The Semester is Trying To Kill Me

I just wrote a marathon post about my crazy night and the blog ate it.
Forty minutes of typing for naught.
Let me sum up.
I found the caffeine.
I lost my sanity.
I lost a cat.
I found a raccoon.
I lost a student's project.
I took two flash lights to my backyard and searched near the woods.
I mentioned some trains, tunnels, and getting ran over.
Found the cat. Not in the woods.
Found the student's project. Also not in the woods.
Or even in my town.
All of these things took many hours.
The end of the semester hates me.
I drank too much tea.

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bookwyrm15 - May 14, 2012

Exams hate me.

The track field and its required 40 laps to pass PE hate me.

But God loves me.

So it all balances out.

Mary R Snyder - May 14, 2012

Jenny B Jones I just ADORE you! You make me feel like neurotic is normal and I need to believe that — if only for a short time.

Allie Smith - May 14, 2012

Well I have no idea how one responds to a post such as that…but wow! LoL The end of the semester hates students as well! You are not alone 🙂


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