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My sweet friend Natalie Lloyd kindly read There You'll Find Me and is talking about it on her blog. She's also giving away a copy and having a fun discussion about your dream vacation. I've been having a good time reading the comments and seeing how many fans of Ireland we have. I'd go back in a heart beat! Hop on over and join the conversation and get in the running to win a book.

I've managed to keep my mouth shut on Twitter, but since this is my space, I gotta say I am NOT OKAY with folks loudly taking up for Rush Limbaugh over the birth control/Sandra Fluke issue. No matter what side you're on with the original issue, it is NOT okay to talk to a woman like that, whether it's one on one or to millions on the radio waves. I don't care if the girl wants body shots of Yaz, Rush's response was in no way okay. That's someone's daughter, sister, friend. God help us if we raise our sons believing that it's okay to call women sluts, identify them by name, and demand a “video.” I get sick of how politically correct we're expected to be, but in this case, I applaud those sponsors for pulling their ads and support. There is nothing persuasive or convicting about crudeness, cruelty, and bullying. Conservative should not equate to douche-baggery.

For decades my stepdad and I talked about going to the gun range and him teaching me to shoot. Just for fun. But we never did. So last weekend I decided to see it through and went to the range with my friends Kari and Daniel. Daniel's line of business is guns and ammo, so he knows his stuff.  And he puts that stuff in a box.


The people beside us had some serious weaponry.


Like they're fully prepared to deal with Syria all on their own.

Then there was me. I had no idea what I was doing. I felt like I needed a body sash of ammo like Rambo, but nobody else seemed to be wearing one. It goes without saying this was a sad revelation.
Kari knew what she was about though.

“I could do this in my sleep. Watch me hit this target with my eyes closed!”

But I had to have some help.

“Tell me again how Osteoporosis Posture helps you aim?”

It was quite windy, but still a nice day. I actually hit the target a few times, so I'm pretty much now ready to defend cat and home. Hoping the Secret Service sniper team doesn't call me again. Because guys, one of the shells popped off and hit me in the head as advanced and naturally gifted as I am, I'm just too busy grading papers and writing books to protect and serve.

“Shooting things makes us happy!”

“Does this pistol make my butt look big?”

What about you? Crossed anything off your bucket list lately? What's your next target?

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Nicole - March 4, 2012

Cool pictures! I LOVE shooting. My dad and I go as much as we can. Don’t feel bad about the shell hitting you in the head, that’s happened to me too, but unfortunately I can top that, one time I was shooting and I was wearing a V-neck shirt and the spent casing went down my shirt. Now THAT hurts! Those spent shells are HOT!

I reviewed There You’ll Find Me awhile back if you are interested in reading =)

Richard Mabry - March 4, 2012

Jen, I’m anxiously awaiting the YouTube video of your day at the gun range. My own came when in the Air Force. Medical officers can’t bear arms, but we still had to qualify with the .45 automatic. After I fired about three clips, the sergeant in charge said, “Doc, I’m going to pass you, but if you’re ever in trouble, throw the #$% thing at ’em.”
Have to agree with you that there’s no excuse for using that kind of language about your worst enemy, much less a person with whom you strongly disagree. Sad commentary on our society.

Jenny - March 4, 2012

Wow! I feel all nervous just thinking about holding a gun. And empowered. I’m not sure what that says about me. Then I feel jealous about the obvious sunshine in your photos. Then I thought – those are cute jeans Jenny has on. All of these thoughts make me aware I can’t follow one train of thought and need to go to bed.

Allie Smith - March 4, 2012

Oh yeahhh well my last attempt to cross something off my bucket list didn’t go well. At all. I’ve always been afraid of boats and the ocean and I thought that on my youth group’s trip to Jamaica I would be able to conquer that fear…no…I wound up clinging to one of the guys in my youth group like a drowning woman (while we were still on the boat) and when we landed on the private island where we were gonna snorkle,I cried. It was soooo emberrassing!!! Especially because I didn’t realize how tightly I was holding that guy until people told me…and put pics on Facebook.
Next bucket list attempt? Get close to a spider. Could take a while…

Olivia - March 4, 2012

Going to public school…ahhhh! Have been homeschooled for 4 years…very scared, yet excited!

Katers - March 5, 2012

Girls, guts, and guns. Love it.

Thanks for inspiring us to check something off the list. I’m workin on it.

Shauna - March 5, 2012

“There is nothing persuasive or convicting about crudeness, cruelty, and bullying.” Well said, Jenny!

My target this year is to stop reading about writing and actually start writing.

Kim - March 5, 2012

Since my husband owns a firearms company (and I work there, too), perhaps I should one day actually fire a gun. 🙂 I’ll put that on my bucket list.

jada-Renee AKA cookie703 - March 5, 2012

I never touched a gun. The very thought makes me feel nervous. I mean, what if I shoot my foot? Or someone else’s foot? And that someone is someone important like the president or Selena Gomez? I’d die of horror and the thought of lawsuits. And on the comment of boys treating girls like trash…I see it all the time. The guys in my class do it. Makes me sick. I mean, who raises this guys? Women won rights a LONG time go. And boys, I for one am not giving them up! I’d (probably not) touch a gun to prove it.

Jenny B Jones - March 5, 2012

Thanks for the review, Nicole!

Richard, we made a video, but some military officials confiscated it. My sharp-shooting skills are probably being evaluated right now for Black Ops.

Jada, guns are kinda scary.

Kim, see if your husband will share some firearms with you. he pretty much vowed to at your wedding.

Shauna, you can do it!!!! What do you write? Literary fiction? I kind of see you as literary fiction? Something a little smarter than the average.

Katers, that would make a great club name.

Olivia, you will LOVE it! So much to do! And they will love you. You’ll be such a light there.

Allie, what kind of youth group goes to Jamaica? That is awesome.

Jenny E, it was a great day. We’ve had lots of sun lately.

Nat's Mom - March 6, 2012

“Conservative should not equate to douche-baggery.” Only a writer could make up such a great phrase… Instead of being a light in the darkness, we can easily become part of the darkness in a world that needs so desperately to see Him.

Loved TYFM…love ALL your books.


Jenny B Jones - March 6, 2012

Nat’s mom, you are SOOO nice to say such sweet things about the books. Thank you, thank you.

jada-Renee AKA cookie703 - March 6, 2012

My favorite of all Jenny B. Jones books is There You’ll Find Me. My friend Jessie is reading it and loving it so far. I want to move to Ireland because of the book. It sounds a WHOLE lot better than Louisiana. St. Flannagan (did I spell it right?) Day sounds better than Mardi Gras. And “Nat’s mom” what you said about becoming part of the darkness it poetic. Are you a writer,too? I write a little and got the courage to send off my manuscript to B&H publishing last month. I’m waiting for feedback and am kinda fearing it. And I can’t eat my comfort food (which is cookies, of course) ’cause I gave ’em up for Lent. I’m not Catholic but it’s the least I could do for Jesus, you know? So people hope I can survive the suspense. Miss Jenny, did you fear the feedback if you don’t mind me asking?

Ashley Clark - March 6, 2012

Look at you with a gun in your hand! You need a camo hat or something. Maybe a camo bow for your hair?


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