Oscar Recap

Firstly, congrats to Carla T, winner of Girl Talk by Nicole O'Dell. Carla, email me your addy, girl!

Okay, so Oscar's. Did you watch?
I was all excited to see  Billy Crystal at the helm again, but…I was bored. Bad bored.
I thought Billy did well. Certainly better than Anne Hathaway and Franco from General Hospital. But the show still seemed lacking. I wanted the opening montage to be more. I wanted the top of J-Lo's dress to be more…

Very exciting to see Hugo win all those awards. But.
Not one Hugo award involved a mention of the book or author. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is one of the most fabulously written and illustrated books. I was sad for the author. He deserved major recognition. Everyone associated with Hugo who won said something to the effect of, “I wouldn't be here without Martin Scorsese.” Well, Marty & his eye brows wouldn't be there without a guy named Brian Selznick.

I was THRILLED to see Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame win best song for “Man or Muppet.” I had no idea he was involved in the movie. Is Flight of the Conchords even on anymore?

Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow's presenting moment…awkward. Really, lots of awkward moments Sunday night.

My favorite part of the evening was the new JCPenney commercials with Ellen. Hilarious. And so well-written.

And this one:

There are a few more, I believe on YouTube. Plus some fake outtakes that are good.

What about the dresses on Oscar night?
J-Lo's was ridiculous, and I don't care who says what, she had stuff showing that should not have been making appearances on live TV. I really liked Michelle Williams' dress. I'm not into an extra layer at the hips. I personally stay away from that on all my evening gowns. But it looked cute on her. I like how unHollywood she seems to be. I get the feeling she probably watches the LA crowd and rolls her eyes a lot. Probably texts Busy Phillips all sorts of Blind Items. Minus the Blind.

My favorite dress was worn by Penelope Cruz. Really classy.

I thought someone needed to give Angelina Jolie and Rose Byrne from Bridesmaids (she's Australian?!) something to eat. I would've liked Kristin Wiig's dress if it had tiny straps. It was a little too…saggy up north. Everyone is going nuts over Rooney Mara's dress, but I didn't care for it. Plus, I thought it would've been more fun if she had shown up in character. With the dragon tattoo and no eyebrows.

Everyone has really been praising Viola Davis's dress choices at events lately as well. I think she is awesome for going wigless and keeping the hair natural, but her dress choices could be summed up in one word: boobies.

I love being on Twitter for events like that. It's like one big water cooler.
I struggle with blogging anymore because I tend to say it all on Twitter. So if you missed it, here's my Twitter breakdown of Oscar time:

Meryl got cheated out of Julie & Julia. This is the Academy's redo. It's like putting OJ in jail for theft. #Oscars

The French are so kissy. (Note to self: Invite Jean Dujardin to next dinner party…)

You would have LOVED the graphics tonight. Amazing. Best thing about the awards so far.

Love that Reese Witherspoon just gave a shoutout to one of my fave movies, Overboard. “Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh.” #oscars

Leave it to the comedians to be the first to acknowledge the author/book that led to the movie. #oscars

RT @Annalisa_: Why is Angelina sticking her leg out like that??//Doesn't have the strength to stand. Has to prop herself up.

Oh, Angelina. Praying for you a cheeseburger right now. #oscars

What in the WORLD is that clanging noise that's been going on the entire broadcast? Lindsey Lohan trying to get in? #oscars

Undefeated wins documentary!!! WOOO! Volunteer coaches healing at-risk kids through football.

J-Lo needs to cover the girls up and Brad Pitt needs to cut his hair. #oscars

Ryan Seacrest's probably watching Cirque thinking, “I could do that.” #multitasker

You know it's bad when they bring out the puppets. #Oscars

Okay, so what about your Oscar highs and lows? What did you enjoy? What make you shake your head?

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bookwyrm15 - February 27, 2012

HUGO WON A LOT!!!! I was so excited! 🙂 The movie was amazing, and Jenny, you’re right, the book was beautifully illustrated. And in my book, Asa Butterfield won Best Actor even if he’s a little young. His expressions and emotion is priceless. He’s a future heartbreaker girls…we need to warn our daughters and little sisters. 🙂

“You know it’s bad when they bring out the puppets.” Enough said. Were they that desperate for Best Original Score? I think Hugo had an amazing score, but maybe they didn’t want to give Hugo too many awards. But really? “Man or Muppet”? Come on guys.

Virginia Rush - February 27, 2012

Jenny you are sooo funny!!!!!! I didn’t realize J Lo’s dress didn’t cover…you know…didn’t have my glasses on. Angelina looked like an anorexic bratz doll on a stand with a quirky leg…she loves being outrageous…feeds on it even, maybe she needs to feed on food instead. loved the Ellen ads. maybe they could ask Betty White and some funny hunky guy to host next year. I loved the girl who said…let’s dance!!! wish the help had won more…. liked the memorial run..didn’t realize we’d lost so many last year. good report on the Oscars..grammy’s…whatever

Virginia Rush - February 27, 2012

oh and I meant to add….BIG TIME…they need to have an award for the BOOK!!!!

Laura - February 27, 2012

Yes! Penelope Cruz’s dress was my favorite too! I loved how romantic and classy it was. It reminded me of something Kate Winslet would wear, but I never saw her… I thought there were too many white and nude dresses. I like the bold colors as well as the pale pastels.

I didn’t realize until I did some research today but eleven of the films nominated (or represented by actor/score, etc.) are actually book adaptations. I wonder if the authors get to go to the awards shows? If I wrote a book that was turned into a movie, that would definitely be in the contract.

Also saw a lot mad fan responses today b/c of Harry Potter’s lack of wins. Not to mention lack of nominations! I have mixed feelings about it…feel like it should at least have gotten some recognition other than one lame joke during the show.

