“The soul craves beauty.” -Thomas Moore

I am beyond shocked at the news of one Ms. Whitney Houston. What a voice. Hearing her was like having church. I always loved to hear her do gospel.
It's sad to lose the 80s. One piece at a time.

On to happier news.
I am on the verge of getting a snow day.
Except I'm afraid there's some pain attached to that as well. Let me give you a transcript of today's conversation with my family:

Aunt: Did you all go to church today?
Me: Yes. I need to kiss up to Jesus. I'm asking for snow.
Mom: I went. I'm also kissing up to Jesus. I'm asking Him for no snow.
and later…
Me: You two have a good night. Get all your groceries because it's going to snow.
Mom: I'm praying it doesn't.
Aunt: And I'm joining her. So that's two against your one. We cancel out your snow dance.

It goes without saying that I'm hurt and confused. My own flesh and blood speaking to me like this. Trying to crush my icy dreams. We're probably going to need some family counseling after this. And by counseling, I mean my mom's gonna have to bake me a lot of cookies to heal this rift. It's scenes like this why families go years without speaking to one another, save for the occasional Dollar Store birthday card. Now I'm probably going to have to spend my whole snow day off praying for the strength to forgive these women who've so wronged me. But I dunno. That will have to go pretty low on the Snow Day to-do list that's already pretty full.

Snow Day To Do List
1. Get magical phone call: “School is closed.”
2. Smile and giggle
3. Giggle some more
4. Throw a cat off my face; sleep in
5. Eat breakfast while watching TV, checking Facebook, composing emails thanking the weathermen, and playing Scramble with Friends.
6. Eventually brush teeth and throw hair in ponytail
7. Check snow for sled depth
8. Drink cocoa
9. Read a book
10. Watch some Bravo
11. Lunch No. 1
12. Put Crisco on sled and attach propane pack to back of “White Thunder”
13. Watch some HGTV
14. Lunch No. 2
15. Sled until extremities get dangerously tingly
16. Read a magazine as I thaw
17. Watch some TLC
18. Call some friends at work and remind them I'm still in my pjs
19. Do Snow Angels then, inspired, come in and write Precipitation Poetry
20. Scrapbook Precipitation Poetry
21. Contact Pulitzer committee again about opening up new category in literature
22. Check email to see if I failed to brag about day off to anyone
23. Throw snow balls at neighbor kids
24. Deny throwing snow balls at neighbor kids
25. Forgive my family for mean things

I hope you have a great Monday.
I know I will!

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Kristin - February 12, 2012

I want some snow so badly! All we’ve had is a tiny dusting one morning and then a couple of approx. 10 second flurries.

It just doesn’t seem like winter without snow.


Virginia Rush - February 12, 2012

love your list…hope it snows for you…pretty sure we won’t see any this year, in fact our yards need mowing…is it really Feb? if you get snow send pictures!!!!!

Lynnet - February 12, 2012

We’re praying for snow in Van Buren/ft smith area as well. Seems like y’all “always” get the snow and we’re left with literally a flake or two. Feel free to share the snow with the rear of us please! Enjoy your wonderful day – love your snow plans! “White Tuunder” sounds extremely fun and slightly dangerous. ;~)

Allie Smith - February 12, 2012

I would love some snow! Weather in N.C. is sooo wierd!!! My dad always says,”If you don’t like the weather in N.C. just wait a few hours…” Totally true! It’s icy-cold but not a snowflake in sight. Sigh…

Richard Mabry - February 12, 2012

I you lived just a bit further south–like Frisco, TX–you could get some snow and sleet on the grassy areas while the roads would stay clear. Then you could go to school tomorrow. Mwaah haah haah.

Erin McFarland - February 13, 2012

Prayin with ya for your snow. There. Now it’s at least 2 against 2. Total toss up.

Jenny - February 13, 2012

We have had a ridiculous shortage of delays and cancellations at my kids’ school. If that is the way it is going to be, then it needs to be spring so I can stop being cold all the time.

I just have to comment on Whitney, because I love her and have since 1985 when I got her my first Whitney Houston cassette tape. Don’t even care how old that makes me sound right now. I have every song of hers memorized (except the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack…never could quite get into that one). So saddened by the direction her gifted life took when it could have gone so differently. I completely agree with your assessment of losing the 80s one piece at a time. Sigh.

crystal long - February 13, 2012

If I didn’t already adore you, this post would have done the trick! Woman, you rock!

AbaGayle - February 13, 2012

Snow. That Is what I need. I live in AL. The winter so far? We have had flurries, 70 & 60 & 50 degree weather. And, well, amazing weather. I’m SO on your side.

Oh. I forgot to say who I am. Ha.(: I’m AbaGayle–call be Abbi for short, if you’d like. I just got finished reading So NOT Happening. Actually, I just got back from my homeschool group, but anyway, yeah. I finished it last night.

I’m pretty much going to have to read your blog now, because I’m now a hug fan.(: I just put both of the Charmed Life series books on hold now. I need to own them, but when you can’t have a job, and have no money, the only option left I’d to steal the books, but I couldnt do that.

Anywho, you’re an amazing writer. Writing is somthing I absolutely love, and after I finished reading So NOT Happening. I realized we have similar writing. . .like, things. Oh, yeah, I also love reading. I have, like, 15 books in my room that I picked up at the library.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. Yeah. So. I love your writing, and am now going to be one of your blog stalkers. 😀



Stephanie Riley - February 14, 2012

I SOOOOOO hope you got the snow….I feel the same way you do about it!!!


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