How to Prep For A Midnight Movie Release

Raise your switchblade if you're going to the midnight premiere of Hunger Games!

Movies that begin at the witching and sleeping hour of 12:00 in the anti-meridium. They're not for everyone. Let's discuss ways you might know they are not your bucket of popcorn.

1. The closing credits of American Idol are your signal to get some shut eye.
2. You would gripe about the offensive content on TV after 9:00 p.m., but you've never seen it.
3. Like Kim Kardashian, you require 12 hours of sleep else you look puffy and make bad dating choices.
4. You have an important job to go to later in the morning, a job that requires extreme mental clarity and precision like: separating conjoined twins, performing the first squirrel brain transplant, Black Ops, kindergarten teacher.
5. You've heard yourself utter the phrase, “Who would camp out for a movie? In three months I can watch it for a buck at RedBox.”

If you're ready to pack that candy, flash your pre-paid movie ticket, and join the masses, here are some tips for you.
1. Take a big bag. I don't really need to expound on this one, do I? This is a time to get serious about your purse contents, ladies. Shift those priorities and think like a Survivor contestant. Take out anything unnecessary (cell phone, tissue, finger nail file, house keys, inhaler)  to make room for the necessary (Mike & Ike's, 44 ounce sweet tea, a whole cheesecake you prepared the day before).  Kleenex can go. Just use your sleeve. Lipstick can stay home. I promise you won't run into a John Casablanca's modeling scout. Wallets are too bulky. Slip your driver's license in your bra and some cash in your shoes. You have to free up space for the snacks.

2. Gentlemen, two words: man purse.

3. Purchase snacks from nearby grocery store, drug store, street corner creepy man to stick it to the man, the Movie Food Markup Man. I love my M&M's, but I'm not paying ten bucks for a small box. Some of you might think this is slightly dishonest, but it's actually a public service. If I bring my own, I'm happy to share. But if I had to withdraw from my 401K to get a decent lap-load of goodies, then they are all mine, and if you touch them, you will draw back a nub.

4. Go in packs. It's important that you have people there with you to wait in line with, to talk to to pass the time, to steal their Milk Duds when you've eaten all yours within the first hour.

5. Take dollar bills for bribes. All rules of decency are off during Midnight Showings. Do whatever you have to do to be one of the first to gain entrance to the theater. When we went to see Harry Potter 7.2, they were about to open another screening room, and who did they let in first? Me and the Muggles with me. Why? Because five years ago I had the manager in my class and thankfully had not flunked her. I had known at the time it would come in handy. Call it a holy premonition. Even if she had memories of me that went a little something like, “Was that twelfth detention really necessary?” I had a whole stack of unos ready to do a little mind control, turning those negative thoughts into, “Right this way please.”

These are some friendly tips for your midnight movie watching success. For those of you going to see The Hunger Games, I hope you enjoy the show. And share your JuJu Bees.

May the odds ever be in your favor.

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Sara (The Hiding Spot) - March 22, 2012

Love this post! Definitely following these tips. 😉

Shauna - March 22, 2012

I’ve never been to a midnight showing. But have fun!

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Laura - March 22, 2012

I love it! Definitely going at midnight, definitely bringing my own M&Ms. I blogged yesterday about my love of The Hunger Games books, and from what I’ve seen, the movie will be brilliant.

Mag @ Geek Chic - March 22, 2012

That is some awesome advice. I’ve only ever been to one midnight showing, which was The Woman in Black (A movie I discovered should NOT be watched at midnight, as was evidenced by the girls in our group shrieking at my brother to protect us as we went through the dark parking lot to our car, pointing at shadows and declaring our impending doom. But I digress.), but I’m hoping to go see The Hunger Games at midnight, and if I do, these tips will be supremely helpful. So thank you.

Helen - March 22, 2012

Lol. I need these tips for tonight. Also I think tip #6 should be: Take a long afternoon nap 🙂

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 22, 2012

EEEEK! I’m SO excited! Hunger Games here I come! I won’t be able to go see it until Saturady so I’m sad. But when I go I’m bringing my BFFs! If you see a girl who looks like Rue, is walfing down popcorn, wearing camo makeup and Hunger Games merchandise, and crying it’s me so say HI! OMG! I love Peeta! He’s my soulmate ladies so back off. If you refuse I’m breaking out my switchblade…so….
May the odds be EVER in your favor! (insert cheeky smile!)

Kristin - March 22, 2012

I’m not going to the midnight showing, but I am so excited for the film and hope to go see it in the next week. =)

Going to a midnight showing was on my bucket list (I’m a real thrill seeker, okay?), and I went to one for the final HP movie. It was awesome and fun and I’ll probably never do it again. I’m like an eighty year old in a twenty year old’s body, and I go to bed early and like my sleep. I can’t nap during the day, but I was so excited about Harry Potter that I didn’t have to worry about being sleepy. Staying up that late did make me even more emotional than usual during the movie, though. =) The sweet tea from Hardee’s probably didn’t help.

P.S. I never eat anything at the movie theater. I want to be able to focus completely on the movie, and I scowl at the people loudly chomping popcorn nearby. =) I don’t even like popcorn.


Debra Weiss - March 22, 2012

I’ve never been to a midnight showing although I love to stay up late. I prefer to wait until a movie’s been out in theaters for a month then go to a noon showing on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can get a whole room almost to yourself. That way you can stick your feet on the chair in front of you and throw bad popcorn at the annoying people.

bookwyrm15 - March 22, 2012

I was seriously considering going to the midnight premiere (my first EVER!!!!) but I called up all my friends and we’re going to go on Saturday afternoon, miss the crowds, AND go to a cheap theater that only costs $8 per person (with student ID).

