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Every year I say I'm not watching American Idol. And I get sucked in every time. Last year I gave up about halfway through. This year doesn't look any more promising, despite the judge's deliberate mentions of how they're really raising the bar for talent requirements. Right, dawg.

Jim Carrey's daughter auditioned. I love Jim's response on the phone after Daughter gets her results.

Love J-Lo's reaction to meeting her. “Do you remember me? Your dad and I were on In Living Color together?” Jane Carrey pauses, but J-Lo continues. “I was a fly-girl!”
Jane: “I was two.”
Those of you watching AI, do you have an early favorite?

What did you think of Downton Sunday? What was the point of Matthew being MIA for like 10 minutes? Because it gave Mary more time in her musical solo? Then Matthew came walking in, joined in singing, and they were all J-Lo and Mark Anthony. Plus Edith.

Okay, what is going on with Seal and Victoria Secret?
If they can't make it, I don't know who can.
It can't be parenting stress, as they have 3 nannies, with two always on the job at once. I once saw an interview where Heidi Klum admitted she had never changed a diaper. So it wasn't because she was always on Huggies duty.
Maybe it's because when they vacationed, Seal wore Speedos. In California, grounds for divorce include incurable insanity, irreconcilable differences, and obscene swimwear. I really think Heidi has a case here.
Actually my theory is it's either a publicity stunt or (more likely), things fell apart because the man of the house was not as financially successful as the lady. Sometimes it's just the burden we super models bear.

Have a great week.

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Ruth - January 23, 2012

I am convinced that last night’s hour of Downton covered something crazy like six months of 1918. Nuts! 😉

Kate - January 23, 2012

First, I love that you love Downton.
Second, the MIA to musical transition — while I admit that I got goosebumps when he showed up and am secretly glad that I don’t have to worry about Matthew for another week, I was still angry that the writers went there so fast… in fact, everything is too fast. Two years in three episodes is too much too soon, I say. I’m a woman… I can be as contrary as I choose.

Ashley - January 23, 2012

All I’m gonna say is that I can’t wait for The Voice to come back on next Sunday.

Sarah - January 23, 2012

Did you see the xfactor? They had some amazing contestants. It makes me feel like American Idol is just getting worse -,- I didn’t see last night but there was this one guy last Thursday his name was like, Philip Phillips? Haha P.P. I soooo wasn’t mature about his initials 😛 and then there was this one kid who started crying he was sorta good, oh and skylar and her brother coltan. Truthfully I’m sorta excited(x

Jenny - January 23, 2012

I abandoned AI a few years back (after years of serious love). I also thought it was funny when J-Lo asked if she remembered her. She’s J-Lo. Everyone remembers her. What a hoot!

Allie Smith - January 23, 2012

I don’t really watch American Idol but I saw this girl planking infront of her sister while she auditioned…that was one form of moral support I had not yet seen haha

Abby Minard - January 23, 2012

Yeah, I say that about American Idol, too. Even if we don’t watch the auditions in the beginning (they can be SO agonizing!) I eventually come into it sometime during Hollywood week. I had no idea Jim Carrey’s daughter auditioned- did she make it? And OMG I just started watching Downton Abbey- finished season 1 on netflix on Friday and now am going to start watching season 2 on SO excited to get caught up!!

bookwyrm15 - January 24, 2012

Once Upon a Time all the way! I am OBSESSED with that show! It’s sooooooo AMAZING!!!!! 🙂

Jenny B Jones - January 26, 2012

Ruth and Kate, you’re right. It was too fast.

Ashley, I’m also excited for The Voice to return!

Sarah, you said P.P.. .

Abby, Jim’s kid did make it through to Hollywood. She was okay. She did appear very normal.


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