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - February 27, 2012

I never really cared for Harry Potter. But I do care for a pretty dress. I liked Penelope’s dress but I don’t my skinny frame could fit in it. Not to mention I’m shorter… Anyway my dad says TV adds like twenty pounds so try to picture Angelina skinnier…if you can, isn’t it scary!? It makes me want to down cheeseburgers and wonder how people can do that to themselves. Hollywood will always be a mystery. From the skinny people…to how they can stand to put up with Justin Bieber. Pray for those crazy people…

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - February 27, 2012

Oh, and Jenny when is your movie coming out? There You’ll Find Me should be the first. Contact me if you want my list of people who should play the parts! 🙂

Jamie Chavez - February 27, 2012

Hey, don’t forget the BEST ANIMATED SHORT: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore! — about the curative power of books. 🙂

Allie Smith - February 27, 2012

It was hilarious when those three or four guys got an award and one of them stuck his leg out like Angelina 🙂 That made my night. Honestly,I was expecting a bit more humor…but it was still good. I love the Oscars and I found it cool that the guy from The Artist won best actor in a leading roll. It takes a better actor to communicate without words,in my opinion. And Lopez…oh what to say? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW just because you’re single-grrr have some self respect,seriously.

Allie Smith - February 27, 2012

Also liked that quote from that costume designer,”Clothing should be tight enough to tell you’re a woman,but loose enough to tell you’re a lady.” But wierd that they had J-Lo up there while that was bein said :/

Joy @ Edgy Inspirational Romance - February 27, 2012

I love watching live events on Twitter too.
But I must have been really bored because I fell asleep on the Oscars. I may have even been mid tweet. I remember snickering about Angelina’s leg and then nothing….

Raj Paulus - February 28, 2012

My fave moment was Octavia Spenser reading the prompt and “freaking out” and circ de soleil and of course the five seconds of A. R. Rahman singing a shout out to my culture 🙂
…I wrote a little ditty called “If I won an Oscar…” and my grueling decision to revisit the practice of Lent after…well, really for the first time eva. Enjoy at your leisure on http://www.insearchofwaterfalls.com !!

And I’d have to agree, cut your hair Brad, and go buy your wife a triple scoop brownie a ‘la mode!! ASAP! 🙂

Leah - February 28, 2012

My favorite announcers were: 1. Will Ferrell with the cymbals- he is so silly and yet he keeps such a straight face. It made me smile. And of course 2. My favorite… Christian Bale- his presentation was pretty plain and straight to the point, but I think he could stand on stage and read out of the phone book for 2 hours and I would enjoy it. Love his voice! (his real voice, not his fake Batman voice) And not bad to look at either 🙂 Handsome man is all I’m saying.

AbaGayle - February 28, 2012

I want to cry. No, not because of the Oscars. But because BELLA JUST WENT TO COLLEGE and I’m really, really sad. Personally, I think Bella should’ve gone to college, and have had to find out more mysteries. But I’m just sayin’….

Anyway, to not look like I’m here to just complain, I’d like to add something about the Oscars. I didn’t watch them, but I did see Penelope Cruz’s dress and it was Ah-mazing. One thing I don’t like about celeb events is that afterward, the Fashion Police have to come in and tear you apart.

“Your dress isn’t pretty on your figure,””That was SO yesterday, darling,””JLo, so wrong. . .”

Ugh. They sicken me. Even though sometimes I’ll find myself sitting in front of the t.v going,”WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?!”

Olivia - February 28, 2012

Manamana Mi mi muh mi mi! I <3 the Muppets!

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - February 28, 2012

AbaGayle if your talkin bout the Bella from Jenny’s series, I agree about that. Bella and Luke are awesome and the mystery was too. But I guess every story must sadly come to an end.
Anyway, I have my BFF reading There You’ll Find Me and Miss Jenny she is loving Beckett.
So as for the fashion police…I’ve heard of them and I would really like to know if you guys think THEY dress perfectly all the time.
And, regarding the love of muppets comment…I agree. They are SO cute!

Rissi - February 28, 2012

“I thought someone needed to give Angelina Jolie something to eat.” So funny – my mom couldn’t get over how awful Angelina looked. Of course, we are not fans of hers to begins with anyway.

“Why is Angelina sticking her leg out like that??//Doesn’t have the strength to stand. Has to prop herself up.” Also hilarious!

Penelope did look lovely (for once).

Sorry but… I though Billy was boring. Who ever said he was a good host!? ;D

Ruth - February 29, 2012

I’m so happy for all of the wins for Hugo, Midnight in Paris, and The Artist. 2011 was really a pretty good year for films. And I ADORED Cruz’s dress, I thought it was so classy and old Hollywood!

Serenity Bohon - March 1, 2012

Oh man I love you for posting your Oscar tweets. I wasn’t online while I watched and missed every one of these gems. I’ve been ecstatic post-Oscars to see how many women were cheering on Reese for that Overboard nod. I also have this horrible illness in which I refuse to accurately discern a single moment of this show – at least out loud. But I do love to read the comments from people who can.

Jennifer K. Hale - March 1, 2012

I watched the Oscars because my husband is a big, big fan of movies. He loves the Oscars like he loves the Superbowl (strange, I know). I agree with your assessments 100%. Penelope Cruz’s dress was by far the best– I’d totally buy that dress. Actually I’d buy the knock-off.
And I loved seeing Brett McKenzie up there, too!! But then I just started singing all those FotC songs and I wished Jemaine was there… I had no idea Brett had anything to do with the Muppet movie, either.

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 1, 2012

Yeah, though i adore the muppets they confuse me to. but almost everything does. i’m not blonde or anything. i just am a bit slow…


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