I Can’t Stop Watching This Video

I love that.
I also love that Castle is back on tonight!!!

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Lisa Buffaloe - September 24, 2012

How fun! Love that!!!!

Kathryn Cooper - September 24, 2012

That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I love that he could do flips and everything. Yay for Castle being on tonight! Revolution’s on tonight too! What am I going to do?! 🙂

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Abbi(gatorade635) - September 24, 2012

Haha that video is great! And I WOOHOO for Castle! Can’t Wait!

Mary - September 24, 2012

Castle!! YES!! Cannot wait!

Jada - September 25, 2012

I now have an excuse to eat popcorn and indulge in ice cream!
Thanks for sharing the video…may I suggest ya’ll look up the everything lighthouse skit? My school is doing it!

bookwyrm15 - September 25, 2012

Castle is great but you know what’s even better…ONCE UPON A TIME!!! The season premiere is September 30th at 8pm…come on, Jenny, you know you want to watch it 🙂

Jenny B Jones - September 25, 2012

Castle was good!
Bookwyrm, I’m done with OUAT.
I’ve heard Revolution’s good!

Jada - September 26, 2012

Revolution is good. But I just love it because of the storyline.

Ganise - September 29, 2012

He seemed to be enjoying himself! =)
Thanks for sharing, Jenny!


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