Thank God for Funny Friends


I have a friend. We'll call her Carla. (Name changed to protect the animal-disliking)
She does not like cats. She doesn't really like dogs either.
I swear she's still a good person though.

So she dislikes cats.

Read this email I received from her last night.

Some of the church girls had a get together tonight, so Ali rode with me. I dropped her off just a few min ago.
Drive home. Put the car in park. Look down.
And there's a freaking cat INSIDE of my van staring at me!
I screamed and jumped out, looking like a ninja, and run and jump on the back of the van…I guess I thought it would attack me?
It finally runs under the truck, so I sprint in the house and my husband asks me if I'm drunk!

I'm convinced cats are out to kill me now.
Turns out it was Ali's cat. Apparently it has a hitchhiking problem because it's always getting in her neighbor's car. Freaky cats!!!

Can you top that?

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Kristin - February 17, 2012

That’s hilarious. 🙂

My cat was a stray, and he rode under the hood or somewhere under my aunt’s car for about 30 miles round trip (my aunt obviously did not know). Then he got off at my grandma’s, and she adopted him (we took him after she died). He had a rough start to life!


Kari - February 17, 2012

Poor, poor Carla. That just sounds terrible!

Katers - February 17, 2012

My friend also believes that cats are out to get her. She will run away from them like she’s in danger. (I think it’s hilarious!) She always brings up this story about a neighborhood cat who “stalks her from the driveway” across the street. It would be one thing if it ran after her, but she says all it does it STARE at her and it creeps her out!


Jenny B Jones - February 17, 2012

Seriously, Kari, that girl probably needs some counseling. Of the fajita variety.

Katers, Carla believes the same. Those silly gals. . .

Kristin, I’m always amazed when a cat can survive a car ride on the outside of the vehicle.

Olivia - February 17, 2012

Funny!!! Love the ninja moves… check out this video:

Am I the only 1 who, after watching this went around saying ‘zip, zip, zip, zip’ for days? Lol!!!!

Skye - February 17, 2012

I think cats are evil too, I was spending the night at a friend’s house and was walking down the stairs. When their psychotic cat jumped me. I’m pretty sure it turns into a vampire at night and was going for my throat. Anyway I threw it off me and ran screaming to my friend’s room where I stayed for the next five hours until the demon left.
lol their so evil

Clare Kolenda - February 17, 2012

Poor, poor Carla. I hope she had some chocolate to help her through her trauma.
Though I haven’t had anything as traumatic happen to me, I once go over to my sister’s apartment to have a sleep over and watch some good ole’ Zac Efron. I was slouching as I sat on her couch, because I don’t have to worry about being a hunch back yet, and her cat(who is rather fat, mind you) comes up and sits right on the back of the couch practically on top of my head. It must’ve thought I was pretty comfy because it stayed there for much longer than I appreciated.
So, I don’t know if these two incidences qualify me to have a certain level of dislike for animals, but unqualified or not, the feeling remains. 😛

Timothy Fish - February 17, 2012

Several years ago, my grand parents had a house in the city and a cabin in the country. One day, when my grandmother arrived in town, she saw a cat that was supposed to be out at the farm run out from under the car and disappear. Some time later, she made the forty mile trip back to the farm, and once again, she saw the cat run out from under the car.

But I’ve been thinking lately. Have you ever noticed on television that the guy carrying the cat is always the villain? But the guy with a dog is usually a nice guy.

Allie Smith - February 18, 2012

That. Is. Hilarious.

Jenny B Jones - February 20, 2012

Timothy, that is one lucky and well-traveled cat.

Erin - February 21, 2012

My cat jumped into the bathtub last week. While it was full of water. And me. She leapt in up by my head, did two laps, stopped for awhile to try to yank the drain stopper out, and then jumped out and trailed gallons of water all over the house. She’s a complete freak.

Rachel Billings - February 21, 2012

My cat, Oscar, liked to scale my elderly neighbor’s roof. This can lead to very bad things if the said neighbor forgets to shut their windows. One night they were lying in bed and heard a strange noise. They looked around the room and finally saw the tip top of my cats tail, bobbing passed the foot of their bed. My cat was very big and very black. I imagine the situation ended up looking a lot like that Geico panther commercial.


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