White House Correspondent’s Dinner

I'm a big fan of journalists, TV journalism, and comedy. Put them all together, and you have the only event CSPAN broadcasted that didn't put the average person to sleep.

Every year the White House puts on the Correspondent's Dinner. Even though we see little humor in the articles or on the TV shows by the reporters, for whatever reason (sanity-preservation?), the tone of the evening is light-hearted and funny.

Below is the 17+ minute clip of the President. Say what you want about the Prez and his politics, the guy has a sense of humor. I have a feeling he filters A LOT. Even though I doubt he wrote even ten percent of his monologue here, and the dog-cuisine references are worn out (and gross), his timing is impeccable and his delivery earns high marks. If you watch nothing else, the 12 minute marker (dog commercial) is worth the viewing.

Saturday Night Live needs to steal those writers…

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