Behold My Talent…and A Giveaway


Happy Monday! I sooooo enjoyed our conversation about covers last week. I love it because it’s something everyone has a strong opinion on. You guys suggested some really good ones, and I want to share a few of those later in the week. The five winners of Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer are:
1. Heather aka Dynamic Duo (who wants to see less darkness on YA covers and less dystopia. Amen and AMEN.)
2. Janna (who likes the first version of Shadow of the Sun King by Golden Keyes Parsons)
3. Katie (who likes the whimsical cover of the book I’ve yet to read but keep meaning to, Jellicoe Road)
4. Ronie K (who likes the cover To Die For by Sandra Byrd)
5. Joy (who thinks the cover for Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul is super swell)

Ladies, email me (jen at jennybjones dot com) and send me your home addys please.

This week the good folks of Waterbrook Multnomah  have AGAIN graciously offered up some giveaway books. Selfishly, I love giveaways because it gets people talking. I learned about so many new cool covers last week that I wouldn’t have known about without the lure of free books! This week I’m giving away (Waterbrook Multnomah is giving away) five copies of Departures by Robin Jones Gunn. This release isn’t even out yet! I feel so privileged! Here’s the Amazon description of the book:
Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen cross paths on their way to summer vacations that reveal what a gift it is to have a true Forever Friend.

Now Boarding at Gate 10
After her high school graduation, still aching from Todd’s departure, Christy joins her family on a trip to Wisconsin to visit relatives. While there, she reunites with Matthew, an old friend from junior high. When Matthew starts to show a romantic interest in Christy, she realizes this summer vacation could change everything she thought her future would be.

In the Event of a Water Landing
Fifteen-year-old Sierra Jensen can’t wait to spend her summer vacation with her friend Jana at a pristine lake in Montana. But when they arrive, it becomes clear that Jana’s only interest is acquiring a boyfriend. Sierra just wants to hang out with the guys as friends, but Jana turns every encounter into a possible romantic relationship. As their friendship begins to suffer, Sierra wonders if it’s possible to find a Forever Friend who will listen to you, laugh with you, and keep your confidences.

Okay, so drawing for these books Sunday evening at midnight. (Okay, nine pm. Who stays up til midnight on a Sunday night? Rockers that’s who. Rockers and insomniacs.)
To be in the running for one of the five copies, you must answer the following question: What are you good at. Leave me a list of at least three things in the comment section. Without further adieu ado (and thanks to Saira for explaining my four-hour sleep brain was in the wrong), here is my list. Try not to be jealous.

THINGS I AM GOOD AT by Jenny B. Jones

1. Eating nachos fast enough so the cheese doesn’t congeal. (Sometimes this involves not using any silverware. Or napkins. Bib optional.)
2. Ignoring the five second rule. (10 or 20 is more like it…)
3. Emailing
4. Whistling (I have quite the range. Which only insures it’s extra obnoxious.)
5. Writing “The End.”
6. Opening mail. (Paper cuts? Ignored envelopes? Not me!)
7. Over packing. (Devil’s job)
8. Window shopping
9. Any other kind of shopping
10. Forgetting things
11. Hearing things I’m not supposed to. (A student can stand right in front of me and have to ask me the same question 3 times, but I can pick up an F bomb 2 miles away.)
12. Blessing Amazon with my money
13. Instinctively knowing where department store bathrooms are.
14. Walking into the men’s bathroom instead of the women’s. )Me and the entire male peeing population are pretty much just used to it by now.)
15. Reading magazines and dog-earing things I like–decor, clothes, pictures of tacos
16. Gargling to Lady GaGa (When combined with my whistling, it’s a total symphony of hygiene.)
17. Drinking my weight in iced tea (no sugar)
18. Getting paint in my hair. The kind that has to wear out.
19. Napping
20. Spelling aardvark

Can’t wait to hear your list!