NO WAY jada-renee! Peeta is mine! We have been together since 2005! (But Liam Hemsworth as Gale is really challenging our relationship…I can’t help it! Between Liam and Chris from Thor, hotness runs in THAT family! lol) That’s it, I’m breaking out my bow and arrow, and I NEVER miss! The odds WILL be in my favor! *insert confident smirk*

Abby Minard - March 22, 2012

Ha, love it. Great advice! I’m not going tonight, but I did have a friend text me at 11am this morning to let me know she was first in line at the theatre. Now that is hardcore fandom!

Jenny - March 23, 2012

Very excited to see it, but I didn’t even consider the midnight showing. I want to be fully alert and able to enjoy every moment. I’m glad to hear the reviews are coming back that it is true to the book. We’ll go this weekend at our town’s discounted theater, which also has cheaper food. It is a glorious thing!

While I get the Peeta vs Gale thing, I’d like to go on record saying that Cinna receives way to little attention. Not as a romantic interest, but just as a fabulous character that (in my humble opinion) was one of the best in the book series. I loved everything about him, his relationship with Katniss, and without giving too much away for those who haven’t read the books his role towards the Capitol. While Lenny is Kravitz is not what I pictured in my head while reading, I’m liking how ultra cool he is in the trailers.

Clare Kolenda - March 23, 2012

I have yet to read *gasp!* the Hunger Games, but once I’m on my 6 week hiatus from my manuscript, you can bet your snickerdoodles that they are getting reserved from the library. I want to read the books first, then see the movie. The look so positively intriguing that I can not wait to get in on the obsession. 🙂

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 23, 2012

And it is an obsession. The book Clare is AWESOME! My friend who went to the midnight showing said they changed and skipped a few parts but that the movie was awesome. She said 8 THOUSAND people were in line! I wish I could’ve been one but my parents still own me.
But I’m going TOMOROW so whatever. And I love PEETA! His name is so cool! 🙂

Jessie Nicole AKA: Sparklez - March 23, 2012

OMG I AM SOOO EXCITED TO SEE THE HUNGER GAMES!!! but I am going with the Jada Renee AKA: Cookie703 girl so I gotta wait till Saturday too! Yes I am one of the BFFS she mentioned 🙂 AND I WILL TAKE OUT MY SWITCHBLADE FOR GALE SO BACK OFF!!! P.S. I will be the girl next to the girl who looks like Rue!! THANKS FOR TE ADVICE!!!! 🙂 I LOVE GALE!!!

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 24, 2012

Wow, Jessie. But at least you know Peeta is mine! And today is Saturday so the wait is over! I WILL use the advice-and I’ll make sure my brother gets that man purse! 🙂 And I’ll be next to the girl who looks like Glimmer a lil’ bit. And I have another friend who is kinda like Katniss. OMG! We could’ve been in this movie!

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 24, 2012

PS: bookwyrm I just read your post and I am willing to fight for him! But I agree about Gale…he definitely is a piece of eye candy…

Leah - March 24, 2012

I would not go to a midnight showing. (I dont think)
Me and my sister are going to the Hunger Games this afternoon. I’m excited to see it.

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 24, 2012

OMG! Just got back and I’m SO in a good mood! It was scary and violent at times and the ending wasn’t really victorius. Made me wanna cry! But I loved it! 🙂

jessie-nicole AKA sparklez - March 24, 2012

bookwyrm and jada-renee: I don’t care WHO takes Peeta as long as you know that GALE IS MINE!!! (insert evil smile and laugh)
Aslo Jada is my friend so I am kinda rooting for her…. so yeah

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 24, 2012

I’m rooting for you too, Jessie! Let’s ALL root for a sequel for the movie! I’d LOVE to see the second book come to life! And then the third…and hope the author makes a fourth book.. 🙂

Olivia - March 25, 2012

Man purse. Draw back a nub. 🙂 Oh goodness, you’re funny!

Leah - March 25, 2012

I really liked the movie.
It was violent at parts, but thats what like the whole movie is about….
It was really sad, I didn’t cry though.(Both my sisters did.) It was pretty much all around amazing!

Looking forward to whenever they come out with the next one.

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - March 25, 2012

and there better be a next one-hear that movie-making people? if not, i kill you! may the odds be in your favor!!!

Jennifer K. Hale - March 26, 2012

Hilarious! I’ve also found that former students who have fond memories of you is a great thing to have…

Stephanie Riley - March 26, 2012

Oh my goodness, while the more recent post brought tears – this one I was reading out loud to my twin sis and we were together laughing so hard. Girl, you are hilarious!!!

Hope you enjoyed it – I certainly did, though I did wait until the day after (but first showing on that day!) to see it…..

Jessie Nicole AKA: Sparklez - March 27, 2012

Jada when the second movie comes out put me on the guest list haha!

Tip #6
Always go with a friend you can trust to have your back…. Plus two switchblades are better than one!!! So if the old lady in front of you gets up constantly during the movie and blocks the screen… You have a solution (I wish I would’ve thought of the earlier huh Jada! Lol
(insert victorious grin!)

Laura - March 29, 2012

Jada – the series was just a trilogy, so no more books. However, it sounds like there will be FOUR movies (following in HP’s and Twilight’s footsteps). Definitely lots to look forward to over the coming years! 🙂


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