Would You Rather?

While finishing up standardized testing prep last week, I found myself overseeing a classroom of 7 eighth-grade boys. We had had 20 minutes left with nothing to do, so a game of “What If?” broke out.
Each of the boys threw out the typical questions.
“Would you rather eat worms or a live fish?”
“Would you rather have the power to fly or read minds?”
“Would you rather be a billionaire or be immortal?”
“Would you rather have a car or truck?”

One boy had been sitting on the fringes.
“Jake, what about you?” I ask. “Give us a question.”
He doesn't hesitate. “You're stuck on a desert island. Would you rather wipe your butt with aluminum foil or sandpaper?”
The ensuing debate rivaled Obama vs. Romney.
; )


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Timothy Fish - April 8, 2013

What amazes me about boys that age is that even though the topics they discuss seem immature, their thought processes are quite mature. I work with kids a couple years younger than that, and their logic isn’t quite so advanced.

JEWEL - December 13, 2013

Dear Jenny b. Jones,
You are my favorite author. WHEN ARE YOU WRITING ANOTHER BOKK??help me out.
Nosily yours,


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