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First of all, be sure and swing back by tomorrow because I have a BIG and FUN and NIFTY giveaway opportunity. A number of Christian fiction authors, led by Lisa Tawn Bergren, have banded together to create a scavenger hunt, and you don't want to miss it. More details tomorrow, May 31st!

There's a new YA author on the scene, and I'm proud to introduce Shannon Dittemore.
Her debut novel, Angel Eyes, just released, and she's giving a copy away here. (Details at end of post, so stay tuned.)

Shannon, tell us about your inspiration for the book. Where did the idea come from? If you have visited the celestial world, we're gonna need to know that…
S: Once I’d made the decision to actually complete a novel—and for me it was that simple: I decided—I was immediately drawn to the idea of the angelic. The stories I’ve had the pleasure to tell, as a teen doing church dramas or an aspiring actress on stage, have always had a supernatural element. Angel Eyes is a very natural outworking of that.

So no comment on visiting the celestial world. We can respect your need for privacy there. What's the book about? 
S: It’s about a girl who has all the potential in the world, but tragedy has wrapped her in fear and grief. It’s frozen her really. Enter Jake. A boy who offers her friendship and a gift that changes everything: the ability to see the invisible.

I think that would be cool to see the invisible. Definitely an awesome trait for a teen to have. Give us the Twitter summary of the book.
S: A gift from the boy next door allows Brielle to see things she’d rather forget: angels with fiery swords and demons who use fear as a weapon. (Phew! I have 2 characters to spare!)

What is Brielle like?
S: When we first meet her, she’s cold and scared. She feels responsible for the loss of her friend and believes she deserves the fear and guilt that have her trapped. As the story progresses, she thaws, and we see the Brielle beneath the ice. A girl with talent and charisma. A girl who can fight.

A girl with talent and charisma. The coincidence here, is that every single one of my blog friends and I can totally relate to this. We also all like novels with romance around here. Tell us about Jake. 
S: Jake’s had it rough. He was abandoned and damaged at a young age, but in all that, he’s remarkably resilient. It’s fun learning just why that is. At heart, he’s a fixer. He has an innate desire to swoop in and mend what’s broken. And Brielle is very, very broken.

What's a favorite scene in the book? 
“Talk to me, Jake,” I plead. “Are we going to be okay?”

Jake stops, his body close. “Sometimes it’s not about us,” he says, pushing the hair away from my face. “Sometimes we aren’t the main characters in the story. Sometimes we get to be the hero.”

The words aren’t reassuring, but his peace with it unnerves me.

“Sometimes the hero doesn’t make it,” I say.

“But sometimes he does.”

Very nice! So let's say Hollywood comes calling, and they want to make Angel Eyes a movie. Because J.J. Abrams adores you, he wants you to cast Jake and Brielle. Who do you pick?
S: Easy! Elle Fanning as Brielle and Thomas Dekker (not Ted… totally different guy) as Jake.

J.J. approves. How about the theme of the book? Did it just develop on its own, or was this particular one important to you for your reader?
S: Both, I guess. I’m such a character person that my themes generally develop as an outworking of my character’s struggles and strengths. I did, however, know that seeing the invisible would be a prominent theme before I started drafting. If readers walk away with the idea that they’re not alone out there, even when they most feel it, I will be a happy camper.

What are you working on now? 
S: I’m in the line edit phase for the second book in the trilogy, Broken Wings, and I’m drafting the still untitled book three. I really like both of these phases, so life is good is right now.

I like the “I'm done with the book and now I'm taking a beach vacation” phase.
Okay, on to the Bonus Round. Since you're new here, I'm going to go easy on you. These are usually MENSA-level, Ivy League Scholarship Kid, I Set The Curve On The SAT hard questions. But I know you're brain is on overload from the book release, so I'm gonna dial it back to a level I call, “Alex Trebek Would Recruit You.” I hope you can hang with this.

Favorite ice cream: I vacillate. Cookies and Cream or Tin Roof Sundae 
Favorite TV show: Seinfeld. Or Friends. Or Seinfeld.
Favorite movie you've seen in last 2 years: The Avengers might have been the most fun, but for sentimental reasons, I’d have to say Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2.
Favorite movie(s) of all time: Sense and Sensibility
You're on death row for keeping the whole world up all night for your novels. What's your last meal? Chocolate chip pancakes
Famous person you'd like to be for a day: I’ve been thinking about this question for far too long! I can’t come up with a thing. Someone with a castle. Cause castles are awesome.
Career you'd like to try for a day: Movie director
Favorite vegetable: Sweet Potato!
Most hated vegetable that should be wiped off the planet: I’ll fight anyone who tries to take my veggies!
Dream vacation for this summer: Maui
Favorite thing in your office or work area: The bulletin boards my husband made for me. I call them my Stormy Brain boards. 
Last song you listened to on your ipod: I pretty much listen to Shane and Shane at all times.
Peeta or Gale? Geeta… not a typo
Nachos or salad? Nachos, baby.

Finally, tell us w readers can find you.
I’m everywhere, I think. I even have an Angel Eyes board on Pinterest.






