Mary DeMuth on Zippity Blog!

We interrupt my regularly scheduled Gilmore Girls rant to welcome Mary DeMuth to the blog! Mary is a totally fab writer. Her current book, Wishing on Dandelions, a story of seventeen year old Marantha recovering her life after tragedy and abuse. Mary stoppedby to talk about writing, God, and a 17 year old girl who […]


Calling Dish Network!

I am SOOOO ticked off. Tonight was to be a very, very special night. Some soft music. A little candle light. A nice dinner. Just me and my seven o’clock date. The Gilmore Girls. And it’s NOT on! Why you ask? WHY INDEED! WHY would someone do this to me? What kind of cruel, sick […]


Over- Achievers

Check this out. The first official preview for the movie Eragon. Okay, Christopher Paolini, the guy who wrote Eragon. Hello, 15 when he wrote the book. And now it’s a major motion picture. What was I doing at fifteen? Um, let me think. Failing my drivers test on a regular basis. (I should probably have […]


The "R" Word

Responsibility has been the theme of church lately. Ugh. Sometimes I don’t want to be responsible. There are definitely things to do that are more fun. Shopping. Watching a movie. Rearranging my sock drawer. This week everyone’s favorite blonde Paris Hilton got charged with D.U.I. She denied it all, but had this to say: “Everything […]


G’day and Goodbye

Steve Erwin. Gonna miss that guy. I didn’t really get into all the crocodile wrestling he did, but I loved to listen to him talk. The croc hunter didn’t do anything half way, you know? He was crazy-passionate about his interests: family, animals, and the environment. Wouldn’t he have been a cool guy to know? […]



Did you know Pluto is no longer a planet? That’s right. It got its planetary membership card taken away. I personally feel that this is just a travesty. And I can’t even imagine how Pluto feels. To think ALL this time that you’re a planet. But you’re not. You’ve been living a lie. You KNOW […]


School Schmool

Ah, the first week of school. This was always such a stressful time when I was a teenager. I would fret over what to wear (Is this too fall? Does it look too new? Will someone else be wearing it–and look better in it?). I would agonize over whether to take my lunch or not. […]


Elephants Can Be Quite Lovely

Happy Monday! After this week it is Thanksgiving vacation! Woooo! So looking forward to a week off. And eating. And shopping. And eating some more. Congratulations to the winners of I’m SO Sure: Carrie Turansky and Colene. Ladies, just send me your mailing addys to jen at jennybjones dot com. Before I tell you about […]

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