So I'm taking a college management class, and there is a lot of work.
Last week I had to write about six 1-3 page papers summarizing various articles on the evolution of management, as well as the timeline of the creation of the library system. 
I got the papers back today.
My professor said, “Your tone is a little dry. If you'd put some life into your transitions, you could be a good writer.”

On Facebook and Twitter last month we talked about common words we dislike for no real reason.
I have a whole list. How do you know you have a really good friend? When you have some of the same words on the list few know you're even keeping.
I have never used the word “delicious.” I hate that one. I have no idea why. I've never heard anyone in my family say it either, so it must be on their list.
I also hate the word “kiddos.” You hear that a lot as a teacher. It makes me cringe.
“Emotions.” That word is dead to me.

What about you? Any every day words that are on your “ick” list?

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Jada - September 4, 2012

I don’t like the word “Theodore”, but thats a name. I don’t like the word “fallacy”.
And Jenny, you already are a good writer! 🙂

God's Gal (alyssa) - September 4, 2012

does that prof know you’re a published author, or…? 😉

Tracy - September 5, 2012

Clearly your professor has never read one of your novels, otherwise he would know that you were doing your best to fulfill your academic writing style, as Universities so love for their students to achieve. Next time you have to submit some work inject some of your unique humour. They’ll love getting your assignments!!!! Actually, you could just resubmit for fun…..”this is what I would have written if I thought I could get away with it….”.

One of my lecturers gave us a little experience with being a marker a few weeks back. Poorly written work is pretty darn painful. I reckon anything that is grammatically correct and spelled accurately would be a dream to receive!

Kristin - September 5, 2012

I have lots of words that I don’t like, for whatever reason, but I’m having a hard time thinking of them now! I’m sick of hearing the word “epic” and I’m not crazy about people shortening words like “hubby” and “whatevs.” Ew. “Delicious” is a weird word. I never use it, either.


Lisa Jordan - September 5, 2012

Haha! Your prof’s words crack me up. Slip him a signed copy of one of your books and use a pic of you holding one of your Carol Awards as a bookmarks.

As for words, I’m not sure which ones I don’t like. Oh wait, I take that back…fart…yuck. But sounds like whining really make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

Chris P. - September 5, 2012

I have words and phrases that drive me craaazzy! Like “panty”, “playdate” and “love on” (as in “we just want to love on you”) – oh just typing them here is making me cringe! I have a friend who likes to torture me by emailing me ads she sees for “panty sales” at different stores!

And I totally agree with Lisa – would love to see his face when he saw your name on the cover of a book.

Shauna - September 5, 2012

“My professor said, ‘Your tone is a little dry. If you’d put some life into your transitions, you could be a good writer.’”

That is hilarious for multiple reasons!

“Moist” is my number-one most-hated word. I also hate “monetize” and “bottom line.”

Heather Sunseri - September 5, 2012

Your professor is mean! 🙂

For some reason, I’ve grown to hate the word “hilarious.” Don’t know why.

Jenny B Jones - September 5, 2012

Kristin, I’ve never used epic and I’m past ready for it to go away.

Lisa, I would do that, but I’m too tired from all the paper writing. : )

Chris, I do not like “love on” either. It has such a pervy connotation to me and sounds like way too much PDA.

Shauna, one of my closest friends and I discovered years ago we both kept a mental list of words we hated. Moist…number one for both of us.

Heather, I never say hilarious either. I don’t hate it, but I tend to avoid it. Obviously I avoid it in my management papers…

Alicia Hall - September 6, 2012

I vote for “anyhoo,” “brotha” and “epic”

Olivia - September 6, 2012

Swag. Swaggers. I hear this a lloooooot in middle school.

Halee - September 7, 2012

Yay for taking a management course! If you need any tutoring, I have a master’s in Org Mgmt. Even made it through my sanity intact. 😉

Emily - September 8, 2012

Did he really say that?! Your tone? Dry? He’s quite a funny fellow…

I can’t stand the word “minus,” like when people say they’re going to “minus 6 from 7.” Ugh! You’re going to subtract it, not minus it! Personal opinion I guess…
Oh, and I’m not quite fond of the word “homework,” just sort of rubs me the wrong way… 😉

Jenny B Jones - September 8, 2012

Another one for me (oh, tip of the iceberg, friends) is “Enjoy.” As in when used as a complete sentence/phrase.
I say, “I’m going to the Golden Corral tonight for some fine dining.” And you’d say, “Enjoy!”
That creeps me out.

Julie Garmon - September 17, 2012

Your tone is a little dry! That’s who you are!! That’s why we love your writing.

My BFF can’t stand the phrase, “Moist sandwich.” I think she’s right. Try saying it a few times. Yuck.

My mother almost named me Tapestry September. And I’m so glad she didn’t.

Ronda - September 19, 2012

That TOTALLY cracks me up…your tone–dry???? L-ing OL on that. Too funny. Had to read this to my daughter–we both love your books.

Angela Breidenbach - October 14, 2012

I think those “moments” are great memories. I remember an English teacher from high school who did NOT want me in her class as a junior. She tried to throw me out because I wouldn’t leave. I wanted what she was teaching so badly (I’d helped a beau write papers for her class the year before)-and I qualified for her class. But she only wanted seniors. So no matter what I turned in, she gave me the lowest grade possible and refused me any help. I’ve been selling freelance for a long, long time. My first non-fiction is traditionally published and my first fiction comes out in April. I really, really want to send her my books, autographed, of course! (And maybe a pile of my sold articles too, lol) Silly woman should have wanted a student who really wanted to learn, not an age. I thank her though. She’s one of the reasons I’m a driven personality and I think she fueled me to achieve independently. That’s something a real writer must have, the ability to achieve without supervision and the drive to a goal, to finish and persevere. Bravo, Mrs. English Teacher. You had no idea how you would push me to succeed, but God did. 😉

Katharine - March 1, 2013

Any sort of swear word, the word “NO”, modern, teen talk, and texting words. :-p


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