012

How come you see all the funny tweets? I want some funny tweets. :/

Well, thanks for the laughs this morning. I needed them. I get to go teach now. Laughs are over.

Have a great Thursday!

Erin McFarland - January 5, 2012

I don’t even do twitter and I want to follow SydneyA!

capillya - January 7, 2012

Oh how I love the funny tweet posts!


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