Book  Report  Information

I get lots of requests from teens and tweens for book report information. Doing a good search will yield quite a few interviews, and if that’s not enough, here are a few extra tidbits as well. I solemnly swear they are mostly pretty much true.

Born: Arkansas

Currently resides: Arkansas

Educational background: BA in English, Masters in Teaching, Masters of Library and Information Studies

Literary influences: Richard Peck, Shakespeare, Julie Garwood, O. Henry, Langston Hughes, Berenstain Bears

Favorite books: A Year Down Yonder, Much Ado About Nothing, Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Favorite Genre: Historical Romance and Health nonfiction

Hero: actress/comedienne Carol Burnett

Favorite food: ice cream

Favorite drink: iced tea (with really good ice)

Influences growing up: her mother, her grandmothers, favorite teachers

When did she know she wanted to be a writer? Jenny wrote and performed her first play in the first grade. Somehow, she still had friends afterward.

Hobbies: Travel, movies, musicals, concerts, watching corny TV movies

Favorite vacation: Ireland and the beach

Favorite band: Aerosmith

Pets: A cat or two, many dust bunnies, plus the occasional stray that needs to be rehomed

Favorite color: green

Vices: Frequent Sonic stops, forgetting to clean the house, bacon burritos, fearlessly wearing yoga pants in public.

Longest job: Jenny has worked and taught in the public school system for over fifteen years.

Shortest job: Six weeks as a waitress at a BBQ joint in high school.

Claim to fame: Singing the National Anthem at the World’s Mule Jumping Capital

Lives for: Jesus, snow days, and hearing people laugh

If Jenny were not writing or teaching, she’d want to be: A backup singer (like way, way in the back)

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