Thanks so much for stopping by, Shannon. Shane and Shane is in my car CD player right now, and I, too, love nachos and sweet potatoes. (Though I could easily give you the name of a detestable veggie.)

Okay, guys, Shannon is giving away a copy of Angel Eyes. To get in the running, just answer this question in the comments section:
What's a career YOU'D like you try for a day?

You have until Tues, June 5th at 12pm cst to enter. Can't wait to hear your answers!
(Mine is Ice Cream Tester House Decorator Furniture Restorer Restaurant Reviewer Assistant to Tyler Perry.)

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Tammy - May 30, 2012

Hmmm thats a hard one…
Probably fashion designer! I think that would be fun! Keep on writing! Both of you 🙂

Olivia - May 30, 2012

I’d have to say an actor on Braodway(if I got to choose what show it would definitely be Wicked).

Melissa - May 30, 2012

Fun interview! Another book in the TBR pile…

Career I’d try for a day: Tim Tebow’s wife. That counts as a career, right?

Skye - May 30, 2012

Ooh just for a day I think becoming part of the paparazzi would be fun. You would get to meet someone famous! The only drawback being they probably won’t like me shoving a camera in their face. So the odds of getting to hang out out with them are slim.

Lana - May 30, 2012

Gripping storyline!! Excited to read it! Enter me for the free copy!

I want to sing on Broadway for just one day! Of course, with that, I want the chops to sing to come with the free pass for the day!! Haha!

Happy Wednesday!

Holly - May 30, 2012

I would love to try to be a movie and book reviewer or be on Wall Street!!

Kristin - May 30, 2012

I’d like to be one of those people who gets paid to travel Europe and host a travel show {think Samantha Brown on her old show}. 🙂 Except I wouldn’t be too crazy about actually being in front of the camera…maybe I could be one of the crew.


Kay - May 30, 2012

I would love to be one of the people who chooses which books receive the Caldecott Medal. It would be so fun to read all of those books and support my favorites!

Jenny - May 30, 2012

Tough question! I think one of the reasons I love to read so much is I get to live out many different careers without the needed education, training, or commitment. This answer could change by the day (hour), so for now I’ll say wedding gown designer. I can’t seem to turn away from looking at wedding gowns on the covers of books, magazines, in dress shops…they are just so sparkly, flowy, & elegant! And it isn’t because I’m engaged or longing to be either. I’ve been married several years. Maybe I should go get my gown out and put it on to get it out of my system 🙂

Congratulations to Shannon on her debut novel!

Kate Meyer - May 30, 2012

I’d like to try being a pilot…or a librarian…or maybe a mathematician. 🙂

Victoria Cagle - May 30, 2012

Ohh, this book looks AMAZING!
I think a fun job to try for a day would be a hawker at a carnival- They always have such fun accents and get to talk to so many different people(and convince them to spend money :P). Sounds exciting! 😀

Jill of The O.W.L. - May 30, 2012

I’d love to see what it’s like to be an editor!

Clare Kolenda - May 30, 2012

I would love to be able to choreographer. Dancing is something that I LOVE to do, and to spend a day just experimenting with dance and music? Heaven. 🙂

On a side note, “Angel Eyes” sounds super good! 🙂

Emily Reynolds - May 31, 2012

I’d like to be a covert operative. Just for a day, maybe two. Cool sunglasses and a don’t-mess-with-me attitude, and you get to snoop around AND put the bad guys out of business.

I don’t read much YA, but this novel sounds great! Count me in. And best wishes with the success of your debut!

Barbara Hartzler - May 31, 2012

I’d love to try astronaut for a day. I keep hearing about the first private space shuttle mission, and it’s sounds really cool. I just don’t wanna pay beacoup bucks for a day trip. 🙂

Jenny Sulpizio - May 31, 2012

Great interview, girls and I would love to get my hands on a copy of Shannon’s book. Looks awesome! I think if I could try a career for a day, I would have to agree with Jenny’s response and be a food taster/decorator, and maybe even an HGTV guru.

Heather Sunseri - May 31, 2012

Not a tough question for me at all. I would tackle the career I meant to choose in the first place: FBI agent.

Great interview, Jenny and Shannon! Congrats on the release, Shannon!

Caitlin - May 31, 2012

I would love to be a marine biologist for the day! With out having to go through all the schooling it takes to get there…

Ronda - May 31, 2012

I’d like to be a dancer. I love to dance, but never had the opportunity as a kid.

alexis r. - June 1, 2012

Ohh I would love to have that job that picks actors and actresses for movies and tv shows. Getting to meet new people daily would be great. Or a dog walker. That would be fun too.


Beth - June 3, 2012

I think I’d like to work at Google for a day, if only because their facilities are so freaking awesome!

Hannah - June 4, 2012

Nice! This is fun! I know it’s been said but I’d also love to be an Actor on Broadway. Or on the Big Screen. 😀 In my favorite movie Lord of the Rings. Which would mean going back in time..So I guess I could be a Wizard for a day to make that dream come true. lol.


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