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Did you guys watch Downton Abbey? I can't tell you how unfulfilled my life has been without it. We shall discuss later.

First of all the winner (one single winner, as I did not get snow) of Circle Maker by Mark Batterson is Emily K. Emily, email me your addy, girl. For those of you who listen to podcasts, Batterson just started a Circle Maker series at his home church. (Search itunes for National Community Church.)

Second, let's talk book covers. Like many of you, I always have my eye out for some good book coverings. I so appreciate blogs dedicated to the art like Here are some faves of late. Note: A few of them are kinda old. Years old. A few I stole from Natalie Lloyd. Two from Sew Technicolor. Thank you for supporting my pirating.

Blog Nonfiction1

I'm a horrible collage maker. It took me exactly 4 million hours to create that. And I cut off poor Steve Earle's book. I did not do it justice, so look it up and view it all by itself. It deserves that. Some of these are old, like the Lucado book. But I still like it. It still catches my eye after a few years. Love the font on Gettysburg. Love the folky chaos of Earle's.  Ebert's is so simple, but it fits him. Fits his passion for all things cinema. Classy. Understated, yet the font makes it. Redefining Beautiful cashed in on a trendy color that has yet to detrend. Plus the accent of black is always cool. I like how simple it is. I assume it's for teen girls, yet it doesn't say, “Hey, we think you're really ten.” Great job on that.

Next up, some fiction.


None of these fit together. Further evidence of my collage-creating-suckiness.
I love the cover by David C. Cook publishing of Don Reid's O Little Town. That would be the Don Reid from the Statler Brothers. Love the colors on that, again the pop of trendy blue, and the vintage station wagon. Very homey and vintage and cozy.

I stole the Little Women from Sew Technicolor, but I love that one! Great pink on pink. Jo March would hate it, but she can stuff it.

I'm usually not drawn to Debbie Macomber's covers because they're a little too blah for me. But I'm hoping the cover for Out of the Rain means they're moving in a new direction, like publishers have recently (finally) done for Nora Roberts. This one reminds me of something you'd see from Marisa de Los Santos, who usually wins the cover jackpot.

I'm a sucker for dress covers. I especially like it when they don't busy it up and let the dress be the focus. The cover for What Alice Forgot is interesting because that's the UK version, and it's so much prettier than the US version, which seems to be reaching out to a different audience. That version would've made me cry. And move to Britain.

Finally, a few more. A better collage, if I do say so myself.

blog 3

Love the dress in The Selection (thanks to Natalie Lloyd for pointing that out.) Love the Lisa Dale book. For Passing Love, I like the dark dress with the contrast of the pink belt, though I don't love the tulip. Maybe that's significant, like her Eiffel Tower bracelet? I like the top half of the Art of Saying Goodbye, which reminds me of a Sarah Addison Allen, someone who has to be the luckiest of the lucky when it comes to cover creation.  Joshilyn Jackson also has some nice ones. Love the green gingham on A Grown-up Kind of Pretty.

I like this cover of To Kill a Mockingbird.


I liked it even more when I saw what Kristin from Sew Technicolor had done. Check this out.
Can you believe that talent? So cool.

For album covers, my favorite this year was this one.


Probably the snow and the pop of red. I'm not a Buble fanatic, and I don't really care for Christmas music, but I liked this cover.

I thought this article from Publisher's Weekly was interesting. It's about how they gave Gaiman's The Graveyard Book (YA, juvie lit) a new cover and sold it to adults. Have to admit, I like the adult cover better.

Some interesting thoughts on dead girls on YA book covers. I've never had that. Farm animals? Yes. Dead chicks? Nah.

Another good article by PW about the cover-sales connection, and how you're sunk if your book is wrapped in unnecessary ugly or if it doesn't stand out because it looks like all the rest. So good.

Any favorite covers out there? Dish!

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Jenny - January 9, 2012

My compliments & wow! to Kristen. That is just beautiful!

Jenny – even before I read what you had to say about dresses I was thinking how easily I am won over by dresses on the cover of a novel. Kind of like how I can hardly pull my eyes away from the display window at our local bridal shop. If I could draw, sew, & had fashion skills of any kind, I would want to design gorgeous dresses for a living.

Kristin - January 9, 2012

I’m going to have to check out quite a few of these books very soon. =) The Roger Ebert cover is gorgeous- perfectly silent film-ish, down to the font (especially the tiny “A Memoir” font).

Thanks so much for the link to my book embroidery! =) I’d love to embroider more covers this year.

I can’t think of any really beautiful book covers I’ve seen lately…


Bailey - January 9, 2012

Little Women is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!!! Ekkkkk….love that book sooo much! Your books are next on the list after Little Women though 🙂 however- it’s pretty close.


GreenBeanTeenQueen - January 9, 2012

Oh, I could browse bookstores and admire covers all day long!:) Isn’t it funny to think about what draws us to a book? The book could have the worst plotline ever, but if it has a pretty dress on it, I’m picking it up. I also think it’s interesting when covers change throughout the series or from hardcover to paperback. There have been some series where I don’t want to read the book in HC then see the PB and I want it right now!:)

bookwyrm15 - January 9, 2012

I’m on this phase where I stare at posters. My favs are Hunger Games and Once Upon a Time (the ones with Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin–two seperate posters–in a tunnel of branches). 🙂

But to stay on topic, my fav covers are the River of Time ones by Lisa Bergren and the Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead (new editions).

Jenny B Jones - January 9, 2012

Okay, y’all didn’t tell me the blog had cut off the pics on the right side. I’m not THAT bad of a collage maker.

Also, I really like The Night Circus cover.

Ruth - January 9, 2012

My life is so fulfilled now too, thanks to Downton’s return. Oh I have missed this show. Bates and Anna! Branson and Sybil! OH THE DRAMA!! 🙂

Jenny - January 9, 2012

Ok, while we are on the cover topic, can I ask a question that might be obvious to all but me. The Help – anyone care to share your thoughts on that cover? Is it because she is going out on a limb? Is it the ‘a little birdie told me so’ thing? Did I miss some allusion to birds? I read the book & saw the movie, but I still kind of tilt my head to the side and go hmmmm when I see that cover. It is pretty and all, but, well (insert head tilt) hmmmm…

Jenny B Jones - January 9, 2012

That is a good question, Jenny. It is a blah cover isn’t it? And the birds…? I did a little searching and found this:

Stephanie Riley - January 10, 2012


I just finished THERE YOU’LL FIND ME. I purchased it as soon as it came out, but have saved it for Christmas time as I knew it would be among the few worthy to read during my favorite time of year.

Well, it was the ONLY book I chose to stay up late for – and the book I read cover to cover in the least amount of time as I was so captivated by your characters and your story.

You say in the end credits that this book kicked you in the butt (and elude to its difficulty in your blog). I can only imagine in that, in my view, what a threat to the Enemy this book was.

You exposed emptiness and loss, eating disorders and trying to control it all under our own powers…..just the way Satan would want it. What a threat this book is to him as it can only be considered such a gift to all those reading it as it glorifies the Lord in the truth it illuminates.

With teary eyes after finishing the book, I knew I couldn’t go to bed until I told you how very much I not only LOVED the book in its read-ability, romance, and beautiful escapism, but also for the joy its message brought to my heart. Thank you!

capillya - January 11, 2012

You posted about covers on my birthday?! You hear that? That’s the sound of the universe exploding.

Jenny - January 16, 2012

Thanks for the link Jenny. Interesting.


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