Lost That Lovin’ Feeling? (Part Uno)

And that's the voice that's the lead in Rock of Ages?

Anyway, let's talk burnout. It hits everyone. Some of us you more than others.  I'll focus on writing, but my advice here today could be adapted for other areas of burnout.
Unless you're Beyonce. Or Bieber.
(Then we just don't care.)

First, how do you know you have Writer's Burnout? Can you answer “yes” to any of the following?

1. While working your public school day job, you begin assigning yourself detention. 
2. You begin to think Seattle would be a perky place to live.
3. The only reason you go to Barnes and Noble is to get a frappachino and to look at that fancy stationery nobody can actually afford to buy.
4. Every time someone announces a book contract on Twitter, you light a candle and pray for their wayward soul.
5. The only thing you want your laptop for is to check celebrity gossip sites and get updates on fantasy football. And you don't even play fantasy football.
6. You teach a writing class at a conference, and as you look into the audience, you think, “There are just enough of us here to form a pretty impressive circus.”
7. You begin researching ways to get paid. For sleeping.
8. You get another cat.
9. People ask you about your next book, and you have to excuse yourself to binge on the bag of Oreos stuffed in your shirt hidden in your purse.
10. You watch repeated episodes of Murder She Wrote and wonder how Jessica Fletcher could do it all–write her novels, solve weekly crimes, and have a wild and torrid affair with Howard Cunningham.

Does this sound like any of you?
Join me for part TWO and THREE where I offer some tips on recapturing the magic, reigniting your pilot light, and restoring that loving feeling.

I'll also give tips on writer's burnout…

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Julie Jarnagin - April 23, 2012

I heard that song yesterday in the mall, and asked someone if she could ever listen to it without picturing Tom Cruise on Top Gun – and here he is. Weird!

Richard Mabry - April 23, 2012

Jen, You forgot one: “You dig out that brochure you got a few months ago…the one about the Trappist monastery in Kentucky.”
Anxious to read (and try) your solution.

Liz Johnson - April 23, 2012

What if you can answer yes to all of these? Is there a special level of burnout for us?

And oh, that tart Jessica Fletcher. I always knew there was something going on with her and Mr. Cunningham.

Looking forward to your advice!

P.S. I’ve found that the whole bag of Oreos is too bulky. I like to pull them from their slip and tuck them into my pockets. Added bonus–stray crumbs next time I pull on my pants.

jada-renee AKA cookie703 - April 23, 2012

i like celebrity gossip sites. since i cant keep up with 8th grade drama, its the only alternive.

Allie Smith - April 23, 2012

People ask you why you’re constantly seen inhaling ice cream and you just feel bad expalaining that “No,it’s not a break-up…it’s my book. Writer’s block.” Then you get that look of mock sympathy. Sigh…

Jocelyn - April 23, 2012

When you figure out #7, you let me know.

Jenny B Jones - April 23, 2012

Richard, a monastery in Kentucky would be perfect!

Jocelyn, maybe someone at the UofA would donate some research dollars to us discovering no. 7. See what you can do about that.

Jada, that made me laugh.

Allie, people have learned not to question my ice cream eating habits.

Liz, that made laugh OUT LOUD in public.

Julie, clearly the Lord is trying to speak to you. Through Mav or Goose.

capillya - April 23, 2012

Oh my, these made me laugh out loud, per usual. I’m not a writer but I am picturing all of these things! Man I do love B&N’s Fancy Stationery, tho.

bookwyrm15 - April 24, 2012

#4: then please pray for my soul! 🙂

Yep, writer’s burnout is horrible, especially when it comes right before exams and scholarship applications, in which you know you have to write multiple essays and you’ve exhausted all your creative juices. I literally looked down at my AP essay the other day and saw, instead of writing about the Cold War, I had started writing about cold ice cream. True story bro. 🙂


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